Datang Fuxin CTG plant. China has dozens of coal projects in the planning and pre-phase stages. (Fuxin government) Fundamentals

China CTG output set to lag official targets

China’s enthusiasm for SNG may be waning as the sector struggles to deliver on production targets and promised environmental benefits.

CMP application was low in 2015, except at Dutch, German and Austrian interconnection points. (OMV) Fundamentals

EU sees mixed progress on congestion management

While most EU countries have binding rules for congestion management on their gas networks, shortcomings may still hamper market integration.

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26 September 2016 15:29 GMT

Nigerian militants break ceasefire

Militants in the Niger Delta broke a ceasefire agreement with the Nigerian government over the weekend, according to an official statement.

26 September 2016 14:12 GMT

Jordan trying to get special treatment on Israeli gas deal

Jordan is pushing for concessions from Israel in return for buying gas from the Leviathan field, according to a Financial Times report.

26 September 2016 14:07 GMT

Russia and Japan team up on energy projects

Russian and Japan have agreed to form working groups to develop various energy projects.

26 September 2016 13:44 GMT

South American LNG market hinges on weather

Estimating South America’s future LNG demand is a guessing game, mainly because of the weather.

26 September 2016 10:52 GMT

India and Iran continue negotiations on Farzad B

A delegation from India will visit Tehran over the next week to finalise a deal for the development of the Farzad B gas field.

23 September 2016 14:27 GMT

Siemens supplying compressors for Aramco’s Jazan plant

Saudi Aramco has selected Siemens to provide compressors for its $2.1 billion industrial gas complex in Jazan, Saudi Arabia.

23 September 2016 14:24 GMT
Stephen Luxton, director of mineral resources for the Falkland Islands. (Falkland Islands Government)

A fresh chapter for the Falkland Islands?

Stephen Luxton, director of mineral resources for the Falkland Islands, talks about what warmer UK-Argentine relations mean for oil and gas.

23 September 2016 12:37 GMT
Tunisians outside the UGTT Union marking the anniversary of the Arab Spring. (PA)

Petrofac’s threats to quit Tunisia are getting old

After nine months of production stoppages in Chergui, Tunisia is scrambling to reverse Petrofac’s alleged decision to leave by striking a last-minute deal with the unions.

23 September 2016 11:36 GMT

Energy industry is EU’s highest CO2 emitter

The Energy industry is responsible for 30% of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it the highest-emitting sector.

23 September 2016 8:21 GMT
Alaska’s Kenai LNG plant. The small-scale Alaska-Japan LNG scheme is aiming for a 2017 FID. (ConocoPhillips)

Small-scale scheme gives Alaska LNG a boost

Alaska-Japan LNG, which could start delivering 1 mtpa to Japan as early as 2021, will act as a springboard for the much larger 20 mtpa Alaska LNG complex.

22 September 2016 12:27 GMT
Gas Natural Fenosa was granted a €600 million loan under EFSI to expand its gas networks. (Gas Natural Fenosa)

EU energy sector eyes more funding under EFSI 2

The extension of the EU’s European Fund for Strategic Investment is good news for energy-related projects that rely on cheap financing to get started.

22 September 2016 10:59 GMT

Malaysia sees boost in export revenue

Higher prices boosted Malaysia’s LNG export earnings in July, with LNG beginning to reflect the higher cost of oil.

22 September 2016 9:04 GMT

Egypt leads drop in Middle East drilling activity

The number of rigs targeting gas in the Middle East fell to 94 in August from 102 in the previous month, led by declining activity in Egypt and Pakistan.

22 September 2016 8:55 GMT

Iran and Armenia to discuss increasing gas supplies

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh is due to meet his Armenian counterpart, Levon Yolian, to discuss increasing gas supplies from Iran to Armenia.

21 September 2016 13:52 GMT

Shah Deniz gas exports up 10% this year

Gas exports from the first stage of Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz project amounted to 4.72 bcm between January and August 2016, 10.5% more than in the same period last year.

21 September 2016 13:51 GMT

Nigeria to sue seven IOCS over crude exports

Nigeria has filed a suit to sue seven IOCs for illegally exporting crude oil to the United States between 2011 and 2014.

21 September 2016 13:49 GMT

US investors to commit $1 bln to Power Africa initiative

More than $1 billion will be committed by United States government agencies and private investors to the Power Africa initiative, USAID has said.

21 September 2016 13:45 GMT

Renewables close in on oil and gas in power sector

Power generation costs for renewables are lower on average than those for fossil fuels, and clean energy plants will become even more cost-competitive by 2020.

21 September 2016 9:51 GMT
PAE wants its own portion of the Aguada Pichana block, which it currently shares with YPF and others. (YPF)

Does BP want a driving seat in Argentine shale play?

BP’s Argentine business is unwilling to ride shotgun in the giant Vaca Muerta shale play, sources tell Wildcat.

21 September 2016 8:43 GMT

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