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Verity Ratcliffe joined Interfax in May 2015 from the BBC, where she wrote business and economics news. She previously covered power and renewable energy for Middle East Economic Digest for three years from Dubai and has written for the Financial Times and Bloomberg, among others.

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State power utility Saudi Electricity Co. is currently the only offtaker of power in Saudi Arabia. (Saudi Electricity Co.)

Saudi Arabia presses on with power privatisation

Saudi Arabia’s power sector reforms will shift the state power utility into the role of system operator, but the constant changes are taking their toll.

26 April 2017

GreenStream volumes rebound as other lines fall

North African pipeline exports to Europe rose by 3.0% week on week in Week 16, to 696.3 MMcm, as GreenStream deliveries returned to pre-disruption levels.

25 April 2017
Geology Without Limits will carry out a seismic survey on Iran’s Caspian Sea territory. (GWL)

Exploration planned for Iranian Caspian Sea

Several IOCs are assessing the oil and gas potential of Iran’s Caspian Sea acreage, but competing territorial claims could stymie exploitation.

24 April 2017

LNG trading fleet set to sail for crowded waters

Increasing amounts of shipped goods are increasing marine traffic around the world. This map shows the location of maritime incidents recorded since the beginning of 2007.

21 April 2017

North African pipeline volumes continue to drop

North African pipeline exports to Europe fell by 4.8% in Week 15 from the previous week, to 683.2 MMcm, as a result of lower deliveries of Algerian gas to Italy.

18 April 2017
BP operations in the North Sea. The company has a 50% stake in the Rhum field. (BP)

UK puts an end to Rhum gas field saga – BEIS

Iranian Oil Company has received funds related to its share of the output from the Rhum gas field in the North Sea earned while Iran was under international sanctions.

18 April 2017
Source: Baker Hughes

Pakistan drilling offset by Saudi Arabia and Oman

The number of rigs targeting gas in the Middle East fell by 1.1% month on month in March, with Pakistan’s slightly higher rig count more than offset by losses in Saudi Arabia and Oman.

13 April 2017

North African pipeline volumes drop 11%

North African pipeline exports to Europe fell to 718 MMcm in Week 14 from as volumes declined on all routes.

11 April 2017
An LNG carrier docked in Qatar. Cargoes from the country pass Fujairah on the way to Japan. (PA)

Fujairah sets its sights on LNG bunkering

Fujairah may be perfectly placed to take advantage of the burgeoning LNG bunkering market.

10 April 2017
The Mellitah gas project in western Libya. Onshore security threats have shifted exploration work offshore. (Eni)

Libyan gas find lifts an otherwise bleak situation

A gas and condensate discovery offshore Libya offers a glimmer of hope following a drop in exploration caused by security problems onshore.

6 April 2017
Mellitah compression station on the Greenstream pipeline to Italy. The Israel-Italy project could help diversify sources. (Eni)

Israel, Italy, Cyprus back EastMed pipeline

A plan to sell Israeli gas to Europe through a pipeline will have to consider all other sources available on the Italian market.

4 April 2017
An LNG tanker approaches the Qatari port of Ras Laffan. The country is planning to regain market share. (Statoil)

Qatar lifts North Dome development moratorium

The world’s largest LNG exporter is planning to regain some of the market share it has lost to countries such as the US and Australia.

4 April 2017

Labour disputes disrupt GreenStream gas exports

GreenStream delivered 60.4% less gas than the previous week as a result of the disruption.

4 April 2017
Algeria's licences. (Interfax/Sonatrach)

Algeria offers prospecting licences to IOCs

Algeria's oil and gas licensing agency will commission two studies to assess prospectivity in the north and south of the country, which it hopes will de-risk the acreage and convince IOCs to invest.

31 March 2017
The Höegh Gallant FSRU. Floating regasification facilities are becoming more popular worldwide. (Höegh)

Middle East LNG buyers to face global trends

Countries in the Middle East hoping to import more LNG will face stiff competition for FSRUs and carriers as demand for the vessels is soaring.

31 March 2017
Petroceltic’s Algeria AT-9 well. Algeria is pushing to increase its gas output. (Petroceltic)

Algerian energy minister continues shake-up

The head of the Algerian oil and gas licensing agency, Alnaft, has been replaced in what could be a sign of sweeping changes to come.

24 March 2017
Drilling in Algeria’s Arzew region. The country is hoping to promote exploration. (Sonatrach)

Algeria’s big exploration push

Algeria is going all out to attract investment from IOCs in its upstream sector in an attempt to boost oil and gas production in the long term.

23 March 2017
A new CEO could mean further changes are ahead for Sonatrach. (Sonatrach)

More change at Sonatrach clouds future plans

The appointment of a new CEO at Sonatrach, the Algerian company’s sixth in the last seven years, casts further uncertainty over its strategic direction.

22 March 2017
The Balhaf LNG export plant has been largely untouched by the war, but pipelines have been targeted. (Yemen LNG)

Yemen LNG unlikely to restart anytime soon

Yemen's Saudi-backed government claims it has entered into fruitful discussions with IOCs, but the Balhaf LNG plant is not likely to be back online imminently.

20 March 2017

Saudi rig count continues falling but remains high

The number of rigs targeting gas in Saudi Arabia has fallen every month since October but is still higher than before oil prices started to drop.

16 March 2017

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