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Project Insights

Project Insights track project developments and trends with forward-looking analysis covering project timelines and impact on market fundamentals

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Markets & Forecasts

Detailed, data-oriented analysis of prices and fundamental supply-demand trends in Asia Pacific, Europe & Russia, Middle East & Africa, and the Americas

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Policy & Regulation

Our comprehensive coverage of global energy policy will help subscribers keep abreast of key regulatory developments in both emerging and mature markets

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Why choose Interfax?

Our integrated service is supported by a global network of industry specialists focusing on key global gas and LNG players and providing comprehensive insight and analysis of emerging gas markets:

  • Global network of gas specialists
  • Part of global information group with unique analysis of Russia, China and emerging markets
  • Independent forward-looking analysis of gas market fundamentals and projects
  • Data-led analysis of regional gas fundamentals integrated into a single global service
  • Forecasts and consensus view out to five years ahead
  • Access to briefings and seminars

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