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North American Gas Forum

2-4 October 2016 Washington DC, USA

Energy Dialogues LLC is pleased to announce that the North American Gas Forum returns to Washington DC this October 2-4.

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23rd World Energy Congress 2016

9-13 October 2016 Istanbul, Turkey

The World Energy Congress is the most inclusive gathering of the world’s energy leaders. Taking in place in Istanbul between 9th and 13th October the elite of the industry will gather to discuss how we can transition to a low carbon economy and meet the obligations set out at COP21

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Gas to Liquids

12-13 October 2016 London, United Kingdom

The volatile oil price has had a dramatic impact on the Gas to Liquids market and some large-scale projects’ operators have struggled to adapt to this unsteady landscape. Over the last 12 months, we have witnessed a few promising projects to halt or even shut down altogether.

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3rd LNG Supply, Storage & Transportation Philippines Forum 2016

12-14 October 2016 Manila, Philippines

For the Philippines, the prospects for LNG remain bullish. The importation of LNG is the quickest way to meet increasing domestic demand. As power utilities are increasingly turning to natural gas to replace coal - coupled with increasing demand from industries - LNG’s role in the Philippines’ energy mix will only get bigger.

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LNG燃料市场潜力巨大 / The 4th Topco LNG Fuel and Bunkering Conference & Exhibition

19-20 October 2016 Shanghai, China


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7th annual Unconventional Gas Convention (UGAS)

24-25 October 2016 Beijing. China

I am pleased to invite you to the 7th annual Unconventional Gas Convention (UGAS), on Oct.24-25, Beijing, China, which is China No.1 conference & exhibition to update the latest shale gas information & provide excellent opportunity for close networking.

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Infrastructure Gas Projects Mozambique 2016

24-24 October 2016 Maputo, Mozambique

Infrastructure Gas Projects Mozambique 2016 is brought to you by the organiser’s of Rovuma Basin Market Briefing, in partnership with (CTA) Confederação das Associações Económicas de Moçambique.

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23rd Africa Oil Week

31 October 2016 - 4 November 2016 Cape Town, South Africa

As numerous top-level executives in the global industry have oft-noted, the Africa Oil Week/Africa Upstream Conference stands apart from all other events as the leading meeting in or on Africa, and sits at the top of the global oil-gas calendar, allowing delegates unrivalled opportunities.

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European Gas Transmission Conference

3-4 November 2016 Berlin, Germany

The European Gas Transmission Conference is designed to cover a wide range of topics related to gas transmission and distribution, focusing on security of energy supply in Europe, cross-border cooperation for the realization of key gas transmission projects and the vital role of natural gas storage.

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The Energy Summit 2016

10 November 2016 London, United Kingdom

Global energy markets are now at an inflection point and the coming period will be characterised by a rapid decline in the carbon intensity of the global economy and faster growth in the deployment of renewables, fuelled by the Paris agreement in late 2015. Although oil prices remain low, the shift towards lower-carbon energy sources will prove far longer-lasting, creating profound implications for the energy industry and challenging the future of energy companies.

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Project Financing in Oil & Gas

21-22 November 2016 London, United Kingdom

SMi is delighted to announce the return of their 3rd annual Project Financing in Oil and Gas conference. This meeting will offer all parties involved in financing oil and gas projects the perfect platform to dissect key challenges and latest developments in the industry.

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International Gas Summit

28-29 November 2016 Nice, France

The International Gas Summit is a platform for Gas professionals from all over the world to gather in one place, and to discuss new projects, the latest industry trends and innovations, as well as to share their experiences and to network.

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2nd International LNG Congress

28-29 November 2016 Hamburg, Germany

We are glad to welcome you to the 2nd International LNG Congress. The event will be held in the format of closed-door environment and will unite 150+ leaders of major gas companies, manufacturers, distributors, EPC contractors, end-users and governmental bodies.

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2nd Middle East LPG Summit 2016

7-8 December 2016 Tehran, Iran

As the largest exporter of LPG in the world, the Middle East’s domestic consumption of LPG is often overlooked. With burgeoning demand however, its downstream markets is just as active as its upstream and the Middle East LPG Summit will be the one opportunity to delve into the downstream environment in the Middle East, promote safe practices and build a sustainable marketplace.

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European Gas Conference 2017

24-26 January 2017 Vienna, Austria

In recent years the gas market has undergone tremendous shifts with the emergence of new supply sources, the comeback of coal in the power sector, the decline of domestic production and the severe fall in oil and gas prices. However, one fact remains certain: gas is and will remain a central pillar of the European energy mix.

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Floating LNG

13-14 February 2017 London, United Kingdom

Despite challenging market conditions, global capital expenditure (Capex) on FLNG facilities is forecast to increase significantly over the 2016-2022 period. The protracted oil price downturn has impacted the sanctioning of capital intensive liquefaction units over the last 24 months. However, the need to move towards cleaner sources of energy and diversify gas supply has stimulated the floating regasification market - over 14 countries are expected to commission their first floating import unit over the forecast period.

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The 25th Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference (MPGC 2017)

30 April - 2 May 2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Iconic annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference (MPGC) , is the region’s longest running oil and gas conference for the global oil markets is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) as hosts.

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22nd World Petroleum Congress

9-13 July 2017 Istanbul, Turkey

The triennial World Petroleum Congress is widely known as the "Olympics" of the petroleum industry and covers all aspects of the industry from technological advances in upstream and downstream operations to the role of natural gas and renewables, management of the industry and its social, economic and environmental impact. In addition, outside stakeholders such as governments, other industry sectors, NGOs and international institutions have also joined in the dialogue.

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