China LNG terminal

US-China deal eases tensions but offers little for LNG

The new trade agreement is a step forward but does not fully resolve the problems between Washington and Beijing – and China’s 25% import tariff on LNG remains in place.

3 hours ago Asia Pacific

The Dominican Republic’s power sector in figures

The country estimates it will need to raise its power generation capacity by almost 2 GW by 2025 in order to meet rising demand.

6 hours ago Americas
Qatargas LNG plant

Qatar-Kuwait deal sets tone for Gulf cooperation

The 15-year LNG supply deal between Qatar and Kuwait could in time lay the foundation for a Gulf Cooperation Council integrated gas market, centred around expanding Qatari supply in the region.

4 days ago Middle East & Africa

Taiwan LNG imports show moderate increase in 2019

The country imported slightly more LNG in 2019 than it did the year before, despite reduced demand from the electricity sector.

4 days ago Asia Pacific

CNOOC’s Tianjin FSRU loads 326 LNG trucks per day

The terminal was China’s top seller for trucked LNG last week and was followed by Sinopec’s Qingdao and Tianjin facilities in second and third place respectively.

4 days ago Asia Pacific
Brigg gas-fired power station, UK

EU carbon under pressure as UK auctions resume

The optimism in the EU carbon market seen in 2018 and early 2019 has given way in the face of coal-to-gas fuel switching, the comeback of UK capacity auctions and a continuing weak outlook for gas prices.

4 days ago Europe & Russia
Los Origenes gas power plant, San Pedro, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic looks to US LNG for power boost

A new pipeline and second LNG storage tank will boost gas-to-power demand in the Dominican Republic and open the way for more imports from the US.

4 days ago Americas

Chinese LNG plants cut prices to boost sales

Liquefaction plants in various provinces in China reduced their prices by an average of 2.87% last week compared with the previous week.

5 days ago Asia Pacific

Heating demand pushes up Asian spot LNG prices

The average spot price for LNG in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan closed at $5.30/MMBtu on Friday compared with $8.67/MMBtu a year ago.

6 days ago Asia Pacific

Spain boosts imports of US LNG in November

Spanish imports of US LNG rose steadily between January and November 2019 and may overtake some of Spain’s traditional suppliers of the fuel

13 January 2020 Europe & Russia
US LNG tanker loading at Sabine Pass.

LNG trade takes a hit as Gulf tensions rise

LNG suppliers are taking a cautious approach to exports via chokepoints in the Middle East, but further escalation in geopolitical tensions could significantly hit trade.

10 January 2020 Middle East & Africa

African piped gas flows to Europe plummet in 2019

Imports of relatively cheap LNG into the European market last year severely dented flows of African piped gas.

10 January 2020 Europe & Russia

Italian gas demand down 3% in November

Consumption fell in November 2019 after months of steady increases, although demand looks set to increase for the year as a whole.

9 January 2020 Europe & Russia

CNOOC’s Tianjin FSRU is top seller for trucked LNG

The facility dispatched an average of 383 tankers per day last month, placing it ahead of Sinopec’s Tianjin and Qingdao terminals on 309 and 271 respectively.

9 January 2020 Asia Pacific
Shenzhen Gas Group's LNG terminal in Shenzhen.

Subdued Asian LNG prices eye potential rebound in H2

A recovery in Asian spot LNG prices could be on the cards in the second half of this year as the physical market tightens partly as a result of improved demand and limited incremental supplies.

8 January 2020 Asia Pacific

UK LNG imports continue to rise in October

Volumes continued their upward trajectory in October 2019, with most cargoes coming from Qatar, government data shows.

8 January 2020 Asia Pacific

Chinese domestic LNG prices down 12% in December

Prices fell by 11.9% compared with November, marking the biggest monthly decline since January 2019.

8 January 2020 Asia Pacific

Asian spot LNG prices drop 5% in December

Prices fell last month in Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan as buyers reduced their purchases because of strong inventories.

7 January 2020 Asia Pacific
Nigeria LNG

Nigeria LNG expansion – an FID with caution

An FID on the NLNG expansion project marks a key milestone in Nigeria’s ambition to boost LNG exports, but market-related and financing hurdles remain.

6 January 2020 Middle East & Africa

Chinese LNG imports bounce back at end of 2019

China’s LNG imports hit a new high in November, but the trend is not expected to continue into the new year

6 January 2020 Asia Pacific

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