Contractors' margins have been squeezed since oil prices fell. (SCP Oilfield Services) Companies & Finance

Industry must evolve to avoid supply gap – Burke

Caution following the drop in oil prices is set to leave a worrying gap in oil and gas supplies, warns Ray Burke, global product leader at GE.

By Silvia Favasuli 18 July 2017
Pavol Hamžík. (Ukrainian foreign ministry) Pipelines, Storage & Power

Slovakia supporting Ukraine despite risks – Hamžík

Slovakia’s ambassador-at-large for energy security explains his country’s reverse-flow support for Ukraine.

17 July 2017
Sharjah is hoping to boost exploration. (Flickr/IrenicRhonda) Exploration & Production

Sharjah prepares to attempt exploration boost

Sharjah is hoping to boost exploration in the emirate with the publication of a seismic survey, says Chief Executive Hatem al-Mosa.

14 July 2017
A tanker docked at Singapore LNG. (Shell) LNG

Singapore making strides in bunkering – SLNG CEO

The chief executive of Singapore LNG talks about the company’s plans to create an LNG trading hub.

29 June 2017
Dieter Helm believes the long term future  of gas is in doubt. (Dieter Helm) Global Markets

Gas may not survive beyond 2030 – Helm

Gas has a medium-term future but will be outpaced by renewables in the long term, argues Dieter Helm in his new book.

27 June 2017
BTL Group has completed a successful trial with BP and other companies. (BP plc) Companies & Finance

Scale-up planned for blockchain gas trading

BTL Group is working to scale up a blockchain project that will simplify gas trading and make it safer, according to the company’s chief innovation officer.

20 June 2017
Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farm. Renewables and storage are becoming competitive with gas. (Centrica) Policy & Regulation

Time is running out for low-carbon switch

A lack of clarity in how oil and gas companies plan to adapt to a low-carbon economy is presenting a major risk for investors.

7 June 2017
A seismic survey ship at work. Zohr has changed conceptions about the Mediterranean Sea. (Woodside) Exploration & Production

Zohr is just the beginning – Spectrum Geo

Zohr has changed ideas about the geology of the Mediterranean Sea, revealing a shallow-water environment that offers hopes of new gas discoveries, Spectrum Geo’s Karyna Rodriguez says.

31 May 2017
Gilberto Dialuce (centre) from Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development. (Ministry of Economic Development) LNG

Italy aiming to be Med hub for LNG bunkering

Italy is planning a network of LNG coastal storage sites to tap maritime traffic transiting the Mediterranean, the economy ministry’s Gilberto Dialuce tells Interfax Natural Gas Daily.

22 May 2017
Jaroslav Neverovic (centre) at an ITRE committee meeting. (European Parliament) Supply & Demand

Poland-Lithuania energy talks rise above politics

Energy relations between Poland and Lithuania should not be marred by political disputes, a former Lithuanian energy minister says.

17 May 2017
Gasunie subsidiaries are about to launch a 1 MW power-to-gas pilot project. (Gasunie) Exploration & Production

Gasunie attempts to scale up power-to-gas tech

Two Gasunie subsidiaries are developing a 1 MW power-to-gas pilot project in the middle of the Netherlands' high-voltage power grid.

5 May 2017
Czech pipeline infrastructure. The country has a favourable stance towards the Nord Stream 2 expansion. (Net4gas) Global Markets

Czech NS2 support ‘tough luck’ for Poland – Bartuška

Poland and the Czech Republic are struggling to agree over further connecting their gas networks. The Czech ambassador for energy security explains why.

2 May 2017
A Repsol offshore exploration rig. Repsol will be doing seismic for Guyana. (Repsol) Exploration & Production

Guyana follows the Nordic blueprint

Guyana needs a plan for its huge offshore discoveries. The country’s petroleum adviser, Jan Mangal, is championing Norway as a role model.

27 April 2017
The use of blockchain technology could enable neighbours to trade electricity from solar panels. (PA) Global Markets

Blockchain tech holds potential for energy sector

Using a ‘distributed ledger’ could help the energy sector increase efficiency, deal with clients and track every part of the production chain.

7 April 2017
A hydrogen-powered vehicle. The new process produces hydrogen pure enough to use directly in a hydrogen fuel cell. (Toyota) Alternative Fuels

Researchers see the light on hydrogen fuel

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a new technology to produce pure hydrogen fuel from biomass using sunlight instead of heat. Interfax Natural Gas Daily finds out more.

27 March 2017
Igor Yusufov with Former Vice President Dick Cheney after the first US-Russia energy summit in 2002. (Igor Yusufov) Global Markets

Russia and US need third energy summit – Yusufov

Former Russian energy minister Igor Yusufov believes a third Russian-American energy summit is key to furthering bilateral energy ties.

9 March 2017
The economic committee of the House of Lords criticised the UK government for excessive intervention in the energy market. (UK House of Lords, Flickr) Policy & Regulation

UK needs competitive energy market – Lord Hollick

The economic committee of the House of Lords criticised the UK government for excessive intervention in the energy market, and has asked for free auctions.

24 February 2017
Eustream’s Mirek Topolánek. (Mirek Topolánek) Pipelines, Storage & Power

Eastring’s goal is not to serve one supplier – Topolánek

Eustream board member Mirek Topolánek discusses the opportunities and challenges of the proposed Eastring pipeline.

22 February 2017
An Italian gas processing plant. Newcomer Saffron Energy sees great potential in the country. (Eni) Companies & Finance

Saffron Energy sees easy access to Italian market

Saffron Energy is a new company created to develop three gas fields in northern Italy. Its CEO explains the advantages of producing in the country.

21 February 2017
Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak (Russian Ministry of Energy) Supply & Demand

Russian energy minster talks plans and negotiations

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak tells Interfax about the current state of his country’s gas market and the plans for its future.

20 February 2017
An FPSO in Brazil’s pre-salt basin. Volumes of gas produced are increasing, but CO2 is a problem. (Petrobras) Exploration & Production

Brazil’s pre-salt gas blighted by high CO2 content

Brazil is pumping huge volumes of pre-salt gas, but it contains too much carbon dioxide. Julio Meneghini is working to solve the problem.

10 February 2017

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