Alternative Fuels

Gas power plant

Coal reigns supreme in Turkish power mix

Coal will increase its dominance in Turkey’s power generation portfolio as gas retreats because of persistent weakness in the country’s economic growth.

14 February 2020 Middle East & Africa
Photo of Construction work on a power transmission tower in Chile.

Latin American carbon markets gain momentum

Latin American countries – led by Mexico – have emerged as enthusiastic supporters of cap-and-trade markets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

14 February 2020 Americas
Photo of Paks nucleasr plant, Hungary

Central Europe bets on nuclear in energy plans

A boost for nuclear power and renewable energy in the region may constrain the growth of gas-fired electricity generation.

23 January 2020 Europe & Russia
Brigg gas-fired power station, UK

EU carbon under pressure as UK auctions resume

The optimism in the EU carbon market seen in 2018 and early 2019 has given way in the face of coal-to-gas fuel switching, the comeback of UK capacity auctions and a continuing weak outlook for gas prices.

16 January 2020 Europe & Russia

German spark spreads improve year on year

Profit margins for German gas-fired power plants improved in 2019 compared with the previous year, while margins for coal-fired plants declined.

13 January 2020 Europe & Russia
Coal power plant in China

China’s coal revival poses challenge for gas

The ongoing trade spat with the US appears to have given the role of coal in China’s power sector renewed momentum as the government prioritises economic growth and energy security.

6 January 2020 Asia Pacific
Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant in Vietnam

Solar surge puts gas in the shade in Vietnam

LNG-to-power projects in Vietnam are facing tough competition from a subsidy-funded solar boom.

12 December 2019 Asia Pacific

German coal and gas plants see lower profits in November

Profit margins for coal- and gas-fired power generators in Germany came under pressure in November amid declining month-ahead power prices.

5 December 2019 Europe & Russia

Coal shipments to Europe’s power plants decline

Deliveries of lignite and hard coal to power plants across Europe fell in H1 2019 compared with H1 2018 as renewables and gas displaced coal in the power mix.

29 November 2019 Europe & Russia
The Monstad CCS testing centre in Norway

Carbon capture may be too late for coal and gas

The technology may not develop quickly enough to save coal, and it may even be too late for gas.

28 November 2019 World
Hydrogen fuel cell technology in a Hyundai car.

Hydrogen: A burning need

European energy companies are coming under increasing pressure to add hydrogen to grids carrying natural gas as part of efforts to decarbonise the gas system.

22 November 2019 Europe & Russia
Wind turbines turning against the sky

US support for renewables may challenge gas

Power generation from solar and wind in the US is growing faster than gas-fired power because of policy support for renewables at state level.

21 November 2019 Americas
A worker at a Korean factory fuelling a HFC EV.

South Korea and Australia scale up ambition on hydrogen

The two countries are stepping up hydrogen cooperation activities as part of plans to create a fully-fledged hydrogen economy in South Korea.

18 November 2019 Asia Pacific
An LNG bunkering vessel, the Engie Zeebrugge

Methanol as a marine fuel may support gas demand

The switch to alternative shipping fuels such as methanol could boost gas demand in the short term, but the future of LNG as a shipping fuel looks less certain.

14 November 2019 World
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station

Japan faces nuclear challenge

Nuclear generation is central to Japan’s emission reduction goals, but setbacks, further delays and potential political shifts could change the country’s plans for nuclear power.

6 November 2019 Asia Pacific
Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, United Kingdom

Offshore wind on the rise

Offshore wind trails behind onshore capacity in countries which lead in wind power generation. However, growth in offshore wind could be huge.

5 November 2019 World
Japanese businessman Masayoshi Son

South Korea eyes Asian super-grid to support energy transition

The country is backing the concept of a giant super-grid through which it would import renewable power from China underpinned by Russian LNG.

1 November 2019 Asia Pacific
A protester looks at a police officer during an Extinction Rebellion climate change protest outside the Bank of England in the City of London.

Key trends to watch during the 2019-2020 gas year

Global Gas Analytics lists the key factors it believes will shape gas and LNG fundamentals and prices in the year ahead.

17 October 2019 World

Russia tightens grip on Europe’s coal market

Lower shipping rates and a relatively weak ruble allowed Russia to strengthen its position as Europe’s main coal supplier in Q2.

11 October 2019 Europe & Russia
Bugey nuclear power plant, France.

France’s nuclear challenge

Problems affecting French nuclear reactors hit European gas and power prices last month. As France is a major regional electricity exporter, the future of its nuclear output will have an impact on Europe’s power balance.

8 October 2019 Europe & Russia

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