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Major players pull back from China LNG bunkering

Early entrants to China’s LNG bunkering market are retreating from the sector, stung by a lack of appetite for LNG as a marine fuel.

26 April 2017 Asia Pacific / LNG

Chinese firms follow Beijing’s road to Middle East

China’s expanding interest in the Middle East through the One Belt, One Road initiative is encouraging domestic companies to increase their activity in the region.

10 April 2017 Asia Pacific / Companies & Finance

China’s gas giants gear up for big budget boost

After paring back budgets for the past three years, China’s state oil groups plan to resume capital spending amid firmer energy prices.

3 April 2017 Asia Pacific / Companies & Finance

China hints at bigger role for gas in 2017

China’s annual parliamentary gathering this month underlined the country’s commitment to curbing coal consumption, with gas set to benefit.

21 March 2017 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

Hubei squeezes distributors to cut end-user gas bills

Hubei officials are targeting lucrative margins in the city gas distribution business as they look to reduce gas bills to drive demand growth.

15 March 2017 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

PetroChina gears up for more pipeline reshuffling

China’s biggest pipeline operator is considering further reorganisation of its sprawling pipeline assets as it looks to bring in outside investment.

8 March 2017 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

Chongqing to challenge Shanghai as China hub

China’s new western trading hub could challenge the SHPGX or work alongside it, but some observers say it may struggle.

6 March 2017 Asia Pacific / LNG

China-Korea LNG shake-up sparks Chinese scepticism

Chinese experts have poured cold water on a prediction that China will surpass South Korea as the world’s second-largest LNG importer this year.

21 February 2017 Asia Pacific / LNG

Gas may worsen China smog – researchers

Gas has been touted as a solution for China’s smog crisis, but its cleaner-burning credentials have been called into question by a number of experts.

15 February 2017 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

China’s NOCs tipped for more M&A activity in 2017

Recovering oil prices should provide breathing space for China’s battered oil majors and could allow them to make acquisitions for future growth.

1 February 2017 Asia Pacific / Companies & Finance

China relaxes gas share target for 2020 energy mix

China has given a range forecast for the share of gas in its energy mix for the first time – a move that could sow doubt over Beijing’s outlook for the fuel.

23 January 2017 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

Experts give mixed outlook on China’s gas demand

Estimates for how much China’s gas consumption will rise by in 2017 vary widely, ranging from a modest uptick to double-digit growth.

11 January 2017 Asia Pacific / Global Markets

China’s gas demand may top out by mid-century

Growth in Chinese gas consumption is set to be limited by the rise of solar and wind power as China switches to a greener, low-carbon energy mix.

5 January 2017 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

CTG switching throws lifeline to China LNG

Chinese factories switching from coal to gas have emerged as a key driver of LNG demand in 2016, throwing LNG producers a lifeline during a particularly difficult year.

21 December 2016 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

Guangdong market reforms challenge gas power

Power market reforms are set to bring competition for gas-fired electricity producers to China’s biggest market for generation using the fuel.

19 December 2016 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

China stresses role of gas in energy restructuring

Beijing expects a big role for gas as China switches from highly polluting fuels to clean and low-carbon energy sources.

14 December 2016 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

Guizhou eyes China’s first shale auction in years

Authorities in the southwestern province of Guizhou are preparing to hold China’s first shale gas licensing round in four years.

12 December 2016 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production

China gas demand to triple by 2030 – PetroChina

The Chinese government’s all-out drive to clean up chronic air pollution could see the world’s third-largest gas market consuming half a trillion cubic metres per year.

28 November 2016 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

China NOCs hike gas prices to avert winter crunch

China’s top gas suppliers have raised their gas prices for the first time in more than two years as they look to curb demand and sidestep shortages in the peak winter demand season.

22 November 2016 Asia Pacific / Companies & Finance

China sees big role for geothermal in energy mix

As the holder of one-sixth of the world’s geothermal resources, China wants to increase its use of the clean and sustainable energy source.

21 November 2016 Asia Pacific / Alternative Fuels

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