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Interfax Global Energy provides exclusive, accurate and up-to-date natural gas features, analysis and intelligence with global coverage of every phase of the gas chain.

Our publications include:

  • Natural Gas Daily, which covers the global and regional political, regulatory, and economic issues that affect the industry.
  • Global Gas Analytics, a monthly publication providing analysis, forecasts and insight into the key factors driving gas markets and prices.
  • Power Fuels Tracker, which provides insight into power demand and generation trends.

Investors, corporate managers, senior officials and analysts across the globe rely on our fast, impartial and insightful coverage of the gas industry, delivered by our experienced and dedicated team.

New investments, regulatory affairs, contractual agreements, licensing rounds, mergers and acquisitions, and geopolitical developments are just some of the areas we cover daily. For our subscribers, we are an invaluable source of information for industry knowledge and strategic decision-making.

Interfax Global Energy is part of the Interfax Information Services Group, which has more than 1,000 staff members producing in excess of 3,000 articles daily from over 70 bureaux worldwide.

Natural Gas Daily Insight and analysis of emerging gas markets

Natural Gas Daily provides insight and analysis of key developments in the global gas sector. Written by our team of experienced gas specialists, our data-rich coverage focuses on emerging gas markets, with particular emphasis on the midstream and upstream segments.

Our specialists explain the wider impact of regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions, political decisions, and price movements. Using a broad network of contacts on all five continents, our correspondents provide insightful comment from sources at the heart of the action.


Our strong presence in the emerging gas markets – especially via our China office and our freelance network in Asia and Africa – gives us the edge in key regions and guarantees a steady stream of exclusive content.

We provide superior coverage of the LNG sector, widely regarded as the most significant area of growth for the gas industry. Not only do we monitor developments of liquefaction and import projects, we also provide regular features on factors affecting demand.

However, we are by no means an LNG-only publication: our expertise extends throughout the midstream to monitoring pipeline developments and across the upstream sector, with regular updates on significant discoveries.

We realise that policy and regulation will play a vital role in shaping the future for gas. Our dedicated Brussels correspondent delivers regular updates from the home of European energy regulation and helps make sense of the numerous policy announcements to emerge from the various EU institutions.

We also realise the fate of the gas industry does not lie entirely in its own hands: it depends on developments across the rest of the energy sector. With that in mind, we generate frequent features analysing how alternative fuels will impact gas.


In addition to our daily features, we publish easy-to-digest infographics featuring global and regional data on production, consumption, imports, exports and domestic and international price changes for gas.

We secure frequent exclusive interviews with top managers and energy experts, offering a personal or company view on the latest gas/LNG trends.

Our special reports, published on a quarterly basis, explore key trends in the global gas and LNG industry and are focused on offering readers in-depth analysis of a particular theme or issue.

Market commentary from Global Gas Analytics

A weekly column by Global Gas Analytics’ Chief Energy Analyst Peter Stewart provides thought-leading analysis on key developments in the gas industry. Stewart’s column has developed a loyal following among our readership and never fails to stimulate a lively debate upon publication every Wednesday.

Global Gas Analytics Detailed, data-oriented analysis

The core of the service is our main monthly publication – Global Gas Analytics – a detailed, data-oriented analysis of prices and fundamental supply-demand trends in four regions: Asia Pacific; Europe and Russia; the Middle East and Africa; and the Americas. Through tables and graphics combined with concise, data-led analytical commentary, Global Gas Analytics aims to provide regular insight into the key factors shaping gas and LNG fundamentals and prices. Forecasts of gas prices are provided out to five years ahead, with monthly and quarterly forecasts out to two years. The forecasts are driven by our analysis of market fundamentals.

The service also includes a supplementary report – Power Fuels Tracker – which covers trends in electricity generation including analysis of coal, gas, oil and renewables. Our quarterly Research Notes provide additional in-depth coverage of crucial issues facing gas markets while our Market Drivers deliver events-led analysis of key developments. We also support our clients through our Ask the Analyst service, which allows subscribers to contact the team directly.

We talk frequently with market contacts and always welcome discussion with clients about our analysis.

Our monthly publication is organised into three clearly defined sections, allowing users to quickly assimilate essential information:

  • The executive summary provides a concise, forward-looking statement of the key trends affecting fundamentals and prices. It also contains our price forecasts and analysis of developments in the oil market.
  • The core regional sections (Asia Pacific; Europe and Russia; the Middle East and Africa; and the Americas) provide detailed analysis of fundamentals and prices. The fundamentals analysis focuses on macroeconomic developments, storage trends, trade patterns, and the outlook for gas demand and production.
  • The features section includes our own in-depth analyses as well as contributed viewpoints from known industry experts.
Power Fuels Tracker Power demand and generation trends

Power Fuels Tracker (PFT) analyses the risks and opportunities inherent to fuels’ competition in global power markets, as electricity markets transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

It offers a unique monthly analysis providing a forward looking-view on competing fuels in Americas, Europe, Asia and Middle East and Africa. Analyses focus on competition between coal and gas, as well as on the outlook for heavy fuel oil and gasoil use in power and renewables technologies, including hydropower and coal and wind.

PFT also seeks to offer our readers the risks and opportunities created by policy, regulation, and new technologies based on the fundamentals (supply and demand) of each region.


Market insight on events shaping the power sector from technology breakthroughs to regulatory developments.

Regional analysis

Coverage of Asia Pacific, Europe & Russia, the Middle East & Africa and the Americas. Country-level data and analysis gives readers insight into the effects of recent developments and an outlook of what is likely to happen next.


Detailed data at the country and sector level giving an informed view of key issues facing power generation in different countries.

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