Policy & Regulation

Regulatory developments in emerging and mature markets

Our comprehensive, timely and analytical coverage of global energy policy will help subscribers keep abreast of key regulatory developments in both emerging and mature markets. Our in-depth coverage spans Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Russia.


In Europe, we have a strong focus on Brussels, where lawmakers shape the future of gas and power markets in the 28 EU member states and beyond. Keeping subscribers informed about the key developments in the EU institutions and making sense of the flurry of announcements coming out of Brussels is a top priority. We also pay special attention to national energy policies, particularly in less-developed gas markets across Eastern Europe.


Our Asia specialists keep readers up-to-date about the policy initiatives that matter the most. We provide insightful analysis of government policy and energy reforms in China, Japan, South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia and other nations in Asia and Asia Pacific.

Middle East & Africa

Similarly, our dedicated team of Africa and Middle East specialists provide analysis of key energy reforms in regions where the policy landscape is often unpredictable and volatile. Particular attention is given to government policy in Angola, Nigeria, Senegal, Mozambique, South Africa, Iran, Israel, Algeria, Qatar and Lebanon.


Our Americas coverage keeps readers informed about the numerous policy reforms in both Latin America and North America, including Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and the US.

An integrated service

The Interfax GAS analysis and reports are cross-referenced to facilitate subscriber access to the wide range of reports available. Individual reports include downloadable tables and links to industry data. Our archive includes more than 30,000 reports created by a global team of gas specialists who work closely with the core analytics team in London.

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