Terms and conditions

The following sets out the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the ‘Terms’) of using the Interfax Global Energy website:

1. Definitions

For the purposes of this document the following terms are defined as follows unless otherwise specified:

The term ‘Interfax’ means Interfax Europe Limited and all or any of its Parent, Sister and subsidiary organisations as well as other members of the Interfax International Information Group.

The term ‘Website’ means the entire interfaxenergy.com website and any sub-domain thereof, and additionally any content, features and services provided via the interfaxenergy.com website or as a result of using the interfaxenergy.com website.

The term ‘User’ refers to any person, persons or organisation which accesses this website and any of the content contained herein.

The term ‘Subscriber’ refers to any person, persons or organisation which has been assigned a subscription product on or via the interfaxenergy.com website whether the subscription has been paid or not.

The term ‘Content’ means any and all such data which from time to time comprise the Website including without limitation, illustrations, photographs and text or any part thereof.

The term ‘Supplier’ means all such persons who supply the Website including but not limited to those who publish and provide information, supply software or other services to the Interfax Global Energy Website.

2. Introduction

2.1 By accessing any part of the Website you agree to accept and adhere to these, and any update to these, terms in their entirety together with our Privacy Policy. When applying to be a Subscriber (registering) or for an account you are required to accept these terms and your acceptance shall be stored for future reference as may be necessary. Any breach of these terms of service may result in suspension or cancellation of the services provided, where such action is taken the User/Subscriber is not entitled to a refund of any payment already made for any service or product.

2.2 Interfax reserves the right to change or add to or delete from these terms, any product and/or service and/or any prices at any time without notification, however, there shall be no change to pricing during any existing contract/subscription during that subscription and so long as any such subscription is fully paid prior to its due date. Any such changes, additions or deletions shall be posted to this page as a complete page without any changes, additions or deletions being highlighted and will be effective immediately upon publication. Your use of the Website after such publication shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by any User of such changes, additions or deletions.

2.3 Interfax may make changes to any feature, content to the Website or means by which such feature or content may be accessed via the Website at any time and reserves the right to do so without prior notice.

2.4 The Subscriber acknowledges that the Content provided by Interfax via, or as a result of using, the Website is protected by copyright, trade marks, and other proprietary rights of Interfax and third party Content Suppliers and accepts that no rights other than those set out in these Terms are granted to the Subscriber in respect of any intellectual property rights of Interfax or any third party. All copyrights reserved. All Content, products and/or services offered by Interfax are provided for lawful use only.

2.5 All Content provided within or via, or as a result of using, the Website is provided for information purposes only. Interfax does not provide any warrantee, implied or otherwise, on the accuracy of any such content. Despite the best efforts of Interfax, Interfax does not guarantee that any information within any article is accurate up to date, Interfax endeavours to ensure that articles are as up to date as possible based on the information provided to Interfax at the time of publication. It is the sole responsibility of the User or Subscriber for any decision they may make based on the information provided in any article. Interfax cannot accept any liability for any inaccuracies within or omissions to any content provided on or as a result of using the Website. Interfax cannot accept any liability for, and the User or Subscriber agrees to indemnify Interfax against, any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other losses or damages of whatsoever kind arising out of access to, or the use of the Website or any information contained in it, or any content, product or service provided as a result of using the Website. Additionally, Interfax makes no warranty that the Website is free from infection by viruses or anything else that has contaminating or destructive properties. Interfax shall not be responsible or liable for any claim for loss or damages, incidental and/or consequential, arising as a consequence of a failure in any product or service howsoever caused, or corruption of any content, data or material for whatever reason, or from any party which may be directly or indirectly affected.

3. Registering with the Website

3.1 By registering with this site, and/or buying any of our products you agree with the following:

(a) Subscriber shall be entitled to one log-in password and/or one electronic or hard copy of the news service/article(s), unless otherwise specified or agreed with Interfax in writing. The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that it is not otherwise permitted to reproduce; archive, electronically transmit or forward, download or distribute; distribute multiple copies of; adapt; publicly display; sell or otherwise furnish the news service, or the log-in password, or any portion of the news services provided by Interfax to any other person or entity, news agency, affiliate, newspaper or magazine, except as expressly permitted by Interfax in writing. The Subscriber agrees that the subscribed service is for use only in their town/ city /country location, and is expressly prohibited from forwarding the news service to other locations, nationally or internationally.

(b) Subscriber shall be provided with the service specified above for the specified term by Interfax, and invoiced/payment requested for the service directly by Interfax, which is a UK based company and a licensed distributor in the UK and throughout Europe and other countries of all products and services of members of Interfax International Information Group. The total fee indicated on any invoice from Interfax, is payable immediately, or in the case of annual subscriptions is payable within 30 days of the invoice, for the whole term of the subscription, or in the case of Interfax C.N.A report sales, before the product is delivered to the Subscriber, and all sales in the UK are subject to VAT, if applicable. The Subscriber shall be contacted by Interfax, or its representative, before the end of the specified term regarding renewing the service, which shall NOT otherwise renew.

(c) The Subscriber shall securely keep their log-in and password information, and will not share their log-in and password information with any other person, persons or organisation.

(d) The Subscriber shall provide accurate information when registering on the Website, and shall notify Interfax of any changes to any of that information in a timely fashion.

(e) You may only register and/or become a Subscriber to the Website if you are 18 years of age or over.

(f) The Subscriber and/or the User shall be responsible for the provision of the necessary software, hardware, telecommunication lines and any other equipment required, to enable the User to access the Website and retrieve the Content.

