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Colin Shek directs editorial coverage of China's natural gas sector as the China news editor, and is also the Shanghai bureau chief for Interfax news agency. He joined the bureau in late 2010 and has reported on several industries in China including technology, telecommunications, media and agriculture. In the UK, he was a corporate finance journalist for a business-to-business magazine in Birmingham.

Offshore platform in China.

CNOOC to accelerate production growth

The Chinese company is planning to spend around $13 billion on upstream activity in 2020 in a bid to boost oil and gas production.

4 days ago Asia Pacific / Companies & Finance
PetroChina drilling pads.

China opens up energy market to spur greater production

China’s announcement that it will open up exploration and production to foreign players should boost production from its upstream sector, but only in the longer term.

5 days ago Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production
Shenzhen Gas Group's LNG terminal in Shenzhen.

Subdued Asian LNG prices eye potential rebound in H2

A recovery in Asian spot LNG prices could be on the cards in the second half of this year as the physical market tightens partly as a result of improved demand and limited incremental supplies.

8 January 2020 Asia Pacific / LNG
Coal power plant in China

China’s coal revival poses challenge for gas

The ongoing trade spat with the US appears to have given the role of coal in China’s power sector renewed momentum as the government prioritises economic growth and energy security.

6 January 2020 Asia Pacific / Alternative Fuels
Wang Shouwen

US-China trade truce offers little to LNG exporters for now

LNG does not appear to have been included upfront in the ‘phase one’ trade accord between the US and China, meaning there will be no immediate respite for American exporters and project developers.

16 December 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
A gas well in China.

Sinopec sets out long-term gas ambitions in home market

China’s second-largest gas producer plans to take a larger share of its domestic market, buoyed by increasing production and favourable regulatory changes.

12 December 2019 Asia Pacific / Companies & Finance
Fracking Sichuan province

Chinese shale gas poised to spring output surprise in 2020

Strong production growth this year means the country's shale gas output next year could come closer to the government's official target than many had expected.

9 December 2019 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production
The Zhoushan LNG terminal in China.

Chinese LNG demand growth no longer a safe bet

The outlook for China’s LNG imports has changed dramatically over the past year, and continued growth is not a foregone conclusion.

4 December 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller talks to Russian President Vladimir Putin via teleconference on the startup of the Power of Siberia pipeline. (Kremlin.ru)

China embraces new era of Russian piped gas imports

Startup of gas flows along the Power of Siberia pipeline will provide China with greater supply diversity and may put downward pressure on LNG imports.

2 December 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
An LNG terminal in South Korea.

South Korea coal shutdown offers winter LNG demand boost

The suspension of up to 15 of the country’s coal power plants will create an opening for gas-fired generation.

28 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
Pipelaying for Power of Siberia.

China’s LNG imports down for first time in three years

Volumes fell to 4 mt in October after an outage at an eastern terminal limited flows, but the failure of other sources to pick up the slack suggests the market is oversupplied.

25 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
The Putian LNG terminal in China.

Converging factors to slow China’s LNG demand growth this winter

Insufficient regasification capacity, coupled with stronger domestic production and imports from Russia, will restrain the rise in China’s LNG imports over the cold season.

22 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
A rally for Taiwan's DPP.

Taiwan’s rising gas demand to be met by LNG

Uninspiring upstream prospects mean Taiwan has little choice but to boost LNG imports to compensate for a reduction in coal-fired and nuclear power generation

18 November 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
Golden Pass LNG.

Some Asian buyers cautious on shift to LNG spot contracts

Oil-indexed long-term contracts remain preferable to spot deals for some buyers as they seek to safeguard security of supply.

14 November 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
The Power of Siberia pipeline.

China’s NOCs brace for domestic gas market oversupply in 2020

The country's gas demand growth next year could slip below 10% for the first time since 2016, affecting the outlook for Chinese LNG imports.

11 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand
CNOOC's Tianjin LNG terminal.

Foreign interest in Chinese terminals picks up with GTT MOU

An agreement between the LNG storage engineering subsidiary of France’s Engie and Beijing Gas could sow the seeds of a deeper commercial partnership in the future.

7 November 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
A shale gas liquefaction plant in China.

China’s NOCs pin domestic upstream growth on spending boom

Greater expenditure by the country’s three largest NOCs looks set to underpin increasing domestic production as Beijing prioritises energy security.

5 November 2019 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production
An LNG plant in China.

China’s Hanas seeks import independence with Putian LNG project

The independent energy group from western China is joining the growing crowd of non-NOC companies developing their own regasification facilities in the country.

31 October 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
A coal power plant in China.

Coal and renewables threaten to undermine gas-to-power in China

China’s refitted fleet of fuel-efficient and less-polluting coal plants and increased state spending on renewables blur the outlook for the country’s gas-to-power sector.

30 October 2019 Asia Pacific / Pipelines, Storage & Power
A platform in the South China Sea.

CNOOC’s capex hike unleashes domestic gas output growth

The company’s latest update on its production and sales of oil and gas shows it is working flat out to boost domestic output.

25 October 2019 Asia Pacific / Companies & Finance

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