South Africa’s Koeberg nuclear power plant. The country’s nuclear ambitions have faced public opposition. (PA) Upstream

South African LNG facing more delays

Political conflict and confusion over South Africa’s LNG import timeline are causing delays and dissuading potential investors, analysts say.

OPAL receives gas from Nord Stream 1, the route of which bypasses Ukraine. (Gazprom) Markets

Gas industry awaits clarity on OPAL capacity use

The European Court of Justice is expected to clarify its interim measures on OPAL within the coming weeks, but a final verdict in the case could take up to two years.

Gazprom agrees lower gas transit price with Georgia

The price Gazprom will pay Georgia to transit gas to Armenia will be lower in 2017 than it was last year.

13 January 2017

South Korea looks to secure US LNG before Trump takes office

South Korea is looking to expand its imports of shale gas from the United States before any possible trade disputes with President-elect Donald Trump.

13 January 2017

Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders agree to form working group

Greek-Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades and his Turkish-Cypriot counterpart Mustafa Akinci have agreed to form a working group to identify specific questions on the issue of reunifying Cyprus.

13 January 2017
The Peterhead power plant, where Shell had planned to use CCS technology. (Shell)

Gas industry must act to secure its future

The industry needs to realise there’s still work to be done if it is going to convince the public of gas’s potential as a bridge fuel to a low-carbon world.

13 January 2017

Japanese JV announces new marine sulphur scrubbing success

A joint venture of Japanese companies has successfully tested a new scrubber system for removing sulphur oxides from marine diesel engines.

12 January 2017

Taiwan agrees plan to phase out nuclear power by 2025

Taiwan’s legislature passed amendments to the Electricity Act on Wednesday that will pave the way to end nuclear power generation in the country by 2025.

12 January 2017

India seeks advice on gas flow compensation claims

The Indian government is seeking legal advice on whether it can recover $1.55 billion in compensation from Reliance Industries as part of a gas dispute with ONGC.

12 January 2017
Lithuania’s Independence FSRU gives it leverage in gas contract negotiations. (Höegh LNG)

Gazprom’s Lithuania return shows it pays to be cheap

Gazprom’s rising share of Lithuania’s gas market shows countries in the region may be struggling to find anyone to beat the Russians on price.

11 January 2017
An FPSO in the Timor Sea. Gas from Greater Sunrise could be shipped to Australia for export. (Woodside)

Greater Sunrise stalled as revenue treaty torn up

The development of the Greater Sunrise fields is in limbo as East Timor has terminated a treaty with Australia to share the revenues from the project.

11 January 2017

Canada will not extend Arctic offshore licences

The Canadian government will not extend existing Arctic offshore oil and exploration licences.

9 January 2017

UK energy minister to face Lords committee questions

Greg Clark, the UK secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy, will face the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

9 January 2017
OPAL brings Russian gas from Nord Stream 1 to Germany and the Czech Republic, bypassing Ukraine. (PA)

Legal challenge marks setback for OPAL

The European Court of Justice’s temporary suspension of a decision allowing increased flows via OPAL has brought Gazprom’s future use of the pipeline into question.

9 January 2017

Dutch court upholds Groningen output cap

The Netherlands’ highest court has said there is no need to impose emergency production cuts at the Groningen gas field before a major lawsuit against the facility begins

6 January 2017

API proposes review of US oil and gas regulations

The American Petroleum Institute has asked United States government officials to review oil and gas regulations for the "sake of the nation".

6 January 2017

Congress passes legislation to overturn Obama’s decrees

The United States has passed legislation that will allow Congress to overturn ‘last-minute’ regulations imposed by the outgoing administration of President Barack Obama.

6 January 2017

Cold weather forces Botas to ration Turkey’s gas power supply

Botas will cut the supply to Turkey’s gas-fired power plants by 50% starting on Friday.

6 January 2017
Langage gas-fired power station in the UK. Gas must distance itself from oil and coal, experts say. (Centrica)

Gas industry must polish its image – advocacy group

The gas industry must improve its standing to secure the support it needs to replace more polluting fuels, advocacy organisations say.

6 January 2017
Gas flares in the Niger Delta area, belonging to the Agip Oil company, in 2006. (PA)

Nigeria’s flaring ambitions weigh on gas sector

The development of Nigeria’s gas industry is being held up by flaring reduction targets that are proving difficult to achieve.

6 January 2017
Trump has threatened to punish GM with a tariff on Mexico-made cars. (GM)

Trump’s trade tirades cause jitters in Mexico

If Trump rips up Uncle Sam’s trade agreements, sparking a trade war, Mexican gas imports may be in the firing line.

6 January 2017

China releases 13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development

China’s National Energy Administration held a press conference on Thursday for the release of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development.

5 January 2017

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