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Project insights track project developments and trends with forward-looking analysis covering project timelines and impact on market fundamentals.

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Our dedicated policy & regulation section examines the impact of regulatory and policy changes on local and regional projects.

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Latest insights
Kochi LNG terminal

India sees growing need for LNG

India is facing a growing supply/demand gap when it comes to gas, meaning greater LNG imports will be needed to meet market requirements.

The Andrew platform in the North Sea.

Cost-cutting needed to support UKCS growth

New exploration is needed to fully exploit the potential of the UK Continental Shelf. But with a tax rate of as low as 10%, it is up to the private sector to find the means.

An LNG carrier owned by CPC

Taiwan prepares for construction of new LNG terminals

Taipower and CPC will need to bring their planned regasification terminals online to deadline to meet Taiwan's growing demand for LNG for power generation.

LNG tanker at loading terminal in Trinidad

Trinidad facing difficult LNG terrain

Trinidad has high hopes for upstream projects such as Angelin, but the country will need to do much more to defend its share of the LNG market amid growing competition.

A CBM project in China

China cuts red tape to spur CBM development

New streamlined procedures will make it easier for Chinese players to bring in foreign partners on domestic CBM projects.

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