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Photo of the Staudinger coal power plant, near Frankfurt, Germany

Member states frustrate EU green roadmap

The absence of National Energy and Climate Plans from a third of EU countries has set the European Commission on an increasingly tight deadline to deliver the plan for raising its 2030 targets.

13 February 2020 Policy & Regulation
Photo of Castelnou Energia CCGT plant, eastern Spain.

Gas wins back market share in EU power

EU ETS reform and lower gas prices have boosted gas-to-power generation across Europe, but the outlook for further growth seems uncertain.

13 February 2020 Policy & Regulation

UK auction sees 1.3 GW of unsuccessful gas-to-power bids

Last week’s year-ahead capacity auction in the UK saw just 90 MW of contracts awarded to gas-fired installations while the Nemo electricity interconnector between Belgium and the UK secured an 820 MW contract.

10 February 2020 Pipelines, Storage & Power
The Patnow coal power plant in Poland.

Poland’s gas-to-power faces hurdles despite coal rethink

Poland looks set to speed up its transition from coal to cleaner energy, but politics may stand in the way of building new gas-fired power plants.

7 February 2020 Policy & Regulation
Electricity power lines

EU power imports undermine climate policy

With growing EU electricity imports and a looming carbon border tax, neighbouring countries may be pressured to align with the EU’s carbon market in order to create a level playing field.

6 February 2020 Policy & Regulation
Coal power in Germany

Germany’s coal exit sets the tone for gas and renewables

More details on Germany’s coal exit were released this week, opening opportunities for more generation from renewables and gas over the coming decade.

31 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
Phot of Adriatic LNG terminal

Italy’s energy plan makes gas ‘indispensable’

The country’s energy and climate plan continues to support the development of gas infrastructure amid security of supply concerns.

30 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
The headquarters of the European Investment Bank.

EIB braces for new chapter in energy lending

Gas projects will be considered for EIB loans until the end of 2021, but new projects will find it hard to win approval.

30 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
Frans Timmermans

EU diplomacy to push green agenda overseas

The European Commission's stated aim to increase its geopolitical involvement and its ambitious energy transition roadmap support measures to reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

30 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson

Brussels plots green pathway for 2020

The European Commission has provided some more details on its climate and energy agenda for this year.

24 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
Pipes being laid fopr tehj Trans-Adriatic Pipeline in Greece

Opportunities for gas in EU green investment plan

A proposed EU guarantee scheme may lead to greater diversification of energy funding pursuant to the Green Deal Investment Plan, with some member states set to embrace gas.

23 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
Photo of a coal powr plant near Frankfurt, Germany

Germany's lignite exit strategy sends mixed signals

Germany’s phase-out plan for lignite is not radically ambitious, but it confirms the country’s energy transition towards more renewables and perhaps more gas.

23 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
Photo of Paks nucleasr plant, Hungary

Central Europe bets on nuclear in energy plans

A boost for nuclear power and renewable energy in the region may constrain the growth of gas-fired electricity generation.

23 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
Photo of European Parliament meeting on PCIs list

Gas projects pass hurdle for more EU funding

Efforts by some MEPs to block the next list of Projects of Common Interest because of the inclusion of gas projects were rejected in a key vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

22 January 2020 Policy & Regulation

Germany’s lignite phase-out in figures

Germany plans to take around 8.5 GW of lignite power plants offline by 2030, according to a timeline published last week.

20 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
Datteln 4 coal power plant

Germany’s lignite phase-out begins to take shape

Germany has provided more clarity on the phase-out of its lignite power plants by unveiling a timetable for decommissioning, but the level of ambition is falling short of expectations.

17 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
Brigg gas-fired power station, UK

EU carbon under pressure as UK auctions resume

The optimism in the EU carbon market seen in 2018 and early 2019 has given way in the face of coal-to-gas fuel switching, the comeback of UK capacity auctions and a continuing weak outlook for gas prices.

16 January 2020 Supply & Demand
Kozienice Power Plant, Poland

EU transition fund puts further pressure on coal

The EU’s Just Transition Fund aims to speed up the bloc’s energy transition – in particular via coal-decommissioning – by supporting the regions hardest hit by the change.

16 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
A wind farm in Spain.

Spain set to boost climate ambition with ‘green’ coalition

An accelerated phase-out of coal and nuclear will boost the share of gas in Spain’s power mix by 2025, although competition from renewables will be fierce.

15 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addresses the European Parliament.

EU enters key year for ambitious climate policy

The EU institutions pressed through a number of law changes to energy and climate policies in 2019, but plenty of work remains to accelerate the bloc’s climate ambitions.

9 January 2020 Policy & Regulation

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