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Source: Enagas, Snam Rete Gas, Interfax

Drop in Trans-Med gas cuts African-Europe exports

North African pipeline exports to Europe fell by 8.8% last week from a week earlier, as a result of lower volumes of Algerian gas supplied to Italy.

30 May 2017

Slight rebound in Latin American gas drilling

Gas-focused drilling in Latin America ticked up during April, with 18 rigs active in the region – a slight increase from March.

25 May 2017
Gas flaring in Iraq. The country is aiming to make better use of its associated gas. (PA)

Iraq plans new gas processing drive

Iraq is aiming to boost its production of associated gas and reduce flaring, but it needs to build new infrastructure to do so, experts say.

23 May 2017

Lower exports to Spain balanced by Italian gains

North African pipeline exports to Europe fell by 0.2% in Week 20 as a result of reduced deliveries to Spain.

23 May 2017

Pakistan leads boost in Middle East gas drilling

The number of rigs targeting gas in the Middle East rose by 6.8% in April, led by gains in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

19 May 2017
A rig in Angola. The country acceded to the New York Convention last year. (BP plc)

Energy firms remain sceptical of MEA arbitration

Oil and gas companies in the Middle East and Africa are still wary of using arbitration courts to settle in-country disputes.

18 May 2017
A rig in the Khazzan gas field. Phase 1 of the project will boost Oman’s gas output by 30%. (BP plc)

Oman plans to import LNG and coal at Duqm

The rapidly developing industrial zone at Oman’s Duqm port may prompt the country to start importing LNG and coal.

16 May 2017

North African pipeline volumes continue to slide

Volumes exported via pipeline from North Africa to Europe continue to drop, falling by 3.6% last week from the previous week.

16 May 2017
Indonesia’s Lampung FSRU. Lebanon plans to charter three FSRUs at Tripoli, Selaata and Zahrani. (Höegh)

Lebanon opts for three FSRUs – minister

Lebanon is turning to LNG as a stopgap until it starts producing its own gas, and is preparing a tender for a trio of regasification vessels.

12 May 2017
The Lebanese flag. The tax law needs to be updated before the tender round can progress. (Theen Moy/Flickr)

Beirut hopes to pass updated tax law by end-May

Lebanon may be on the verge of passing legislation that will clear the way for its offshore licensing round, but hurdles to investment remain.

10 May 2017

North African pipeline volumes reverse gains

North African pipeline exports to Europe fell by 2.3% in the first week of May from the previous week, to 689.4 MMcm.

9 May 2017
A gas-fired power plant in Turkey. The country aims to cut the role of gas in the energy mix to 30% by 2023. (Enerjisa)

Falling gas demand helps Turkey look long term

Turkey’s success in cutting gas demand is giving the country the opportunity to make improvements to its infrastructure.

5 May 2017
A Qatargas LNG vessel. Qatar will need to find buyers for its additional gas volumes. (Qatargas)

Middle East LNG sources uncertain after 2020

Middle Eastern LNG importers have yet to secure supplies for beyond 2020, and while this may allow buyers to take advantage of lower prices, the lack of certainty is a concern.

3 May 2017
Source: Enagas, Snam Rete Gas, Interfax

Algeria leads North African pipeline export boost

North African pipeline exports to Europe rose by 1.8% week on week in Week 17, to 708.7 MMcm, led by higher deliveries of Algerian gas to Spain.

2 May 2017
RasGas is working to bring the Barzan project online. (PA)

RasGas still grappling with Barzan problems

Technical issues are set to further delay the startup of Qatar’s Barzan gas project, but reduced demand may be also be a factor.

2 May 2017
State power utility Saudi Electricity Co. is currently the only offtaker of power in Saudi Arabia. (Saudi Electricity Co.)

Saudi Arabia presses on with power privatisation

Saudi Arabia’s power sector reforms will shift the state power utility into the role of system operator, but the constant changes are taking their toll.

26 April 2017

GreenStream volumes rebound as other lines fall

North African pipeline exports to Europe rose by 3.0% week on week in Week 16, to 696.3 MMcm, as GreenStream deliveries returned to pre-disruption levels.

25 April 2017
Geology Without Limits will carry out a seismic survey on Iran’s Caspian Sea territory. (GWL)

Exploration planned for Iranian Caspian Sea

Several IOCs are assessing the oil and gas potential of Iran’s Caspian Sea acreage, but competing territorial claims could stymie exploitation.

24 April 2017

LNG trading fleet set to sail for crowded waters

Increasing amounts of shipped goods are increasing marine traffic around the world. This map shows the location of maritime incidents recorded since the beginning of 2007.

21 April 2017

North African pipeline volumes continue to drop

North African pipeline exports to Europe fell by 4.8% in Week 15 from the previous week, to 683.2 MMcm, as a result of lower deliveries of Algerian gas to Italy.

18 April 2017

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