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The port of Hainan, China

Hainan coal ban paves way for more gas-to-power

Gas and nuclear power look set to benefit from Hainan’s recent decision to ban construction of new coal-fired power stations on the tropical island.

4 days ago Asia Pacific
Coal mining plant in West Virginia

US role as coal player shrinks as more mines fail

Falling domestic coal demand has forced US producers to seek export outlets, but these too are under threat as gas has become more competitive.

4 days ago Americas

Spain leads Africa-Europe gas flow growth in Week 45

Volumes transported from North Africa to Europe rose by 6.4% on a weekly basis last week, driven by increased flows to Spain

6 days ago Middle East & Africa
A gas compression station in Libya.

Libyan gas revival gathers steam

The conflict-afflicted North African country is starting to build up its gas production, offering greater stability of supply to domestic and international offtakers.

11 November 2019 Middle East & Africa

Ukraine and Nord Stream transit almost level in October

Greater utilisation of the NEL pipeline made up for slashed transit via OPAL last month, boosting flows of Russian gas via the Nord Stream pipeline compared with September.

11 November 2019 Europe & Russia

Suppliers fret over Asia’s falling LNG demand

Declining LNG consumption in some of Asia’s key markets poses a considerable challenge to suppliers intending to boost the fuel’s popularity

8 November 2019 Asia Pacific
An anti-gas protest in Ireland in 2012

Irish LNG terminal set to tackle supply concerns

Ireland could import US LNG starting from 2022 and boost security of supply post-Brexit, but only if it can overcome fierce domestic opposition to the Shannon regas project.

7 November 2019 Europe & Russia

Africa-Europe pipeline gas flows up 11.3% week on week

Volumes increased across all four routes last week, amounting to almost 556 million cubic metres, but were down year on year.

6 November 2019 Middle East & Africa

Japan’s LNG imports up 2.6% year on year in September

The country’s imports of the fuel rose slightly in September but were down over the first nine months of the year.

5 November 2019 Asia Pacific

North African piped gas flows see boost in October

Piped exports from North Africa to Europe were up last month as a result of greater Spanish demand, but flows are falling on an annual basis.

4 November 2019 Europe & Russia

UK LNG imports fall to record lows in August

The UK’s imports of the fuel hit their lowest since 2008 this August, with Algeria being the only supplier over the month, fresh data from the UK government shows.

1 November 2019 Europe & Russia
A pipelaying vessel in the Baltic Sea.

Danish approval does not solve all worries for Nord Stream 2

The pipeline now looks set to be completed in H1 2020, but it is not clear how much gas will start flowing before the ECJ rules on Gazprom’s call to annul the revised EU Gas Directive.

31 October 2019 Europe & Russia
Delivering test gas to the LNG terminal in Swinoujscie, Poland

PCI list confirms EU support for LNG projects

Central and Eastern Europe look set to further extend their LNG import infrastructure with EU support, as shown in the latest draft PCI list.

31 October 2019 Europe & Russia
A coal power plant in South Africa.

South Africa sets unrealistic goal for LNG-to-power

The country's long-awaited Integrated Resource Plan has set an impossible timeline for the development of an LNG-to-power programme.

31 October 2019 Middle East & Africa
A coal power plant in China.

Coal and renewables threaten to undermine gas-to-power in China

China’s refitted fleet of fuel-efficient and less-polluting coal plants and increased state spending on renewables blur the outlook for the country’s gas-to-power sector.

30 October 2019 Asia Pacific
Trilateral gas talk meeting on Ukraine transit

Stockholm verdict blocks progress on Ukraine-Russia transit talks

A long-term deal between Russia and Ukraine on gas transit now seems to hinge on an out-of-court settlement for the $2.56 billion penalty against Gazprom ordered by a Stockholm tribunal last year.

29 October 2019 Europe & Russia

Africa-Europe piped gas flows flatten out in Week 43

A slight decline in European imports was seen last week, with volumes amounting to just under 500 MMcm.

29 October 2019 Middle East & Africa

Chinese LNG imports up in September

China's LNG imports continued to be strong last month, but there are signs of a slowdown further along the road.

28 October 2019 Asia Pacific
The Rough gas storage facility.

Islandmagee storage project progresses amid winter gas uncertainty

Doubts over the UK’s winter gas supplies post-Brexit make a strong case for increased gas storage capacity in the country, although funding may remain an issue.

28 October 2019 Europe & Russia
South African Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe

Coal to limit South Africa’s gas ambitions

The finished version of the country’s Integrated Resource Plan will see coal continue to dominate the national power sector.

24 October 2019 Middle East & Africa

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