OPEC proposed cutting oil production following a meeting in Algers in September. (OPEC) Exploration & Production

OPEC deal set to hit Saudi gas production

Saudi Arabia is grappling with conflicting priorities – it needs to cut oil production to buoy prices but also wants to produce more gas to meet domestic demand.

By James Gavin 21 October 2016

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Regional Focus: Americas


Ten things to watch at the start of the gas year

While average temperatures are likely to dominate in Northeast Asia and Europe at the start of winter, North America looks set to be hit by colder temperatures at the start of the new gas year.


The UAE sees its future as an LNG importer

The United Arab Emirates will be a net importer of LNG by 2020, but the country is planning to diversify its power-generation portfolio in the medium-to-long term.


Central and Eastern Europe keeps delicate balance

Central and Eastern European countries are benefiting from improving gas infrastructure and better connections, but will they be enough to ensure secure supplies this winter?


Is Brexit a risk for UK gas supply security?

If the UK were to leave the EU’s single energy market, it would have far-reaching implications for energy security that could revitalise LNG demand and boost investment in gas storage.


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