Alternative Fuels

Biomass domes at Drax Power Station

UK marks world’s first with Drax BECCS facility

The Drax power plant in North Yorkshire has started a pilot programme to capture carbon from bioenergy – a first for the UK and the world.

5 March 2019 Markets & Forecasts / Europe & Russia
Nuclear power plant, Germany

Is nuclear falling out of favour?

Nuclear can provide a secure power supply in a low-carbon world, but it faces challenges that need public support and strong policies to overcome.

5 March 2019 Markets & Forecasts / World
A US coal plant

EIA report suggests US is moving to lower-carbon power mix

Coal is losing ground in US electricity generation while gas and renewables are gaining, according to new data.

5 March 2019 Policy & Regulation / Americas
The Staudinger black coal power plant in Grosskrotzenburg, Germany

Gas boosts European power role despite coal price decline

Gas has improved its position in Europe’s power mix, particularly for the coming quarter, despite a slump in coal prices.

27 February 2019 Markets & Forecasts / Europe & Russia
Lippendorf coal-fired power plant

Germany – path for gas still not clear

With coal set to follow nuclear in being phased out from Germany’s electricity mix, gas will make gains. However, questions of timing and scale remain.

25 February 2019 Markets & Forecasts / Europe & Russia

BP forecasts stronger LNG trading and greater role for gas

BP has released its Energy Outlook 2019, revising its forecasts from last year’s outlook for 2040 to include more LNG trading and faster growth in gas consumption.

15 February 2019 Project Insights / World
Wind farm

Renewables and gas to dominate US power sector

The US is set to see a big change in the fuels it consumes to generate power, with gas and renewables making gains at the expense of coal and nuclear, the EIA says.

5 February 2019 Markets & Forecasts / Americas
Egypt’s 1.8 GW Benban Solar Park

Egypt’s ambitious renewables plans move forward

Egyptian solar power capacity is increasing, and substantial growth is planned in the long term.

4 February 2019 Markets & Forecasts / Middle East & Africa

Japan’s LNG imports decline by 1% in 2018

Volumes fell only slightly as demand resulting from extreme weather and natural disasters offset the effect of nuclear restarts.

31 January 2019 Policy & Regulation / Asia Pacific
A coal-fired power plant in Germany

Germany’s goodbye to coal leaves room for gas

A proposal to phase out Germany’s coal-fired power plants seems like an opportunity for gas to gain market share, but many questions remain over the timeframe.

31 January 2019 Policy & Regulation / Europe & Russia
Shale gas drilling in the Marcellus formation

Shale growth will transform US gas flows

Flows are set to change dramatically in response to continued growth in shale gas production, the EIA says.

31 January 2019 Policy & Regulation / Americas
Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan – limits for gas growth

After years of steady increases, Taiwan’s gas demand growth is expected to face challenges. Capacity limitations and potential policy changes could hit the outlook for growth.

24 January 2019 Policy & Regulation / Asia Pacific
The Datang Fuxin CTG plant

Chinese SNG struggles with shaky fundamentals

China’s first coal-to-SNG projects have run up deep losses since they started coming online six years ago, which is likely to dim long-term prospects for the technology.

24 January 2019 Policy & Regulation / Asia Pacific
Woodside's Pluto LNG plant

Aussie LNG sector targets blue hydrogen potential

Australia could become a front-runner in producing and exporting hydrogen, especially if the country's Labor Party wins the next general election.

24 January 2019 Project Insights / Asia Pacific
BayWa's Don Rodrigo solar plant in Spain.

Subsidies in Europe may fall faster for renewables than for gas

While renewable power generators in Europe may operate without subsidies in the coming years, gas- and coal-fired generators may be reliant on capacity payments for longer.

11 January 2019 Policy & Regulation / Europe & Russia

Japan’s 2018 LNG imports set to match 2017 levels

Japan’s LNG imports fell year on year in November, but 2018 volumes are largely on track to match 2017’s total.

7 January 2019 Project Insights / Asia Pacific
Kozienice power plant in Poland. (Enea)

EU agrees coal subsidy phase-out, but loopholes remain

A new EU regulation designed to phase out national subsidies for coal-fired power plants may benefit the gas industry even if loopholes remain.

3 January 2019 Policy & Regulation / Europe & Russia

Indian companies adding floating solar panels to gas power plants

Indian companies plan to install floating solar power plants at their underutilised gas plants.

21 December 2018 Project Insights / Asia Pacific

North Korea working to convert coal to SNG

North Korea is converting its abundant coal supplies into SNG to help it withstand economics sanctions imposed by the UN.

18 December 2018 Project Insights / Asia Pacific

Coal demand to remain stable to 2023 – IEA

Global coal demand will remain stable until 2023, the IEA has said.

18 December 2018 Project Insights / World