Quantum Power’s FSRU is expected to be installed in Takoradi. LNG

Ghana’s second FSRU to be installed at Takoradi

Ghana’s second FSRU project is likely to be installed near the power plants in the west of the country, the head of the downstream regulator has said.

By Verity Ratcliffe 23 September 2016 9:43 GMT

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Regional Focus: Middle East & Africa


Will Pakistan’s LNG ambitions be realised?

Pakistan has plans to become a world-leading LNG importer within the next five years, but obstacles in the domestic market could stand in its way.


Renewables eclipse Central America’s gas-to-power vision

Gas is losing the race for Central America’s power sector as regional governments avoid expensive infrastructure investment, opting instead for renewables.

Market Insight

Henry Hub moves higher even during shoulder months

The Henry Hub front-month futures price has room to strengthen further as market participants focus on the weakening outlook for US gas production.

Market Insight

European hub prices see significant gains

The NBP day-ahead has risen by more than 50% over the past week, rising by 11 p/th to reach 32 p/th on Monday.


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Bear market hall of fame

Natural Gas Daily examines reactions to the new bear market reality in eight countries and reviews what NOCs and IOCs are doing to limit their losses.

24 February 2016 13:13 GMT