CNOOC Gas & Power Group's LNG-fired power plant in Guangdong province (CNOOC) Gas to Power

Guangdong shows small-scale gas-power ambition

Guangdong is eyeing a dramatic expansion in gas-fired distributed generation, but the commercial viability remains questionable.

An Algerian gas well. The country’s domestic production is dropping. (Gazprom) Gas to Power

Algeria looks to nuclear and shale for long term

Algeria’s dwindling gas production has encouraged it to consider nuclear and shale to generate electricity, but both would be challenging.

OMK ships pipes for Nord Stream 2

Russia’s OMK has shipped the first batch of pipe for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from its mill in Vyksa, the project’s operating company has said in a statement.

23 September 2016 14:20 GMT

Energy industry is EU’s highest CO2 emitter

The Energy industry is responsible for 30% of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it the highest-emitting sector.

23 September 2016 8:21 GMT

PetroChina’s Xiangguosi storage is 90.6% full

PetroChina’s Xiangguosi underground depot had 3.8 billion cubic metres of gas in store as of 18 September.

22 September 2016 14:24 GMT

Beijing Gas Group to increase investment in CTG switching

Beijing Gas Group plans to ramp up infrastructure investment for coal-to-gas switching to $750 million-1.2 billion per year

22 September 2016 14:21 GMT

Kaztransgas to start exporting gas via Central Asia-China pipeline

Kazakhstan’s state-owned gas transport company Kaztransgas plans to start exporting gas to China through the CACP in Q4 this year

22 September 2016 14:13 GMT

Gazprom signs up SGC to build Power of Siberia section

Gazprom has signed a sole-source procurement contract with Stroygazconsulting for the construction of a 235-km section of Power of Siberia.

22 September 2016 14:07 GMT

Gazprom to announce Nord Stream 2’s European partners

Gazprom is expecting to announce agreements with its European partners on the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in October.

22 September 2016 14:05 GMT

Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline completes first construction stage

The first stage of construction on the Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline has been completed and the project is now 31.4% built.

21 September 2016 13:50 GMT

Renewables close in on oil and gas in power sector

Power generation costs for renewables are lower on average than those for fossil fuels, and clean energy plants will become even more cost-competitive by 2020.

21 September 2016 9:51 GMT

Public holiday limits Chinese LNG demand

End-user demand for Chinese LNG was soft last week because of a two-day public holiday, which prompted a number of the country’s plants to cut prices.

21 September 2016 7:56 GMT

Saudi KAD wins major pipeline contract

Saudi Aramco has selected local engineering, procurement and construction company Saudi KAD for a major gas pipeline project.

20 September 2016 14:41 GMT

Ukraine does not need to boost gas stocks – Kobolev

Andriy Kobolev, the chief executive of Ukraine’s national oil and gas company, Naftogaz Ukrainy, has said Kiev’s drive to further boost the country’s gas storage level is "unwarranted".

20 September 2016 14:38 GMT

Tarim Oilfield supplies to WEP reach 171 bcm

PetroChina’s Tarim Oilfield subsidiary in Xinjiang has supplied 171 billion cubic metres of gas to the West-East Pipeline network.

20 September 2016 14:30 GMT
Routes of the proposed pipelines that will make up the Southern Gas Corridor.

Southern Gas Corridor under more pressure

Russia’s manoeuvres to promote its own pipeline projects could spell trouble for Europe’s planned imports of gas from Azerbaijan.

20 September 2016 13:19 GMT
Greece’s Alexis Tsipras, centre, and Russia’s Arkady Dvorkovich at the trade fair in Thessaloniki. (PA)

Russia’s belated Greek gambit

Now Turkish Stream is back on the agenda, Russia is making a push for a 'southern corridor' that would see its gas pumped across Greece to the Balkans and Central Europe.

20 September 2016 12:03 GMT

Medgaz-Spain export volumes drop on outage

Medgaz volumes from Algeria to Spain dropped by 10.9%, to 83.3 MMcm, last week after flows were halted between 11-14 September.

20 September 2016 8:09 GMT

Madras court calls for status report on stalled pipeline

India’s Madras high court has asked for a status report specifying guideline values for the land needed to build the stalled Kochi-Koottanad-Mangalore-Bangalore pipeline.

19 September 2016 13:57 GMT

Circle Oil reopens gas pipeline in Morocco after earthquake

Circle Oil has completed repairs to a gas pipeline in Morocco that was damaged by an earthquake near Kenitra.

19 September 2016 13:51 GMT

Nord Stream 2 starts requesting construction permits

The project company behind the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has started requesting construction permits from national jurisdictions, with Sweden the first to receive an application.

19 September 2016 13:45 GMT
Hendrina coal power station. South Africa is trying to reduce its reliance on coal. (Eskom)

Mixed signals over South Africa nuclear deal

South Africa’s nuclear programme is making an uncertain start, already facing scrutiny over transparency, costs and environmental issues.

19 September 2016 12:27 GMT

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