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Nordic nations see modest increase in green gases

Production of renewable gases in Sweden and Denmark has ramped up in recent years, but the fuel still has a long way to go to fulfil its potential.

3 hours ago Alternative Fuels
The Datteln 4 coal power plant

Europe’s coal phase-out requires ETS rethink

The phase-out of coal power across Europe risks undesired consequences for gas and clean power unless action is taken to cancel a corresponding number of EU carbon allowances when plants retire.

4 days ago Policy & Regulation
Gas pipeline construction in Spain

Spanish utilities face revenue cuts

Spain’s competition regulator has proposed cuts to the fixed revenues for electricity and gas distributors. Major utilities fear these cuts could scare away investors.

4 days ago Policy & Regulation
A coal mine in Serbia

No end in sight for Western Balkan coal subsidies

Coal subsidies remain plentiful in the region and are blocking a faster switch to gas and renewables.

6 days ago Policy & Regulation
Revithoussa LNG terminal in Greece

Coal subsidies may slow Greek energy transition

Greece is trying to pressure Brussels into approving its national capacity market, which would keep coal in the country’s electricity mix for years to come.

4 July 2019 Policy & Regulation
The Altomonte CCGT facility in Italy.

Italy gets tough on coal-to-power subsidies

Italy’s revised capacity market will bar coal-fired power plants from auctions starting this year, while new or heavily refurbished gas-fired plants can bid for contracts with a duration of up to 15 years.

21 June 2019 Policy & Regulation

Gas may fill the gap as Europe’s coal and nuclear plants close

European gas-to-power production could receive a boost by the beginning of next decade from the closure of coal and nuclear power facilities.

20 June 2019 Policy & Regulation
Miguel Arias Canete, right, discussing energy in the EU

EU nations show little appetite for energy savings

The lack of progress being made towards energy savings targets is jeopardising the EU’s ambition to reduce both energy consumption and dependence on imported gas.

20 June 2019 Policy & Regulation
An offshore wind farm near Copenhagen.

Headwinds for EU renewables growth as subsidies fall

A recent report by the EU Court of Auditors – the guardian of the EU budget – has cast further doubts over the EU’s prospects for meeting its 2020 and 2030 renewable targets.

12 June 2019 Policy & Regulation
Decommissioning work at Germany's Biblis nuclear power plant.

EU power: from overcapacity to scarcity?

Europe has plenty of power generation capacity, but the phase-out of coal and nuclear plants could lead to electricity shortages by 2022.

7 June 2019 Policy & Regulation
Power lines in Lithuania

Lithuania state aid case casts doubt over power subsidies

The European Commission’s investigation into Lithuania’s strategic reserve may indicate that EU member states will find it harder to subsidise their power sectors in future.

3 June 2019 Policy & Regulation
The Baumgarten gas hub in Austria

Grid congestion persists on EU borders

Despite progress on market reforms, TSOs are still not offering enough capacity to meet demand on some European border points.

30 May 2019 Pipelines, Storage & Power
A Green EU flag in front of the Brandenburg Gate

Greens eye more influence over EU energy policy

Securing EU funding for gas infrastructure is getting harder, and the rise in popularity of the European Green Party will do little to reverse that.

23 May 2019 Policy & Regulation
A Naturgy gas-fired power plant

Spain continues clampdown on energy market abuse

The Spanish regulator has again fined energy companies for market rigging, this time invoking national legislation and levying fairly substantial fines.

21 May 2019 Policy & Regulation
Pipe-laying for the Nord Stream 2 project. (Gazprom)

EC presses on with overhaul of Energy Charter Treaty

The European Commission wants to push through changes to the Energy Charter Treaty, but it will need support from EU member states as well as non-EU countries to get its way.

17 May 2019 Policy & Regulation

France and Spain show strong appetite for US LNG

The two countries imported a total of 1.9 bcm of US gas as LNG in the first four months of 2019, according to preliminary data.

16 May 2019 LNG
A German wind farm

Obstacles to German onshore wind could aid gas

Slower growth in new onshore wind installations in Germany could mean gas will play a bigger role in the country’s energy transition than some had anticipated.

16 May 2019 Policy & Regulation
A German wind farm

Europe’s CO2 emissions drop in line with lower fossil fuel use

Europe’s emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels dropped last year as renewables and hydropower gained market share from coal and gas in some countries.

10 May 2019 Policy & Regulation
The Netherlands' Gate LNG terminal

Strong growth in Europe’s US LNG imports may not last

Exports of US LNG to Europe have been strong so far this year, but it remains doubtful that the trend will continue despite US vows to ease export restrictions.

3 May 2019 LNG
Spain's prime minister Padro Sanchez

Spanish energy transition retains political support

Spain looks set to carry on with its transition away from coal and nuclear regardless of whether Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez decides to form a coalition or govern alone.

2 May 2019 Policy & Regulation

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