A gas flare at Corrib. The field is ready to start up, but faces regulatory issues. (Shell E&P Ireland)
Exploration & Production

Shell’s Corrib field stumbling at final regulatory hurdles

Gas is ready to start flowing from Shell’s Corrib field, but Ireland’s regulator is dragging its feet.

OPAL under construction in 2008. Yanovsky said an agreement was reached on the pipeline in 2013. (PA)
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Russia locked in talks with EU on Gazprom probe

An out-of-court settlement in the European Commission’s antitrust case against Gazprom would likely favour both parties, but a deal seems some way off.

The LIMA offshore flow station in Indonesia. Growing resource nationalism is a concern for IOCs. (SKKMigas)
Exploration & Production

Concerns raised over Indonesia’s new gas law

A draft of Indonesia’s long-awaited oil and gas law suggests the country is seeking greater resource nationalism while also trying to encourage foreign investment through licensing rounds.

Governor of Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli is the front-runner, but all candidates would be more business-friendly. (PA)
Policy & Regulation

Argentina set to become more ‘market-friendly’

Argentina will soon have a new president better disposed to business, Buenos Aires-based political expert Juan Cruz Díaz tells Interfax.

Bergensfjord LNG-powered ferry. LNG looks set to take off as a bunkering fuel over the next 10 years. (LMG Marin) Features

LNG bunkering – full steam ahead?

LNG looks set to take off as a bunkering fuel over the next 10 years, but there are still significant risks to the pace of development.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, from left, address the media after closed-door talks on the Iranian nuclear program in Vienna, Austria, 14 July 2015. (© European Union, 2015) Features

Nuclear deal heralds a new era for Iranian gas

If the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 countries is successfully implemented it will boost Iran’s gas production and exports in the medium-to-long term.

The EU must seize the opportunity of domestic shale gas to help meet its emissions goals and reduce its dependence on foreign suppliers. (3Legs Resources) Features

Europe needs more gas, so should develop shale gas

The EU must seize the opportunity of domestic shale gas to help meet its emissions goals and reduce its dependence on foreign suppliers, writes climate and energy consultant Stephen Tindale.

European Markets

Colder weather boosts NBP day-ahead back over 40 p/th

Colder weather and higher demand for heating has helped support prices at the NBP, pushing the day-ahead price over $6.11/MMBtu on Tuesday.

North American Markets

Gas-for-power demand fails to boost Henry Hub futures

Gas is becoming increasingly popular in the US power sector, but the impact of the increased gas-for-power demand on Henry Hub futures is limited.

Special Reports

The Rumble in Rovuma: Mozambique takes on the LNG heavyweights

Exploring the development of Mozambique LNG and how this potentially game-changing project could affect the global LNG industry.

Be Careful What You Wish For: The LNG Market in 2015

Independent estimates of LNG project startup dates and a look at how the market is likely to develop over the next five years.

Keeping Out The Cold: Europe's Winter Gas Supply Security

A look at the global LNG supply situation in addition to projections for when new sources could reach the terminals of Europe.

Terminal Velocity: The Race for Regas

How global LNG regasification capacity is set to develop over the course of this decade and what this will do to change the supply/demand balance in the global LNG market.

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