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Photo fo LNG tanker at Queensland Curtis LNG facility, Australia

Australian LNG exposed as virus hits demand

Australia’s LNG sector risks being significantly impacted as China – and potentially other Asian nations – works to contain the coronavirus by locking down civilian movement.

13 February 2020 Asia Pacific
Photo of LNG tanker arriing in Brazil from US.

Brazil’s giant leap as an LNG importer

Privately owned LNG-to-power projects, such as those at Sergipe and Açu, will drive growth in Brazil’s LNG demand.

11 February 2020 Americas
Photo of Sinopec LNG Terminal in Qingdao, Shandong

LNG challenges coal in Asia’s power growth

LNG imports into Asia may soon be cheap enough to trigger fuel-switching in regional power generation, supporting newbuild LNG and gas-to-power projects.

30 January 2020 Asia Pacific
An Algerian LNG carrier

Algeria ramps up LNG exports despite plant outages

Algeria’s shifting focus on bolstering spot LNG supplies highlights the challenges faced by its LNG and pipeline gas exports under oil-indexed, long-term contracts.

28 January 2020 Middle East & Africa
Xi Jinping and Donald Trump

US may seek China’s help to ease Mideast tensions

The initial trade deal between Washington and Beijing may not be a victory for the US, but it could help defuse tensions in the Middle East as Donald Trump searches for a pre-election success story.

23 January 2020 World
US LNG tanker loading at Sabine Pass.

LNG trade takes a hit as Gulf tensions rise

LNG suppliers are taking a cautious approach to exports via chokepoints in the Middle East, but further escalation in geopolitical tensions could significantly hit trade.

10 January 2020 Middle East & Africa
Mt Arthur coal mine, New South Wales, Australia

Coal set for relief in 2020 after a turbulent 2019

Coal demand for power generation plunged in 2019 but seems likely to stabilise this year as switching to gas is beginning to plateau.

9 January 2020 World
Nigeria LNG

Nigeria LNG expansion – an FID with caution

An FID on the NLNG expansion project marks a key milestone in Nigeria’s ambition to boost LNG exports, but market-related and financing hurdles remain.

6 January 2020 Middle East & Africa
Officials at teh COP 25 climate change conference in Madrid last week

COP talks fail, but carbon linking set to continue

Many countries will plough ahead with their own plans for multilateral carbon markets after UN talks on a set of overarching rules failed yet again.

19 December 2019 Europe & Russia
A Qatargas tanker docked at an LNG terminal in China

Qatar embarks on aggressive LNG strategy

The country’s decision to further expand its liquefaction capacity is a clear signal to competitors that it will vigorously defend its share of the LNG market.

29 November 2019 Middle East & Africa
The Monstad CCS testing centre in Norway

Carbon capture may be too late for coal and gas

The technology may not develop quickly enough to save coal, and it may even be too late for gas.

28 November 2019 World

US coal decline in figures

A number of coal-fired power plants in the United States have closed since 2010, taking a combined capacity of more than 100 GW offline.

18 November 2019 Americas
Woodside's Pluto LNG plant in WA

Woodside eyes increased LNG exports from Western Australia

FID on a new interconnector linking the Pluto and NWS LNG plants – plus a scaling up of resources at Scarborough – indicates Woodside is focusing on boosting LNG output from Western Australia.

14 November 2019 Asia Pacific
CBM assets in Australia

Australia tipped to boost shale and CBM exploration

The latest acreage releases in Queensland and seismic surveys in the Northern Territory are designed to spur shale and CBM extraction to meet local and LNG export needs.

8 November 2019 Asia Pacific
A gas platform offshore Saudi Arabia

Gas expansion key to Saudi Aramco’s IPO

The Saudi NOC has spent recent months flagging up its gas expansion plans in a move to attract investors for its planned stock market listing.

7 November 2019 Middle East & Africa
Iron ore carrier offshore Western Australia

Woodside and Australian miners gear up for IMO 2020

Global emissions limits for shipping under IMO 2020 rules are a growth opportunity for the Aussie LNG market and a rising imperative for the country’s iron ore and coking coal exporters.

7 November 2019 Asia Pacific

European coal plants see improved profit margins in October

Higher prices for front-month power contracts and relatively low coal prices have resulted in better profit margins for coal-fired generators this month.

24 October 2019 Europe & Russia
The Golar Arctic FSU in Jamaica 2016

Small users prop up Latin America’s LNG demand

Imported LNG will make further inroads in Latin America and the Caribbean as the region’s small buyers diversify their power mixes away from hydro, oil and oil products.

23 October 2019 Americas

China LNG price up 13.2% in advance of heating season

The price of LNG produced in China rose to an average of $10.34/MMBtu last week after 85 plants in various provinces hiked prices.

23 October 2019 Asia Pacific
A protester looks at a police officer during an Extinction Rebellion climate change protest outside the Bank of England in the City of London.

Key trends to watch during the 2019-2020 gas year

Global Gas Analytics lists the key factors it believes will shape gas and LNG fundamentals and prices in the year ahead.

17 October 2019 World

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