Policy & Regulation
The Monstad CCS testing centre in Norway

Carbon capture may be too late for coal and gas

The technology may not develop quickly enough to save coal, and it may even be too late for gas.

28 November 2019 Policy & Regulation
An LNG bunkering vessel, the Engie Zeebrugge

Methanol as a marine fuel may support gas demand

The switch to alternative shipping fuels such as methanol could boost gas demand in the short term, but the future of LNG as a shipping fuel looks less certain.

14 November 2019 Alternative Fuels
A gas power plant in India

Gas and renewables set for growth amid rising demand

The IEA’s 2019 World Energy Outlook appears to throw weight behind the view that rising global energy demand will be met mostly by a combination of renewables and gas in the longer term.

13 November 2019 Policy & Regulation

UN climate summit fails to set carbon market rules

The COP24 talks represent a setback for the establishment of a global carbon price as they failed failed to produce an agreement on comprehensive trading guidelines.

18 December 2018 Policy & Regulation

Indian and Chinese coal consumption driving carbon emissions to record high

Higher coal consumption in India and China is set to drive global carbon dioxide emissions to a record high this year

6 December 2018 Policy & Regulation
In this Nov. 21, 2018 photo smoke billows from chimney stacks of the heating and power plant in Bedzin, near Katowice, southern Poland. Katowice, in the southern coal mining region, will host global climate summit Dec.2-14.

Concrete steps needed at COP24

The pressure is on for nations to make tangible progress on tackling global warming at the climate summit in Poland.

3 December 2018 Policy & Regulation

Limiting global warming to 2C increasingly out of reach – Woodmac

Limiting global warming to 2C will not be possible even if the world accelerates the adoption of low-carbon technologies, Wood Mackenzie said in a report on Friday.

30 November 2018 Policy & Regulation
Kårstø processing plant, Norway

What role for gas in the energy transition?

The outlook for the role of gas in the world's three largest energy markets - China, the US and India - is varied. However, gas demand still looks set to grow in all three.

29 November 2018 Supply & Demand
A gas flare beside pumpjacks pumping crude oil at a facility in North Dakota.

IEA urges action on gas flaring

The agency’s latest World Energy Outlook includes a call to action for oil and gas players to reduce upstream emissions, with flaring drawing particular criticism.

15 November 2018 Exploration & Production
The Stavangerfjord LNG-fuelled vessel

LNG shipping sector needs government support

Tightening regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from ships means LNG will struggle to be a long-term choice for the shipping industry.

29 October 2018 LNG

Renewables ‘tipping point’ to be reached by 2035 – Woodmac

The world will reach a “sustainability tipping point” by 2035, Wood Mackenzie has predicted.

18 October 2018 Supply & Demand
Firefighters attending a wildfire

Key trends to watch during the next gas year

Global Gas Analytics highlights the essential events and forces at work in the global market over the coming gas year.

17 October 2018 Exploration & Production
The Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station in the UK

Limiting climate change to 1.5C will curb role of gas

A new report by the IPCC outlines the risks of a 1.5C increase in global temperatures and renews calls for action to cut carbon emissions worldwide.

9 October 2018 Policy & Regulation

Global emissions must peak by 2020 to limit warming to 1.5C – IPCC

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has published a special report on the impact of a 1.5C increase in global temperatures

8 October 2018 Policy & Regulation
LPG cylinders

LPG offers low-carbon option for developed countries

The World LPG Association has argued that LPG could play a bigger role in transitioning developed countries to low-carbon energy sources.

3 October 2018 Policy & Regulation
Tight gas production at Pinedale in the United States

IOCs make methane reduction a selling point

Producers pledged to cut methane emissions during last week’s Gastech conference in Barcelona.

28 September 2018 Exploration & Production

OGCI members plan to cut methane leakage to 0.25% of combined gas sales

The 13 IOC and NOCs aim to cut the volume of methane lost during upstream production to 0.25% of their combined gas sales by 2025 compared with 0.32% in 2017

25 September 2018 Policy & Regulation
Engie’s LNG bunkering vessel

IMO sulphur regulations pit fuel oil against gas

The introduction of tighter sulphur emissions limits for marine fuels could lead to a swell of high-sulphur fuel oil on the market.

2 August 2018 LNG

Rising prices will ease exporters’ carbon transition – Moody’s

Most national oil and gas exporters will be able to manage the global shift towards a lower reliance on carbon-intensive products, Moody’s has said.

5 July 2018 Policy & Regulation
The Stavangerfjord LNG-fuelled vessel

LNG offers a future-proof marine fuel – research

LNG is anticipated to be favoured over new technologies for deep-sea shipping despite concerns that it will struggle to meet the IMO’s carbon emission reduction targets.

15 June 2018 LNG

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