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Interfax Energy provides exclusive, accurate and up-to-date natural gas features, analysis and intelligence with global coverage of every phase of the gas chain

Global perspectives on gas news and events

Written by experienced energy journalists, Natural Gas Daily covers global and regional political, regulatory, and economic issues that affect the industry.

Unlike our competitors, who spend the majority of their time chasing market data, making price assessments, or writing real-time news for traders, Natural Gas Daily journalists dedicate their time to seeking independent, expert opinions to provide more interesting analysis and perspectives on the news.

Natural Gas Daily journalists explain the wider impact of regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions, political decisions and price movements.


Natural Gas Daily publishes unique features that you will not find in other gas publications. We cover news stories with a fresh perspective, placing events in context and providing a range of opinions from key decision-makers in the industry, as well as bringing you in-depth analyses of the most important issues affecting regional and global markets.


Exclusive interviews with top managers and energy experts, offering a personal or company view on the latest gas and LNG trends.


Global and regional data on production, consumption, imports, exports and domestic and international price changes for gas and LNG.

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Detailed, data-oriented analysis

Global Gas Analytics is a monthly publication which provides analysis and insight into the key factors driving gas markets and prices.

At the core of the publication is an in-depth, data-oriented examination of price and fundamental supply-demand trends in four regions: Asia Pacific; Europe and Russia; the Middle East and Africa; and the Americas.

Forecasts & indices

The forecasts section drills down into the fundamental and technical factors underpinning our forecast, and is supported by a consensus of analyst forecasts allowing Global Gas Analytics' forecast to be seen in the context of other analysts' views.

Forecasts of gas prices are provided out to two years ahead with indices of the overall market, based on typical price-indexation trends

Regional & global analysis

The core regional sections (Asia Pacific; Europe & Russia; Middle East & Africa; and the Americas) provide detailed price and fundamental analysis.

The fundamental analysis focuses on macroeconomic trends, monthly gas demand data, storage trends, the outlook for production, and trade movements.


Special features provide detailed analysis of key trends shaping the long-term future of the gas markets, including pricing patterns in individual countries, sector analysis, as well as technology and regulation features.

Competing Fuels

Competing Fuels Tracker is a new supplement that provides analysis of trends in power, coal, oil and renewables – and their impact on the gas market.

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