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Brexit & the Energy Union: Are we prepared?

The UK's future relationship with the European Union will be a decisive factor for the development of the single energy market.

Report summary

Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50 on 29 March, paving the way for the Brexit negotiations to begin. The energy industry is holding its breath, knowing much is at stake for future energy and climate policy.

Interfax Global Energy hosted a breakfast briefing discussing the topic of Brexit and its implications for the Energy Union.

Top speakers from the industry, government, advisory firms and the media addressed issues such as the impact of Brexit on the European single energy market; relations with third countries; energy prices and hub trading; and the Emissions Trading System; as well as issues relating to state aid rules; the security of supply implications; the Ireland dilemma and more.

Interfax Global Energy’s new special report, Brexit and the Energy Union: Are we prepared?, provides an insight into the key questions that will arise from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

Table of contents

  • Energy sector starts countdown to Brexit
  • Brexit scenarios and their effects
  • Brexit may soften UK's commitment to MiFID 2
  • Brexit may be a boost to UK LNG terminals
  • 'Hard' Brexit ups chances of UK quitting EU ETS
  • UK may have to boost storage for hard Brexit
  • Winners and losers in Irish infrastructure
  • UK gas and power faces Brexit uncertainties

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