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Phot of CNNOC Putian LNG terminal

CNOOC makes first long-period TPA transaction

A five-year agreement for third-party access to CNOOC’s LNG terminals is part of China’s efforts to liberalise its gas sector and allow more independent buyers to tap the international gas market.

13 February 2020 Policy & Regulation

India’s gas demand in figures

India wants to boost the share of gas in its energy mix to 15% from 2030, up from 6.5% now, and securing lower LNG import prices could prove key to meeting this target.

10 February 2020 Policy & Regulation
Photo of shale gas liquefaction plant in Sichuan

China's output growth to moderate in coming years

China’s gas production last year expanded by the highest level in nearly a decade, but the rate of growth is unlikely to be sustained over the upcoming 14th Five-Year Plan period.

30 January 2020 Exploration & Production
LNG terminal in China.

Policy push needed to reignite China’s gas momentum

Gas will continue to require policy support in the coming years if it is to meet China’s lofty goal of contributing 15% to the national energy mix by 2030.

27 January 2020 LNG
China LNG terminal

US-China deal eases tensions but offers little for LNG

The new trade agreement is a step forward but does not fully resolve the problems between Washington and Beijing – and China’s 25% import tariff on LNG remains in place.

20 January 2020 LNG
CNPC's WEP 2 pipeline

CNPC pipeline concession brings SNG to Zhejiang

China National Petroleum Corp. is preparing for life after midstream liberation by allowing outsider Zhejiang Energy to transport SNG on its pipeline network this winter.

16 January 2020 Policy & Regulation
PetroChina drilling pads.

China opens up energy market to spur greater production

China’s announcement that it will open up exploration and production to foreign players should boost production from its upstream sector, but only in the longer term.

13 January 2020 Exploration & Production
A PetroChina piepline

China’s Hebei joins up pipelines to boost demand

Hebei, one of China’s most polluted provinces, wants to boost gas demand by linking up a fragmented pipeline network under the wing of one central distribution company.

9 January 2020 Pipelines, Storage & Power
Wang Shouwen

US-China trade truce offers little to LNG exporters for now

LNG does not appear to have been included upfront in the ‘phase one’ trade accord between the US and China, meaning there will be no immediate respite for American exporters and project developers.

16 December 2019 LNG
Fracking Sichuan province

Chinese shale gas poised to spring output surprise in 2020

Strong production growth this year means the country's shale gas output next year could come closer to the government's official target than many had expected.

9 December 2019 Exploration & Production

Chinese CBM production in figures

Shanxi is China’s ground zero for CBM, and a more relaxed regulatory regime for unconventional gas development recently introduced in the province is expected to boost output.

2 December 2019 Policy & Regulation
A CBM project operated by Sino Oil & Gas in Shanxi

Shanxi revamps rules to boost unconventionals

The Chinese province has established new rules in its regulatory framework for unconventional resources in a move to increase production of shale, tight gas and CBM in the coming years.

28 November 2019 Exploration & Production
Port Moresby, PNG

Tougher terms to cause more delays at PNG LNG

PNG’s new prime minister is clamping down on favourable terms ExxonMobil has long enjoyed for its PNG LNG project as he seeks to reap greater financial rewards for the state.

28 November 2019 Exploration & Production
An offshore gas platform in Thailand.

Chevron's Erawan dispute highlights decommissioning risk in Southeast Asia

The disagreement over the cost of decommissioning the giant field underscores the risks for operators in Southeast Asia as the region braces for a wave of assets nearing the end of their lives.

22 November 2019 Policy & Regulation
Part of the Power of Siberia pipeline

China plots next big step for gas pricing reform

China is phasing out regulated provincial border prices in a wider move to liberalise its domestic gas market.

21 November 2019 Policy & Regulation
A rally for Taiwan's DPP.

Taiwan’s rising gas demand to be met by LNG

Uninspiring upstream prospects mean Taiwan has little choice but to boost LNG imports to compensate for a reduction in coal-fired and nuclear power generation

18 November 2019 LNG
A worker at a Korean factory fuelling a HFC EV.

South Korea and Australia scale up ambition on hydrogen

The two countries are stepping up hydrogen cooperation activities as part of plans to create a fully-fledged hydrogen economy in South Korea.

18 November 2019 LNG

Thailand’s and Cambodia’s competing offshore claims

Renewed efforts are being made to settle a territorial dispute over waters between Thailand and Cambodia thought to be rich in natural gas.

15 November 2019 Policy & Regulation
The port of Hainan, China

Hainan coal ban paves way for more gas-to-power

Gas and nuclear power look set to benefit from Hainan’s recent decision to ban construction of new coal-fired power stations on the tropical island.

14 November 2019 Pipelines, Storage & Power
CBM assets in Australia

Australia tipped to boost shale and CBM exploration

The latest acreage releases in Queensland and seismic surveys in the Northern Territory are designed to spur shale and CBM extraction to meet local and LNG export needs.

8 November 2019 Exploration & Production

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