Snow in Beijing last year. This winter is already proving particularly harsh. (PA) LNG

China NOCs scramble to shore up winter supplies

Keen to avoid a repeat of the embarrassing shortfalls that struck Beijing last winter, China’s biggest gas producer and top LNG importer are going all-out to boost supply.

By Tang Tian 5 December 2016

Analysis & Forecasts

Regional Focus: Middle East & Africa

Market Drivers

Ghana leads sub-Saharan Africa’s FSRU race

Ghana is moving ahead with two FSRU projects at the Port of Tema as the country diversifies its power-generation portfolio.

Research Note

Emission reductions: supportive of gas

Increasing gas use is key to emissions reductions plans in some of the world’s largest gas markets.

The Analyst

China on way to being second-largest LNG importer

Interfax’s Chief Energy Analyst Peter Stewart spoke at the International LNG Congress in Hamburg this week on the outlook for Chinese gas demand and LNG import growth.

Market Insight

Residential and commercial demand support Henry Hub

Increasing gas demand from the residential and commercial sectors in the US will support exchange-traded and regional gas prices in the coming weeks.


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