Alessandro Vitelli

US coal revival owes more to gas prices than to Trump

The ramp-up in US coal consumption has more to do with market dynamics than politics, experts say.

1 September 2017

Vietnam’s reliance on coal delays gas and renewables

Vietnam is behind the curve in the shift away from coal-fired power, with gas’s share of its energy mix set to fall in the short term.

14 July 2017

California carbon market in fight over post-2020 rules

Market participants have reacted strongly to proposals to reform California’s emissions trading system, saying it would drive down prices and reduce liquidity.

1 June 2017

Canada comes to the fore as carbon pricing leader

Ontario is the latest province in Canada to introduce a carbon trading market as the country steps up its efforts to reduce emissions.

18 April 2017

IEA emissions data shows gas faces uphill struggle

Gas is not cheap enough in most regions for it to take advantage of the move to a lower-carbon world, data from the IEA suggests.

3 April 2017

Renewables growth threatening fossil fuel demand

Analysts are becoming more bullish on the prospects for renewable energy, which could start to overtake fossil fuels sooner rather than later.

28 February 2017

Chinese emissions market will take time to settle

The world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter is preparing to launch its carbon trading market, but many uncertainties remain, analysts say.

17 January 2017

Does thermal coal have a future under Trump?

Donald Trump will seek to roll back regulation restricting the US coal industry, but his policies cannot change the fuel’s economics.

9 December 2016

Next UN climate head will need an eye for detail

The new UN secretary for climate change will see their role shift from political manoeuvring towards implementing practical measures.

15 March 2016

Global LNG price won’t see gas compete with coal in Asia

Gas will not overtake coal in the power generation merit order of Asia’s emerging economies even with a shift in global LNG pricing to the Henry Hub, analysts say.

3 November 2015

Glencore’s volatility masks coal’s steady outlook

Despite fluctuations in Glencore’s share price and concerns about climate change, the outlook for coal seems secure for the foreseeable future.

5 October 2015

UK and Netherlands race to prove carbon capture in Europe

The completion of Europe’s three most advanced carbon capture and storage projects could help convince a sceptical public CCS can contribute to the fight against climate change.

15 September 2015

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