The Gorgon LNG project, which some experts believe will be the world’s second-most expensive plant. (Chevron)

Aussie LNG contracts under pressure

Contracts from some of Australia’s newer LNG projects are reportedly coming under pressure from Asian buyers seeking to defer or renegotiate expensive offtake agreements.

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s economy and energy minister, agreed to an alternative to the proposed coal tax. (European Council)
Policy & Regulation

Germany agrees pro-coal policy U-turn

The German government has abandoned its proposed coal tax and instead plans to put lignite plants into reserve before their permanent shutdown by 2020.

Computer-generated image of the Ampere, the world’s first electric car ferry. (Norled)

Hybrid tech could join LNG as a marine fuel

Battery systems will complement LNG as a power source for ships as tougher emissions limits kick in, but the technologies could find it hard to secure funding.

The Xijiang ENN 01, China’s first standardised LNG bunkering barge to provide ship-to-ship refuelling. (ENN)

China reluctant to move on LNG bunkering

LNG bunkering is making small inroads in China’s inland waterways, but shipowners remain reluctant to switch to the cleaner-burning fuel.

US Navy amphibious assault vehicles perform a combined assault exercise near one of the contested islands in the South China Sea. (PA) Features

Stability at risk in the South China Sea

Tensions are escalating in the South China Sea. The area may become unstable, and oil and gas reserves are potentially at stake.

Improving pipeline connections with the United States will reduce Mexico’s dependence on LNG imports, but is unlikely to help upstream investment. (Shell) Features

Pipeline imports dampen Mexico’s upstream zeal

Improving pipeline connections with the United States will reduce Mexico’s dependence on LNG imports, but is unlikely to help upstream investment.

World leaders around the negotiating table at the G7 conference at Schloss Elmau, Germany. (PA) Comment

Gas as a transition fuel

There has been a flurry of activity promoting the role of gas in the transition to a fossil-free future.

European Markets

NBP day-ahead prices fall as the UK heats up

Hub prices in Europe have dipped as temperatures in the region rise, falling to less than 42 p/th at the UK NBP.

North American Markets

California gas prices rise with soaring temperatures

Soaring temperatures and a drought in California are supporting regional gas prices in the state, a situation expected to persist in the coming weeks.

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