A generation plant operated by GEH subsidiary Mosenergo. GEH could face equipment shortages. (Gazprom) Pipelines, Storage & Power

Russia sanctions could hit GEH equipment supplies

Gazprom power generating subsidiary Gazprom Energoholding has expressed concern about receiving equipment it has signed and paid for, as suppliers fear further potential sanctions.

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South Stream in Bulgaria. Hungary remains the strongest supporter of the pipeline among the Visegrad 4. (Gazprom)
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Splits appear in the Visegrad 4 over Russia

Executives in Central Europe remain worried, with signs of a crack appearing in relations between Hungary and its neighbours over South Stream and concerns over whether the 'winter package' between Russia and Ukraine will hold.

The Melaka LNG terminal in Malaysia. The reform would allow third-party access to Malaysia's LNG infrastructure.
Policy & Regulation

Malaysia starts to liberalise domestic gas market

Asia’s largest LNG exporter is laying the foundations to liberalise its domestic gas market, with third-party access and an end to regulated gas pricing on the horizon.

Mexico's Manzanillo LNG terminal. Mexico is Latin America's largest LNG importer and Manzanillo has taken 46 cargoes this year. (Samsung C&T)

Latin America set for 400 LNG cargoes in 2014

Latin America’s six LNG importers, which account for nearly 10% of global demand, have already imported 28.3 billion cubic metres so far in 2014.

Existing and planned Indonesian LNG projects.

Abadi FLNG grows less appealing in an $80/bbl world

The economics of a small FLNG plant in Indonesia’s large Abadi field are looking less attractive amid low oil prices.

Shale drilling in the US. There is bipartisan support for cutting the top corporate tax rate (Helge Hansen/Statoil).

US tax reform difficult before 2016 election

The Republicans have taken charge of the House of Representatives, but the gas industry is not expecting many favours before the 2016 presidential election.

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Statoil's Heidrun field, Norwegian Sea. The strength of Norway’s position as a gas supplier in Europe is set to grow. (Statoil) Europe & Russia

Norwegian gas – gaining further ground

The strength of Norway’s position as a gas supplier in Europe is set to grow. As production increases in the mid-term, so too could Norway’s share of the European gas market

  • Europe

    Cold weather pushes up European hub prices

    The NBP day-ahead rose by more than 3 p/th between Monday and Tuesday to reach 60 p/th – the first significant price jump so far this winter.

  • North America

    Canada’s East-West gas price spread widens

    The East-West gas price spread in Canada (the difference between the Dawn and AECO hub spot gas prices) has averaged $0.82/MMBtu so far in November – 46.4% higher year on year, and its widest spread since March 2014.

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Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolyev with Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan. (European Commission)
Energy Security

EU prepares to monitor Russian gas flows

Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolyev has reiterated calls for the EU to monitor Russian gas flows to avoid any potential conflict over supplies this winter.

US President Barack Obama, left, and Chinese President Xi Jinping shake hands following the conclusion of their joint news conference in Beijing. (PA)
Environmental Policy

China-US climate pledges will set the scene for Paris

Following extensive talks between Beijing and Washington, China has agreed to peak its emissions by 2030, while the US will cut GHG emissions by 26-28% from 2005 levels by 2025.

Antonio Tajani, rapporteur for ITRE’s draft opinion on the Market Stability Reserve. (European Parliament)
Environmental Policy

MEPs call for early EU ETS reform as debate heats up

The European Parliament’s energy committee debated the proposed Market Stability Reserve this week, with several MEPs calling for early implementation to boost prices for carbon allowances under the ETS.

The European Commission has launched an investigation into whether SOCAR's proposed takeover of DESFA complies with EU merger regulations. (Statoil)
Competition Law

SOCAR-DESFA deal hinges on remedies to regulatory concerns

The Azerbaijani state company will likely have to offer solutions to the European Commission's concerns before its takeover of Greek network operator DESFA is approved, according to legal experts.

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