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Andreas Walstad has a wide knowledge of the European energy industry. As the London Bureau Chief at Montel he wrote and edited market commentaries and analytical features across the commodity sector, including gas, oil, coal, power and the carbon markets. This added to the experience he gained covering the European energy markets as an Associate Editor at Platts. Andreas specialises in the UK and northwest European gas markets.

EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson

Brussels plots green pathway for 2020

The European Commission has provided some more details on its climate and energy agenda for this year.

2 days ago Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Photo of a coal powr plant near Frankfurt, Germany

Germany's lignite exit strategy sends mixed signals

Germany’s phase-out plan for lignite is not radically ambitious, but it confirms the country’s energy transition towards more renewables and perhaps more gas.

3 days ago Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Photo of European Parliament meeting on PCIs list

Gas projects pass hurdle for more EU funding

Efforts by some MEPs to block the next list of Projects of Common Interest because of the inclusion of gas projects were rejected in a key vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

4 days ago Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Germany’s lignite phase-out in figures

Germany plans to take around 8.5 GW of lignite power plants offline by 2030, according to a timeline published last week.

6 days ago Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Datteln 4 coal power plant

Germany’s lignite phase-out begins to take shape

Germany has provided more clarity on the phase-out of its lignite power plants by unveiling a timetable for decommissioning, but the level of ambition is falling short of expectations.

17 January 2020 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

German spark spreads improve year on year

Profit margins for German gas-fired power plants improved in 2019 compared with the previous year, while margins for coal-fired plants declined.

13 January 2020 Europe & Russia / Alternative Fuels

EU gas consumption rises on fuel switching

Fuel switching from coal to gas continued to drive gas consumption across Europe in the third quarter of 2019, a recent report from the European Commission confirms.

10 January 2020 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addresses the European Parliament.

EU enters key year for ambitious climate policy

The EU institutions pressed through a number of law changes to energy and climate policies in 2019, but plenty of work remains to accelerate the bloc’s climate ambitions.

9 January 2020 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

UK LNG imports continue to rise in October

Volumes continued their upward trajectory in October 2019, with most cargoes coming from Qatar, government data shows.

8 January 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG

Gas plants secure payments in Irish auctions

Gas-fired power plants were broadly successful in Ireland’s recent capacity auctions, with 4.6 GW securing payments for 2021-2022 and 4.7 GW for 2020-2021.

19 December 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Norwegian gas production declines in 2019

Output looks set to fall by around 15% in the second half of the year, partly as a result of lower prices at European hubs cutting incentives for exports.

17 December 2019 Europe & Russia / Exploration & Production
EC President Ursula von der Leyen

EU climate roadmap signals boost for renewables and gas

The European Commission's plans to revamp its climate policy framework look set to boost renewables and perhaps allow gas to defend its market share over the next decade.

11 December 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

UK LNG imports see sharp rise in September

Volumes entering the country increased significantly in September after falling to record lows in August, recent UK data shows.

6 December 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Staudinger coal power plant near Frankfurt

EU BREF regulation adds to grim outlook for coal

Tougher EU regulations on airborne emissions will exacerbate the impact of higher CO2 prices and may lead to more closures of coal-fired power plants across Europe.

5 December 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

German coal and gas plants see lower profits in November

Profit margins for coal- and gas-fired power generators in Germany came under pressure in November amid declining month-ahead power prices.

5 December 2019 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

North African pipeline flows to Europe broadly stable in Week 48

Volumes along the four connections linking North Africa to Spain and Italy saw little change last week compared with the previous week.

3 December 2019 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Coal shipments to Europe’s power plants decline

Deliveries of lignite and hard coal to power plants across Europe fell in H1 2019 compared with H1 2018 as renewables and gas displaced coal in the power mix.

29 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Alternative Fuels
A gas-metering station on the Russian-Ukrainian border

Latest twist offers hope in Russia-Ukraine talks

Recent signals from Kiev offer a glimmer of hope that Russia and Ukraine might find a compromise for gas transits through the Ukrainian route this winter.

28 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Pipelines, Storage & Power
Meeting on Russian gas transit via Ukraine.

EU solidarity law may be tested if Ukraine-Russia transit talks falter

The EU’s revised solidarity law for gas may be put to the test for the first time this winter if there is no breakthrough in the negotiations and supplies to Europe are disrupted.

20 November 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Gas leads energy demand growth in 2018

More than 45% of the growth in the world's energy demand was met by gas in 2018, the International Energy Agency noted in its latest World Energy Outlook, released on Wednesday.

13 November 2019 World / Supply & Demand

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