A gas metering station on the Ukraine-Russia border. Kiev wants to reduce its dependence on imports. (Gazprom) Exploration & Production

Ukraine independents call for new tax regime

Ukraine will not be able to boost its gas output if the country does not drastically reform its hydrocarbon taxes, producers in the country have said.

By Annemarie Botzki 28 September 2016 13:12 GMT

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Canada’s gas glut favours pipeline flows to the US

Canada is looking to send more pipeline supplies to the United States in the coming months as the country’s gas glut intensifies.

Market Insight

European hub prices dip after a week of gains

The NBP day-ahead was around 33 p/th on Tuesday, having fallen by more than 1 p/th from Monday.

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Iran’s tough stand reflects investment ambitions

Iran’s forthright rejection of proposals to freeze oil production reflects its ambitious investment plans for its oil and gas sector now that sanctions against the country have been largely removed.


Will Pakistan’s LNG ambitions be realised?

Pakistan has plans to become a world-leading LNG importer within the next five years, but obstacles in the domestic market could stand in its way.


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Bear market hall of fame

Natural Gas Daily examines reactions to the new bear market reality in eight countries and reviews what NOCs and IOCs are doing to limit their losses.

24 February 2016 13:13 GMT