(g) All Content belongs to Interfax or its suppliers. You may retrieve and display Content from the Website on a computer screen, print individual pages on paper (but not photocopy them) and store such pages in electronic form on disk (but not on any server or other storage device connected to a network) for your personal, non-commercial use. You may not reproduce, modify or in anyway commercially exploit any of the Content save as source material given full credit to Interfax as the source including copyright notice. Where that part of the Content that is used as source material contains any designs, trademarks or intellectual property belonging to another, you must also give full credit to the owner of that material including any relevant copyright notice. YOU MUST NOT COPY THE DESIGNS, TRADE MARKS OR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF OTHERS WITHIN THE SITE WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESS PERMISSION AS THIS MAY RESULT IN YOUR BEING SUED OR PROSECUTED BY THE OWNER OF THAT CONTENT. In particular, but without limiting the general application of the restrictions contained in the preceding sentence, you may not do any of the following without prior written permission from Interfax: redistribute any of the Content (including by using it as part of any library, archive or similar service); remove the copyright or trademark notice from any copies of Content made under these Terms; create a database in electronic or structured manual form by systematically downloading and storing all or any of the Content. Requests to republish or redistribute the Content should be addressed to Interfax at customer.service@interfax.co.uk.

(h) If written permission to redistribute the Content is given, Interfax reserves the right to withdraw that permission on notice at any time at its sole discretion. Notice may be given to your e-mail address as notified to Interfax. In that event, notice will be deemed to be served three hours after transmission.

4. User Content, data or any material and/or Activity

4.1 In some areas of the Website, the User may have the opportunity to publish their own content or provide feedback, remark or comment: The storage, uploading, transmission or distribution of content, data or any material that violates any statute is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, material that is protected by copyright, patent, trade mark or which we judge to be threatening, obscene, slanderous or defamatory. The Subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Interfax for any claim that results from the access or use of our content, products and/or services which damages the Subscriber or any third party whatsoever whether directly or indirectly.

4.2 Pornographic and/or obscene content, data or any material is prohibited and this includes links or direction to other sites and /or material that holds or distributes this kind of content. Interfax reserves the right to judge any such material as a contravention of this condition.

4.3 Also prohibited is any content, data or material which promotes illegal activity of any nature, this includes, but is not limited to terrorism and/or hacking and/or phishing or any other such data which may harm our servers or that of any other web server or be in breach of any law or copyright. Also included, but limited to, are illegal MP3 files, pirated software, music and/or any other data and/or links to any such content, data, material and/or sites containing such content, data or material.

4.4 Also prohibited is any use of the Interfax name in its entirety or partially or as a nickname which implies that the User is in anyway associated with Interfax.

4.5 You agree not to interfere with or disrupt any part of the Website or the servers or networks connected to the Website, or disobey any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to the Website.

4.6 Also prohibited is any form of content scraping or grabbing.

4.7 It is the policy of Interfax to fully cooperate with any law enforcement agency to provide any data concerning any contravention of any local laws concerning the use, transmission and/or distribution of any User content, data or material. Interfax reserves the right to offer such cooperation without legal warrant. Interfax also reserves the right to contact any Law Enforcement agency with regard to suspected illegal activity by any Subscriber.

4.8 Spamming or the distribution of unsolicited material via the Website is strictly forbidden. Interfax reserves the right to judge any such material as a contravention of this condition.

4.9 Any attempt, wilful or otherwise, to cause harm or undermine Interfax’s web server(s) or any of our Subscribers is strictly prohibited.

4.10 You MAY NOT publish any materials containing any form of advertising for goods and services as well as any material, data or information not owned by or licensed to you; or publish any materials that contain a virus or other harmful component;

4.11 Interfax reserves the sole discretion without notice to remove from service any product or service, or any content or partial content, which we deem to violate any of these terms.

4.12 The User agrees that any content, data or material they upload or post to the Website is non-confidential and is the copyright of Interfax. Interfax may use any such content, data or material as they see fit and may re-publish it within any other Interfax web site or publication.

5. Refusal of Service

5.1 Interfax reserves the right (which it may exercise at its sole discretion without notice) to cancel, deny or refuse access to the Website and/or service for any reason we see fit, and Interfax shall not be held liable for any damages and/or claim by the User or Subscriber or any other party in respect of any such cancellation, denial or refusal of service.

5.2 Any considered violation of any of these terms, whether existing or potential may be reported to customer.service@interfax.co.uk, and any such notification shall be dealt with as promptly as possible given that further investigation may be required by Interfax.

6. Advertising and Sponsorship

6.1 Part of the Site may contain advertising and sponsorship. Advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion on the Website complies with International and national law. Interfax will not be responsible for any error or inaccuracy in advertising material.

7. Privacy Policy

The information that you provide about yourself to Interfax will only be used by Interfax in accordance with its Privacy Policy attached.

8. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

8.1 These Terms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with English Law.

8.2 The parties irrevocably agree that the courts of England shall (subject to the paragraph below) have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these Terms or the legal relationship established by them, and for those purposes irrevocably submit all disputes to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

8.3 For the exclusive benefit of Interfax, Interfax shall retain the right to bring proceedings as to the substance of the matter in the courts of the country of your residence or, where these Terms are entered into in the course of your trade or profession, the country of your principal place of business.

9. General Provisions

9.1 You may not assign sub-licence or otherwise transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms.

9.2 If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of that provision will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms, which shall remain in full force and effect.

9.3 Failure by either party to exercise any right or remedy under these Terms does not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy.

9.4 Headings in these Terms are for convenience only and will have no legal meaning or effect.