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Photo of Construction work on a power transmission tower in Chile.

Latin American carbon markets gain momentum

Latin American countries – led by Mexico – have emerged as enthusiastic supporters of cap-and-trade markets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

14 February 2020 Supply & Demand

US power generation in figures

Renewable sources provided a record 410 TWh of electricity in the US in 2018 and are now challenging gas for market share thanks to policy support mechanisms.

22 November 2019 Policy & Regulation
Wind turbines turning against the sky

US support for renewables may challenge gas

Power generation from solar and wind in the US is growing faster than gas-fired power because of policy support for renewables at state level.

21 November 2019 Supply & Demand
Presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez after incumbent Mauricio Macri conceded defeat

Activity sinks at Argentina’s Vaca Muerta

Argentina’s gas production growth will remain constrained unless the incoming administration can shore up foreign investor confidence.

7 November 2019 Policy & Regulation
Bolivain presidential candidate Carlos Mesa

Bolivia counts cost of growing gas competition

The presidential candidates have offered few proposals as to how they might reverse falling domestic gas production or deal with Argentina and Brazil’s declining reliance on Bolivian exports.

24 October 2019 LNG
Chilean Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt.

Chile eyes more renewables and less coal

The host of the COP25 summit is betting on expanding renewables and phasing out coal in power generation, a move that could make more room for gas-to-power.

23 October 2019 Policy & Regulation
A coal power plant in the US.

Oldest US carbon market may double in size with new members

Cap-and-trade looks set to take a big step forward in the land of its birth, which should benefit gas and renewables over coal.

9 October 2019 Policy & Regulation
A drilling rig in the Appalachian basin

EPA plan to roll back methane regulations sparks backlash

Critics of the plan believe that softer regulations for gas could damage its image as a climate-friendly fuel.

5 September 2019 Policy & Regulation
A YPF drillpad in the Vaca Muerta

Argentina’s gas sector bears brunt of financial crisis

The country's problems have cast doubt over the tender for a new pipeline in the Vaca Muerta shale play, with the deadline postponed until after October’s election.

3 September 2019 Supply & Demand
Argentinian gas pipeline infrastructure

Argentine output boom to boost Chile gas exports

Argentina’s government expects a gradual increase of exports to Chile from September as a result of booming output from the Vaca Muerta shale play.

29 August 2019 Supply & Demand
Gas plant in Bolivia.

YPFB barred from buying Petrobras Gasbol stake

The Bolivian company will not be allowed to make the acquisition, denting its strategy of 'internationalisation' and narrowing the list of potential buyers.

15 August 2019 Policy & Regulation
Petrobras HQ

Petrobras’s monopoly being gradually tailed off

The domestic monopoly of the Brazilian NOC is being slowly broken up, allowing new entrants to gain footholds in the supply chain.

1 August 2019 Policy & Regulation
A Pemex rig in Campeche Sound

Mexican government makes call for private cash for E&P

Greater private investment is seen as necessary for Mexico to meet its targets for boosting domestic gas production.

23 May 2019 Exploration & Production
Congressional Democrats unveil Green New Deal

Green New Deal may inspire tougher regulation

The Democrats’ Green New Deal proposal could inspire tighter regulation for US gas and power.

7 March 2019 Policy & Regulation
A US coal plant

EIA report suggests US is moving to lower-carbon power mix

Coal is losing ground in US electricity generation while gas and renewables are gaining, according to new data.

5 March 2019 Policy & Regulation
Argentine pipeline infrastructure

Bolivia and Argentina adjust gas price and volumes

Bolivia has renegotiated higher prices for the gas it exports to Argentina, but at the cost of potentially lower export volumes.

4 March 2019 Supply & Demand
The Meridian Spirit loading a cargo at Sabine Pass LNG

Fresh optimism for LNG over US-China trade deal

The US and China seem to be closing in on a trade deal that would benefit US LNG exporters looking to secure long-term contracts with Chinese buyers.

28 February 2019 LNG
A rig in Vaca Muerta

Argentina keeps bulk of subsidies for unconventional gas

Companies have warned the Argentine government that planned revisions to subsidies will lead to losses.

8 February 2019 Policy & Regulation
Evo Morales, Bolivia's president

Bolivia set to lose ground in Brazilian gas market

Bolivia's gas supply contract with Brazil is up for renewal, but the renegotiations could prove difficult.

31 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Shale gas drilling in the Marcellus formation

Shale growth will transform US gas flows

Flows are set to change dramatically in response to continued growth in shale gas production, the EIA says.

31 January 2019 Exploration & Production

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