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Asian LNG trade flows: A snapshot

A snapshot of LNG trade flows in Asia and an assessment the progress of the region’s export projects.

Asia’s LNG trade flows are in a state of flux caused by a large amount of new export capacity hitting the market at a time when demand for the fuel is stagnating. What will happen to all this supply and where new sources of demand will open up are two of the key questions facing the industry.

Interfax Global Energy’s new special report, Asian LNG Trade Flows: A Snapshot, provides an insight into the changing trade patterns and key market developments in the region. Our experienced energy journalists and expert analysts look at how many of the established industry conventions are being broken down. The report examines how buyers are exerting their power in an oversupplied market to renegotiate contracts and encourage the adoption of new pricing. It analyses the impact that declining demand in key markets will have on trade flows and looks at from where new sources of demand may emerge.

Table of contents

  • Asian LNG trade flows 2014/2015
  • Race to create Asia hub hots up
    Three locations are looking to capitalise on the advantages afforded by a buyers' market to establish an Asian LNG hub price.
  • Where is demand coming from?
    Rapid growth in Asia's gas consumption looks to be easing, as boosted supplies and waning demand cast doubt on the region's ability to absord new volumes.
  • Small-scale LNG drives demand in South Asia
    LNG bunkering and distributed power generation could support the development of a small-scale LNG market in Southeast Asia.
  • Contract renegotiation is in the air
    The global LNG market is going through structural changes that will lead to a paradigm shift in Asia's LNG trade.
  • The future of LNG in Northeast Asia
    LNG imports by Japan and South Korea has seen Northeast Asia's prominence in the global market soar. But with demand in these countries starting to ease, their roles are set to change.
  • Asian LNG export capacity

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