Eneva Chief Financial Officer Pedro Zinner. (Eneva) Exploration & Production

Breaking the mould in Brazil

Brazilian indie Eneva is confident that its ‘DIY’ philosophy can spread beyond the country’s northeast. Interfax Natural Gas Daily speaks to the company’s CFO, Pedro Zinner.

Argentina’s Escobar LNG terminal. Speakers called for an end to the LNG monopoly.  (Argentine energy ministry) Policy & Regulation

Argentina will find a price if government stops meddling

Experts tell a seminar in Buenos Aires that the Argentine government needs to make some key decisions, and then back away.

Exploration & Production

Argentina braces for exploration slowdown

The number of completed wells in Argentina is set to fall substantially in 2016 compared with 2015.

17 October 2016
Exploration & Production

Gas drilling in Latin America falls further

There were 20 rigs drilling for gas in the region in September 2016, according to Baker Hughes data, down from 22 in both July and August.

13 October 2016
Drilling in Neuquén. Given the size of the resources OIES believes it can be a success. (Government of Neuquén) Exploration & Production

Vaca Muerta: proceed with optimistic caution?

There appears to be a conventional wisdom developing around Argentina’s unconventional gas – one of cautious optimism.

12 October 2016
Exploration & Production

Argentina should focus on tight gas not shale – Bulgheroni

Argentine billionaire Alejandro Bulgheroni has suggested companies operating in the country should focus on tight gas production, rather than shale gas.

11 October 2016

Argentina’s Enarsa working to stop delivery of four LNG cargoes

Enarsa, the state agency that oversees Argentina’s gas imports, is trying to delay or cancel the delivery of four LNG cargoes scheduled to arrive in October, according to Platts.

11 October 2016

Argentina plays musical chairs with LNG cargoes

LNG cargoes are again queuing up outside Argentina’s two regasification terminals as the country sees limp demand for early spring.

10 October 2016
Exploration & Production

New Huacaya discovery could boost Bolivian output

Bolivian President Evo Morales has said a gas discovery in the Repsol-operated Huacaya II field will increase the output from the country’s southern province of Chuquisaca.

5 October 2016

Argentina’s Enarsa to delay LNG cargoes

Argentine state agency Enarsa, which oversees the country’s gas imports, has said it will reschedule the discharge date of LNG cargoes in line with overall demand.

5 October 2016
The Caribbean FLNG vessel. It is now ready for operations but its destination is uncertain. (Exmar) LNG

The world’s first FLNG vessel needs a job

The world’s first FLNG vessel is all dressed up but has nowhere to go, and Exmar has been tight-lipped about alternative locations.

4 October 2016
Global Markets

Peru licks its wounds from bear market

Peru has been making nearly $90 million less from oil and gas royalties per month in 2016 compared with 2014.

3 October 2016
An LNG tanker at Peru’s Pampa Melchorita plant. The country is trying to reduce its exports to Mexico. (Repsol) LNG

Peru hobbled by its LNG contracts

Peru wants higher-priced markets for its LNG, but experts say the country has limited control over its cargoes.

29 September 2016
The Höegh Gallant FSRU. The company has supplied a similar vessel to Colombia. (Höegh) LNG

A tale of two facilities in Colombia

The bear market has had stark consequences for Colombia’s nascent LNG sector, with a proposed floating project dead in the water.

28 September 2016
Supply & Demand

South American LNG market hinges on weather

Estimating South America’s future LNG demand is a guessing game, mainly because of the weather.

26 September 2016
Exploration & Production

Gazprom to study three Bolivian blocks

Gazprom has signed an exclusive agreement to study three licensed blocks in Bolivia.

23 September 2016
Stephen Luxton, director of mineral resources for the Falkland Islands. (Falkland Islands Government) Exploration & Production

A fresh chapter for the Falkland Islands?

Stephen Luxton, director of mineral resources for the Falkland Islands, talks about what warmer UK-Argentine relations mean for oil and gas.

23 September 2016
Exploration & Production

Canacol doubles gas drilling activity in Colombia

Colombia’s Canacol Energy will accelerate its gas business in the country and plans to drill three new gas wells, the company said in its new capital plan.

22 September 2016
PAE wants its own portion of the Aguada Pichana block, which it currently shares with YPF and others. (YPF) Exploration & Production

Does BP want a driving seat in Argentine shale play?

BP’s Argentine business is unwilling to ride shotgun in the giant Vaca Muerta shale play, sources tell Wildcat.

21 September 2016
Exploration & Production

Bolivia’s Incahuasi field launches commercial production

Bolivia’s Incahuasi field has entered commercial production, according to Russia’s Gazprom, which is part of the consortium developing it.

19 September 2016
Supply & Demand

Latin America saving billions on gas imports

Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile spent around 43% less on gas imports in H1 2016 compared with H1 2015, according to customs data.

19 September 2016
The Golar Spirit vessel docked in Brazil. Kogas has leased it until 2018. (Golar LNG) LNG

Kogas may take bold bet on Brazilian LNG

Kogas has proposed building an LNG terminal in northeastern Brazil, but there are doubts about the venture’s profitability.

16 September 2016

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