The Aphrodite field is located in Block 12. Its development could be disrupted by new acreage on offer. Exploration & Production

Aphrodite in doubt as new acreage turns heads

The future of Cyprus’s Aphrodite field looks uncertain as the gas has no route to market. Meanwhile, attention has shifted to new acreage as IOCs scramble to make Zohr-like discoveries.

By Verity Ratcliffe 22 July 2016 12:23 GMT

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Regional Focus: Middle East & Africa

Market Drivers

Politics clouds Turkey’s gas-to-power ambitions

Turkey’s political situation following the failed coup is expected to adversely affect the country’s long-term gas-to-power ambitions.


Italy – LNG opportunities at risk

Italy’s dependence on gas imports is set to grow. As potential new LNG import projects face delays, opportunities for more diverse and competitive supply could be missed.


Brazil won’t buy gas to meet Olympic Games power demand

If Brazil does suffer electricity cuts during the Olympic Games in August, it will not be for lack of gas.


The future is bright for LNG in Kuwait

Kuwait’s increasing dependence on LNG imports will force traditional suppliers such as Qatar to become more competitive with LNG coming from the US and Australia.


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Gas Trends

Bear market hall of fame

Natural Gas Daily examines reactions to the new bear market reality in eight countries and reviews what NOCs and IOCs are doing to limit their losses.

24 February 2016 13:13 GMT