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The Netherlands' Gate LNG terminal

EU nations see key role for gas amid growing imports

The 10-year energy plans submitted to the European Commission illustrate that many EU nations expect gas to play a key role in their energy mixes but that import dependence will grow.

16 hours ago Policy & Regulation
A public hearing of the European Parliament's energy committee on the revised gas directive.

Revised EU Gas Directive on track for adoption this spring

The revised directive looks likely to be adopted before the European elections in May, having been backed by a majority of MEPs in a committee vote on Monday.

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A coal-fired power station in Germany.

Regulatory uncertainty clouds outlook for RWE’s power plants

The German company’s conventional power plant fleet is facing a challenging regulatory environment, but improved profit margins for gas-fired plants could boost earnings in the future.

5 days ago Policy & Regulation
The Eemshaven coal power plant in the Netherlands.

Dutch climate policy worsens conditions for coal

The forced closure of the Hemweg coal-fired power plant in the Netherlands may be a signal coal will be phased out of the country’s electricity mix earlier than anticipated.

6 days ago Policy & Regulation
A compressor station at Mallnow.

Mallnow case shows EU gas market integration needs more time

Shippers may have to wait until August before they can book bundled capacity on the Mallnow interconnection point as market integration is being held back by a dispute over which platform to use.

12 March 2019 Policy & Regulation
TAP construction in Greece, September 2017

Candidates line up for EU’s fourth gas priority list

The race is on for gas projects that want to be included in the European Commission’s fourth list of Projects of Common Interest.

7 March 2019 Policy & Regulation
A euro coin and a dollar bill.

Brussels to challenge dollar as benchmark energy currency

The European Commission wants more energy contracts to be denominated in euros, but it will face an uphill struggle to challenge the benchmark status of the US dollar.

22 February 2019 Policy & Regulation
Exploration in the Black Sea, offshore Romania

Romania mulls changes to gas legislation

IOCs and the European Commission are pressuring the Romanian government to change legislation that is discouraging Black Sea developments.

21 February 2019 Policy & Regulation
HGV being refuelled with LNG at Pontadera, Italy

EU CO2 truck targets leave room for alternatives

The EU has agreed emissions targets that could help boost the number of trucks fuelled by gas and hydrogen, but concerns remain over costs and missing infrastructure.

21 February 2019 Policy & Regulation

Gas prices rising for European industrial consumers

Industrial consumers are again paying more for gas after years of falling prices, according to the European Commission.

20 February 2019 Policy & Regulation
EU and UK flags outside the Houses of Parliament,

EU carbon prices fall as Brexit looms

Prices for EU carbon allowances have traded lower recently, denting hopes that prices will rise to fuel-switching levels across Europe in the first half of the year.

15 February 2019 Policy & Regulation
The European Parliament in Strasbourg

Five takeaways from the revised EU Gas Directive

The EU’s revised Gas Directive is expected to be formally adopted this spring after breakthrough negotiations in Strasbourg on Wednesday. Here we examine some of the main takeaways from the latest draft.

14 February 2019 Policy & Regulation

Ukraine’s gas imports fall on storage use

Ukraine imported less gas in 2018 than it did in previous years as a result of better utilisation of storage facilities.

13 February 2019 Policy & Regulation
A train delivering pipeline for Nord Stream 2

EU takes giant leap towards revised Gas Directive

The EU is getting closer to an agreement on a revised gas directive after Germany secured key concessions for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline at a meeting in Brussels on Friday.

11 February 2019 Policy & Regulation
A cooling tower at a power station, West Burton, UK

Legal battle clouds future of UK power payments

The UK could be facing premature power plant closures unless the legal dispute over its subsidy scheme for generators is resolved.

7 February 2019 Policy & Regulation

Qatar strengthens position as Europe’s main LNG supplier

Qatar increased its share of the European LNG market from 39% in Q2 2018 to 43% in Q3 2018, according to a European Commission report.

6 February 2019 Policy & Regulation
A coal-fired power plant in Germany

Germany’s goodbye to coal leaves room for gas

A proposal to phase out Germany’s coal-fired power plants seems like an opportunity for gas to gain market share, but many questions remain over the timeframe.

31 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Pipeline welding in Spain.

Portugal pushes support for rejected STEP pipeline

Portugal’s energy regulator has told ACER it should be allowed a say on the future of the STEP pipeline after France and Spain rejected the project.

25 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Dungeness nuclear power station in the UK. (PA)

UK energy at crossroads after Wylfa suspension

Uncertainty over nuclear power in the UK may have boosted the prospects for gas-to-power, but attracting new investment in gas-fired plants will not be straightforward.

24 January 2019 Policy & Regulation
Construction of Power of Siberia gas pipeline in progress

Investment needed to sustain Europe’s gas output

Declining gas output in Europe and Algeria will further boost Europe’s dependence on imported LNG and pipeline gas from countries such as Russia as early as 2023 unless greater upstream investment is made.

23 January 2019 Policy & Regulation