Gazprom is charging Naftogaz $11.4 billion for breaking its take-or-pay agreement. (Naftogaz Ukrainy) Supply & Demand

Gazprom ups the pressure on Ukraine

Gazprom ratcheted up the pressure on Naftogaz Ukrainy on Wednesday by serving it with a bill for $11.4 billion for violating the terms of a take-or-pay agreement signed in 2009.

LNG storage tank, Massachusetts, USA. (PA) Profile

Low gas stocks leave US vulnerable this winter

Gas stocks in the United States will struggle to reach the levels seen at the beginning of the 2013/2014 gas withdrawal period, making the country vulnerable to supply constraints ...

European Markets

Supply restrictions cause rebound in European prices

Prices at European hubs saw some upside last week because of supply restrictions and renewed concerns about the situation in Ukraine. Further price strength is expected in the next...

North American Markets

Storage providing bullish sentiment to Henry Hub

Gas storage replenishment in the United States continued slowly last week, with data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) on 17 April showing another week of net inject...

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