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Interfax Global Energy provides exclusive, accurate and up-to-date natural gas features, analysis and intelligence with global coverage of every phase of the gas chain.

Investors, corporate managers, senior officials and analysts across the globe rely on our fast, unbiased and insightful coverage of the gas industry, delivered by our experienced and dedicated team. More info.

Natural Gas Daily

Written by experienced energy journalists, Natural Gas Daily covers global and regional political, regulatory, and economic issues that affect the industry.

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Global Gas Analytics

Global Gas Analytics provides analysis and forecasts of fundamentals and prices covering natural gas and LNG markets globally.

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Power Fuels Tracker

Covering all sources of power generation, Power Fuels Tracker provides insight and analysis into power demand and generation trends.

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Special reports

Our special reports explore key trends in the global gas and LNG industry and are focused on offering readers in-depth analysis on a particular theme or issue

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