Xi Jinping and Donald Trump

US may seek China’s help to ease Mideast tensions

The initial trade deal between Washington and Beijing may not be a victory for the US, but it could help defuse tensions in the Middle East as Donald Trump searches for a pre-election success story.

23 January 2020 World / Global Markets
Horn River shale

Shakeout on the cards for US shale

A wave of consolidation is underway among smaller US shale producers as companies struggle with mounting debts.

18 December 2019 Americas / Exploration & Production
Japan performs methane hydrate test

Methane rules could become block to US LNG

Tougher regulations on methane emissions being pushed by environmental groups in Europe could become a barrier to the Transatlantic LNG trade.

20 November 2019 Americas / LNG
Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, United Kingdom

Offshore wind on the rise

Offshore wind trails behind onshore capacity in countries which lead in wind power generation. However, growth in offshore wind could be huge.

5 November 2019 World / Alternative Fuels
A protester looks at a police officer during an Extinction Rebellion climate change protest outside the Bank of England in the City of London.

Key trends to watch during the 2019-2020 gas year

Global Gas Analytics lists the key factors it believes will shape gas and LNG fundamentals and prices in the year ahead.

17 October 2019 World / Supply & Demand
Factory emissions

Pressure mounts for action on emissions

Last month’s UN Climate Action Summit heard louder calls for greater action in the fight against climate change.

7 October 2019 World / Policy & Regulation
RWE trading floor

US exchange launches first physical delivery LNG contract

Most new futures contracts fail, but the CME Group’s proposed US LNG export futures contract may be an exception.

25 September 2019 World / LNG
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Saudi attacks will embed risk premium

Attacks on oil installations in Saudi Arabia have resulted in a surge in oil prices, which will have a knock-on effect on LNG.

19 September 2019 World / Global Markets
Coal mining.

A clean lifeline for coal?

The coal sector is facing economic and environmental challenges that threaten future demand, but there is still room for growth in some markets.

5 September 2019 World / Supply & Demand
Grangemouth refinery. (INEOS)

Oil-indexed gas pricing faces North Sea shake-up

Outages on the Forties Pipeline System can have a big impact on gas and LNG pricing because of its role in transporting a crude used in the Brent benchmark, pricing of which is also facing significant changes.

19 July 2019 World / Global Markets
Gannawarra Energy Storage System, Australia

Battery storage – moving forward in 2019

Falling costs and government policies are expected to help support substantial battery storage capacity expansions this year.

4 July 2019 World / Pipelines, Storage & Power
RWE trading floor, Essen, Germany (RWE)

Diversification is key for LNG pricing

Liquidity in the LNG market is low compared with that in the oil market, but there are signs that pricing structures for LNG are becoming increasingly diverse.

20 June 2019 World / LNG
Power lines

Australian election set to shape electricity market

Australia’s next general election is scheduled for 18 May. A change in government could result in a shift in energy policy – with implications for the power sector.

10 May 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
Bahia Blanca LNG terminal

Argentina’s LNG export dreams under pressure

The Latin American country is facing up to the cold, hard light of reality regarding its ambition to become an LNG exporter.

17 April 2019 Americas / Exploration & Production
Lignite Power Plant, Weisweiler, Germany. (RWE)

Gas set for tentative comeback in Germany

The country’s plans to phase out coal-fired power are set to benefit gas, as carbon prices have given the most-efficient gas plants higher profit margins.

3 April 2019 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand
Yamal LNG

Novatek moots Saudi stake in Arctic LNG 2

One of the hottest countries in the world looks poised to make a huge LNG investment in one of the world’s coldest regions.

20 March 2019 Europe & Russia / LNG
Nuclear power plant, Germany

Is nuclear falling out of favour?

Nuclear can provide a secure power supply in a low-carbon world, but it faces challenges that need public support and strong policies to overcome.

5 March 2019 World / Alternative Fuels
Aerial view of Golden Pass LNG facility in Texas

Qatar and Saudi Arabia shop abroad for gas

Geopolitical rivals Qatar and Saudi Arabia have embarked on an aggressive drive to expand their international gas supply networks.

21 February 2019 Middle East & Africa / LNG
Wind farm

Renewables and gas to dominate US power sector

The US is set to see a big change in the fuels it consumes to generate power, with gas and renewables making gains at the expense of coal and nuclear, the EIA says.

5 February 2019 Americas / Supply & Demand
Construction of Power of Siberia gas pipeline in progress

Investment needed to sustain Europe’s gas output

Declining gas output in Europe and Algeria will further boost Europe’s dependence on imported LNG and pipeline gas from countries such as Russia as early as 2023 unless greater upstream investment is made.

23 January 2019 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

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