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A gas power plant in India

Gas and renewables set for growth amid rising demand

The IEA’s 2019 World Energy Outlook appears to throw weight behind the view that rising global energy demand will be met mostly by a combination of renewables and gas in the longer term.

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Counting the cost of Europe’s capacity payments

European countries are increasingly paying out subsidies to conventional power plants, including in nations where supply shortages do not look likely to be an issue in the short or medium term.

Australia tipped to boost shale and CBM exploration

The latest acreage releases in Queensland and seismic surveys in the Northern Territory are designed to spur shale and CBM extraction to meet local and LNG export needs.

Gas industry at crossroads as protests escalate

Gas conferences in Europe are increasingly being targeted by activists, showing the industry must do better to communicate its climate objectives.

Coal faces crunch from spread of carbon pricing

Saudi Arabia’s plans to introduce a carbon market show carbon pricing is on a roll around the world, a trend that may threaten coal in the medium term and gas in the longer term.

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A gas compression station in Libya.

Libyan gas revival gathers steam

The conflict-afflicted North African country is starting to build up its gas production, offering greater stability of supply to domestic and international offtakers.

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The Power of Siberia pipeline.

China’s NOCs brace for domestic gas market oversupply in 2020

The country's gas demand growth next year could slip below 10% for the first time since 2016, affecting the outlook for Chinese LNG imports.