Abhishek Kumar

Head of analytics

Abhishek Kumar has several years of analytical experience within the financial markets and elsewhere. He joined Interfax in June 2012, working with Chief Energy Analyst Peter Stewart to launch Global Gas Analytics in October of that year. Before that, he was a financial analyst at Schneider Trading, where he covered a wide range of asset classes - including commodities, equities, fixed income, and foreign exchange. Abhishek has worked on a number of analytical publications, many of which he helped launch. He has previously worked as a business analyst for Procter & Gamble and as an aerospace researcher for the University of Leicester and the Group for Aeronautical Research and Technology in Europe.

Oman LNG

Middle East and Africa will bolster LNG supplies

MEA LNG suppliers will gradually beef up their liquefaction capacity, which will also see increased focus on FLNG solutions and the use of LNG as a marine fuel.

3 days ago Middle East & Africa / LNG
US LNG tanker loading at Sabine Pass.

LNG trade takes a hit as Gulf tensions rise

LNG suppliers are taking a cautious approach to exports via chokepoints in the Middle East, but further escalation in geopolitical tensions could significantly hit trade.

10 January 2020 Middle East & Africa / LNG
Nigeria LNG

Nigeria LNG expansion – an FID with caution

An FID on the NLNG expansion project marks a key milestone in Nigeria’s ambition to boost LNG exports, but market-related and financing hurdles remain.

6 January 2020 Middle East & Africa / LNG
LNG tanker

Latin America’s LNG demand poised for an uplift

A changing political landscape and the increasing popularity of small-scale technology will drive LNG demand growth in Latin America and the Caribbean over the coming years.

20 December 2019 Americas / Supply & Demand
A Qatargas tanker docked at an LNG terminal in China

Qatar embarks on aggressive LNG strategy

The country’s decision to further expand its liquefaction capacity is a clear signal to competitors that it will vigorously defend its share of the LNG market.

29 November 2019 Middle East & Africa / LNG
Bonny Island LNG, Nigeria

Nigeria LNG expansion – a race against time

An unfavourable commercial environment and adverse market dynamics present significant hurdles to the Nigeria LNG expansion project despite the developers closing in on FID.

21 November 2019 Middle East & Africa / LNG
The Golar Arctic FSU in Jamaica 2016

Small users prop up Latin America’s LNG demand

Imported LNG will make further inroads in Latin America and the Caribbean as the region’s small buyers diversify their power mixes away from hydro, oil and oil products.

23 October 2019 Americas / LNG
The Meridian Spirit loading a cargo at Sabine Pass LNG

US mulls new LNG paradigms amid oversupply

An influx of US LNG export projects is adding to the global supply glut, but this will also prompt project developers to establish efficient market-management tools.

18 October 2019 Americas / LNG
The Meridian Spirit loading a cargo at Sabine Pass LNG

Price disparity a concern for US LNG

US LNG could become more expensive as upstream gas producers seek to boost their profit margins.

24 September 2019 Americas / LNG
Petrobras HQ

Brazil’s gas sector faces regulatory turmoil

Changes to Brazil’s regulatory framework have the potential to benefit the country’s gas sector in the medium-to-long term provided they are not reversed by future administrations.

20 September 2019 Americas / Policy & Regulation
Photo showing damaged Saudi oil infrastructure

Saudi drone attacks deliver oil supply shock

The position of Saudi Arabia as a reliable supplier is at stake as the kingdom’s oil and gas infrastructure becomes more vulnerable to sabotage.

16 September 2019 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production
The LNG plant at Idku in Egypt

Egypt explores options for boosting LNG exports

Egypt’s LNG exports are rising sharply, but the country is still some way from realising its aim of becoming a regional gas hub.

20 August 2019 Middle East & Africa / LNG
Oman LNG plant at Qalhat

Oman weighs bunkering, GTL as gas output soars

Oman needs to expedite the development of its LNG bunkering and GTL facilities as its power and fertiliser sectors will struggle to absorb the additional gas from its proposed upstream projects.

19 August 2019 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production
The Atwood Advantage drillship in Israel's Leviathan field

Israel’s FLNG is a long-term prospect

The fate of Israel’s proposed LNG supplies will depend on the country boosting pipeline exports.

16 August 2019 Middle East & Africa / Supply & Demand
Argentina's Bahia Blanca FSRU.

Imported gas being priced out of Argentine market

Argentina has accelerated its efforts to minimise purchases of LNG and pipeline gas as the imports are costing the government dear.

26 July 2019 Americas / Supply & Demand
Qatargas LNG vessel

Gulf LNG trade hinging on geopolitics

LNG trading in the Gulf is at stake as geopolitical tensions ratchet up near the Strait of Hormuz.

24 July 2019 Middle East & Africa / Supply & Demand
Methanol plant, Trinidad

Trinidad treads fine line between LNG and petchems

The risk of Trinidad shutting down part of its liquefaction capacity looms large as feedstock gas supplies remain constrained and competition from the petrochemical sector is ratcheting up.

22 July 2019 Americas / Exploration & Production
Argentine electricity workers fixing a generator in Buenos Aires during the blackout.

Argentina’s power sector lurches from crisis to crisis

Argentina will need significant investment in its electricity infrastructure to avoid a repeat of the blackout that hit the country in June.

3 July 2019 Americas / Supply & Demand
Gas arrives in Kingston aboard the Golar Arctic

Gas forges ahead in Jamaica’s energy mix

The growing popularity of gas in Jamaica is setting an example of how small-scale LNG technology can benefit countries with modest demand.

2 July 2019 Americas / Supply & Demand
Well drilling in Algeria. (Gazprom)

Algeria’s gas production faces colossal challenges

Upstream gas projects in Algeria will see further delays if the country fails to boost the competitiveness of its LNG and pipeline gas in the global market.

24 June 2019 Middle East & Africa / Exploration & Production

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