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Photo of Construction work on a power transmission tower in Chile.

Latin American carbon markets gain momentum

Latin American countries – led by Mexico – have emerged as enthusiastic supporters of cap-and-trade markets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

14 February 2020 Americas

Member states frustrate EU green roadmap

The absence of National Energy and Climate Plans from a third of EU countries has set the European Commission on an increasingly tight deadline to deliver the plan for raising its 2030 targets.

Gas wins back market share in EU power

EU ETS reform and lower gas prices have boosted gas-to-power generation across Europe, but the outlook for further growth seems uncertain.

CNOOC makes first long-period TPA transaction

A five-year agreement for third-party access to CNOOC’s LNG terminals is part of China’s efforts to liberalise its gas sector and allow more independent buyers to tap the international gas market.

UK auction sees 1.3 GW of unsuccessful gas-to-power bids

Last week’s year-ahead capacity auction in the UK saw just 90 MW of contracts awarded to gas-fired installations while the Nemo electricity interconnector between Belgium and the UK secured an 820 MW contract.

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Photo of Cancun, Mexico, at night

Yucatan peninsula on course to receive US gas

The Mexican region is set to be connected to the national gas network this year, allowing piped supply from the US to feed its gas-starved power plants.

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Gas power plant

Coal reigns supreme in Turkish power mix

Coal will increase its dominance in Turkey’s power generation portfolio as gas retreats because of persistent weakness in the country’s economic growth.

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