Drilling in the Maverick Basin. Shale wells could help the US respond more quickly to volatile markets. (Newfield) Exploration & Production

Nimble US producers herald a structural market shift

Analysts are seeing a structural, rather than cyclical, shift in US oil and gas markets that will keep prices lower for longer.

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The Amu Darya gas project in Turkmenistan, which feeds China via the Central Asia-China Pipeline. (CNPC)
Supply & Demand

China’s LNG outlook darkens as growth halves

China increased its LNG imports in 2014, but at a much slower rate than previous years, while pipeline volumes continued to grow strongly.

Algerian PM Abdelmalek Sellal at a post-election press conference in 2014. (PA)
Exploration & Production

Algeria poised for rethink on shale plans

A potential ban on shale gas exploration in a part of southern Algeria has once again raised questions about the country’s suitability as an investment destination for foreign oil and gas players.

Indonesia's Lampung FSRU. The country is adding more LNG import capacity. (Höegh )

New LNG plants will not stop the Indonesian rot

Indonesia is unlikely to stem its falling LNG output and exports in 2015, despite the expected startup of two new LNG projects this year in Sulawesi.

Sales of shale gas equipment are not expected to grow by much from 2014. (Jereh)
Exploration & Production

China’s shale equipment makers facing slowdown

China’s shale gas equipment manufacturing industry grew by 30% in 2014, but faces uncertainty this year as low oil prices could limit domestic shale drilling.

The great unknown: Paraguay’s hydrocarbon potential remains virtually unexplored. (President Energy)
Supply & Demand

Paraguay courting Bolivia for gas imports

Paraguay has a realistic prospect of importing Bolivian gas, but it would need to build a significant amount of infrastructure to do so.

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Cameron LNG, United States. LNG volumes from the United States may hinder Latin America’s own LNG export potential. (GDF Suez) Americas

US LNG targets Latin America

LNG volumes from the United States may hinder Latin America’s own LNG export potential.

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Derivatives trading in energy may be captured by the EU’s capital requirements directive and regulation (VNG).
Market Legislation

Energy companies urged to prepare for capital reserves regulation

Energy companies should start preparing for capital reserves requirements under the EU’s Capital Requirements Directive IV and Regulation, as the current exemption for commodities traders expires at the end of 2017.

The Estonian anti-pollution ship the Kindral Kurvits testing its fire-fighting jets. (EC)
Environmental Policy

Transport – a last sector of hope for European gas?

The alternative transport sector offers opportunities for gas demand growth, but has so far been a missed opportunity for the industry, according to ACER.

An Emissions Performance Standard could send a clearer signal for emission reductions and would likely phase out coal and lignite. (sxc)
Investment & Finance

Financial decline of utilities slows European CCS

The introduction of emission performance standards could push back the deployment of CCS by European utilities uncommitted to the technology, according to environmental NGO Bellona.

Cecilia Malmström, the EU's trade commissioner, has suspended the talks on investment protection provisions within TTIP. (EC)
Foreign Affairs

Brussels suspends talks on investor protection in EU-US trade deal

The European Commission has temporarily suspended negotiations with the US on the controversial investment protection and ISDS chapter in TTIP.

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