EU Energy Policy

Liquidity on European gas hubs increasing – report

Liquidity on European gas hubs is increasing, with particular progress registered in the Central East European region.


Chinese LNG prices down following public holiday

Downstream demand for Chinese wholesale LNG has not recovered from the Mid-Autumn Festival, when a number of plants cut their prices in response to tighter supply.

Pipelines, Storage & Power

North African exports up as Medgaz volumes recover

North African pipeline exports to Europe rose by 1.4% week on week in Week 39, to 614.9 MMcm, as higher exports via Medgaz compensated for lower volumes elsewhere.

27 September 2016 8:29 GMT

Asian LNG price decline continues with 1% drop

Spot LNG prices in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan continued to decline last week, falling by 1.09% from the week before.

27 September 2016 8:22 GMT
Supply & Demand

South American LNG market hinges on weather

Estimating South America’s future LNG demand is a guessing game, mainly because of the weather.

26 September 2016 10:52 GMT

Thailand looks to LNG to support waning production

Thailand is massively expanding its LNG import infrastructure in an effort to plug the gap caused by declining domestic gas output.

26 September 2016 8:46 GMT
Policy & Regulation

Energy industry is EU’s highest CO2 emitter

The Energy industry is responsible for 30% of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it the highest-emitting sector.

23 September 2016 8:21 GMT
Supply & Demand

Malaysia sees boost in export revenue

Higher prices boosted Malaysia’s LNG export earnings in July, with LNG beginning to reflect the higher cost of oil.

22 September 2016 9:04 GMT
Exploration & Production

Egypt leads drop in Middle East drilling activity

The number of rigs targeting gas in the Middle East fell to 94 in August from 102 in the previous month, led by declining activity in Egypt and Pakistan.

22 September 2016 8:55 GMT
Policy & Regulation

Renewables close in on oil and gas in power sector

Power generation costs for renewables are lower on average than those for fossil fuels, and clean energy plants will become even more cost-competitive by 2020.

21 September 2016 9:51 GMT

Public holiday limits Chinese LNG demand

End-user demand for Chinese LNG was soft last week because of a two-day public holiday, which prompted a number of the country’s plants to cut prices.

21 September 2016 7:56 GMT

Asian LNG prices fall as summer demand ebbs

Spot LNG prices in Asia continued to decline on a weekly basis last week, falling by 1.6% as summer demand eased.

20 September 2016 10:08 GMT
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Medgaz-Spain export volumes drop on outage

Medgaz volumes from Algeria to Spain dropped by 10.9%, to 83.3 MMcm, last week after flows were halted between 11-14 September.

20 September 2016 8:09 GMT
Supply & Demand

Latin America saving billions on gas imports

Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile spent around 43% less on gas imports in H1 2016 compared with H1 2015, according to customs data.

19 September 2016 9:09 GMT
Pipelines, Storage & Power

Indonesia sees 5% growth in power capacity in 2015

Indonesia bolstered its power capacity last year but power generation was up by only 0.6% on an annual basis.

19 September 2016 8:54 GMT
Companies & Finance

Falling costs cut global energy investment

Global energy investment dropped by 8% in 2015, to $1.8 trillion, according to the latest IEA report on energy investments.

16 September 2016 10:47 GMT
Supply & Demand

Rising LNG prices a boon for Indonesia’s revenue

The average price for Indonesia’s LNG exports climbed to $5.55/MMBtu in August. The higher price for exports has boosted Indonesia’s export revenue by more than $100 million since May.

15 September 2016 12:05 GMT
Exploration & Production

Latin America’s gas-focused drilling stagnates

Gas-focused drilling in Latin America stagnated in August. There were 22 rigs drilling for gas in the region, according to Baker Hughes data, which was unchanged from July.

15 September 2016 10:04 GMT
Supply & Demand

EC presses ahead with gas projects in SE Europe

The European Commission is pressing ahead with initiatives to better connect gas markets in Central and Southeastern Europe.

14 September 2016 8:21 GMT

LNG glut in northwest China as plants restart

Chinese wholesale LNG prices fell by 1.67% last week from a week earlier as plants in the northwest resumed production, increasing overall supply.

14 September 2016 8:10 GMT
Supply & Demand

Medgaz and Trans-Med see cut in African exports

North African pipeline exports to Europe fell by 15.7% in Week 37 from a week earlier, to 632.4 MMcm.

13 September 2016 10:48 GMT

Chinese LNG output up as spot price falls

Spot LNG prices in China dropped last week, but the country's LNG output was up by nearly 7%.

13 September 2016 8:14 GMT

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