Andreas Walstad

Acting managing editor

Andreas Walstad has a wide knowledge of the European energy industry. As the London Bureau Chief at Montel he wrote and edited market commentaries and analytical features across the commodity sector, including gas, oil, coal, power and the carbon markets. This added to the experience he gained covering the European energy markets as an Associate Editor at Platts. Andreas specialises in the UK and northwest European gas markets.

EU gas demand shows signs of recovery

Gas demand across the 28 EU member states recovered in the first half of 2019 after a year-on-year decline in 2018.

16 hours ago Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand
EC VP for energy union Maros Sefcovic with Ukraine energy minister Oleksiy Orzhel

Europe’s gas importers brace for winter of uncertainty

Europe has plenty of gas in storage, but a cold spell coupled with disruptions to Russian supplies transiting Ukraine could lead to winter shortages, particularly in southeastern Europe.

Yesterday Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

Russia tightens grip on Europe’s coal market

Lower shipping rates and a relatively weak ruble allowed Russia to strengthen its position as Europe’s main coal supplier in Q2.

6 days ago Europe & Russia / Alternative Fuels
RWE trading floor in Germany

Europe’s gas markets continue steps towards maturity

Gas markets in Europe are becoming more competitive and resilient to supply shocks, but the vast regional differences will not be easily ironed out.

10 October 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
A cooling tower at the EDF power station in West Burton in the UK

EU carbon prices see sell-off on economic woes

EU carbon allowances have traded lower recently, with fears over a global recession and a hard Brexit weighing on prices.

7 October 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Gas gains EU power market share in Q2

Lower prices for gas versus coal and higher prices for EU carbon allowances helped gas gain market share in the European power mix over the second quarter of this year.

7 October 2019 Europe & Russia / Pipelines, Storage & Power
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar (left) with the French president in Paris. (PA)

Ireland-France power link brings both risks and rewards

The Celtic Interconnector may reduce Ireland’s reliance on gas-fired power, but it will expose the Irish market to periods of supply shortages on the continent.

3 October 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Eemshaven coal power station in the Netherlands

RWE carbon pledge confirms power shake-up

The announcement that the company wants to be climate-neutral in 20 years may be dismissed as a gimmick by some, but it signals Europe’s energy transition is well under way.

3 October 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
The Hinkley C nuclear power plant

Nuclear worries boost UK outlook for gas-to-power

The challenges facing the UK’s nuclear industry mean gas looks well-placed to defend or increase its market share and play a back-up role for renewables over the next decade.

27 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Alternative Fuels

Russian LNG challenges Qatar’s UK dominance in July

Qatar supplied 87% of the LNG that entered the UK in Q2, but competition from Russia ramped up in July.

26 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Greek coal shutdown requires radical rethink

Greece’s plan to phase out coal-fired power by 2028 will require major changes to the country’s generation mix, ostensibly with more reliance on renewables and gas.

25 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
The Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farms

UK auction signals future boost to offshore wind

With the roll-out of offshore wind projects in the UK beating expectations, gas may face a challenge to its profitability in the long run.

23 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
European Commission vice-president for energy union Maros Sefcovic

Major issues still unresolved in Russia-Ukraine transit talks

Despite some progress this week, a lot of work remains to be done if Russia and Ukraine are to agree on a new transit deal before the end of December.

20 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Netherlands ups imports from Russia and Norway in 2018

The Netherlands increased imports of piped gas from Russia and Norway as production fell at the Groningen field.

19 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Exploration & Production

North African pipeline exports to Italy rise

North African piped gas exports to Europe rose by 5% last week, driven by an increase in flows to Italy.

17 September 2019 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Ukraine’s storage levels up 25% year on year

Ukraine’s storage levels are around 25% higher than at this time last year, reflecting uncertainties over Russian supplies to Europe.

13 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

North African pipeline exports to Europe down 37% year on year

Exports via the pipelines linking Europe with North Africa dropped on a weekly and annual basis last week.

11 September 2019 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power
The OPAL pipeline.

ECJ ruling on OPAL is welcome news for Kiev

The European Commission’s decision to allow Gazprom to export more gas on the pipeline has been overruled, giving Ukraine more bargaining power in transit negotiations with Russia.

10 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
German energy traders

Engie becomes latest target in market abuse clampdown

The trading arm of the French energy firm has become the latest to be fined over alleged gas market manipulation as European regulators step up their efforts to combat price rigging.

5 September 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Africa-Europe pipeline flows up in Week 35

Exports of piped gas from North Africa to Spain and Italy rose on a weekly basis last week but remain far below the levels recorded this time last year.

3 September 2019 Middle East & Africa / Pipelines, Storage & Power

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