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Natural Gas Daily is a features-based, thought-leading publication spanning the breadth of the gas value chain.

Our team of experienced energy journalists delve deeper than traditional news outlets, providing unique insights into industry developments.

With writers based on all five continents, we offer a truly global perspective on matters ranging from project development and regulatory changes, to political decisions and price movements.

Alongside our features, we publish regular interviews with key industry decision-makers and infographics to help make complex data more digestible.

Natural Gas Daily is delivered to your inbox daily via PDF, or you can visit the website, which hosts more than 20,000 features.

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Global Gas Analytics is a forward looking service providing analysis and forecasts of global natural gas and LNG markets. GGA is comprised of a core monthly publication, focused on in-depth analysis of gas and LNG markets in Asia Pacific, Europe and Russia, the Middle East and Africa, and the Americas.

GGA also delivers a monthly competing fuels tracker, regular forward assessments of market developments, weekly market insights as well as in depth quarterly reports.

GGA provides additional support to our clients, who are welcome to contact us directly to discuss our views.

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