British and EU flags adjacent to each other

Brexit & the Energy Union: Are we prepared?

The UK's future relationship with the European Union will be a decisive factor for the development of the single energy market.

Woodside's Pluto LNG plant, Australia

Asian LNG trade flows: A snapshot

A snapshot of LNG trade flows in Asia and an assessment the progress of the region’s export projects.

Electricity pylons

Africa's gas-to-power challenge: New approaches to financing

How governments finance new gas-fired power capacity and mobilise the private sector funding needed to meet Africa’s energy challenge.

Ob River LNG tanker

Final destination: Mapping the future of LNG trade flows

Highlighting the extent to which trade flows are set to change. Forecasts to 2020 are presented alongside 2014 flows.

Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Will Brazil blow its gas bonanza? Expert views plus regional analysis

Over 30 expert interviews, guest articles and features exploring the natural gas and LNG industry in Brazil and the Southern Cone region.

Port of Pemba, Mozambique

Rumble in Rovuma: Mozambique takes on the LNG heavyweights

Exploring the development of Mozambique LNG and how this potentially game-changing project could affect the global LNG industry.

Tanker loading LNG at Sakhalin 2 terminal

Be careful what you wish for: The LNG market in 2015

Independent estimates of LNG project startup dates and a look at how the market is likely to develop over the next five years.

Gas pipeline snaking through winter wonderland

Keeping out the cold: Europe's winter gas supply security

A look at the global LNG supply situation in addition to projections for when new sources could reach the terminals of Europe.

LNG tanker approaching Panigaglia terminal, Italy

Terminal velocity: The race for regas

How global LNG regasification capacity is set to develop over the course of this decade and what this will do to change the supply/demand balance in the global LNG market.