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Oil rig in Permian Basin, Andrews, Texas Contributed

Permian: Pulling the rug from oil-indexed LNG prices?

The Permian is already changing international LNG pricing. How future production could impact oil-indexation in LNG contracts going forward is examined in this contributed feature by Robert Beck of Baker & O’Brien.

21 November 2018
Traffic in New Delhi, India Contributed

Emerging gas markets – Challenges for investors

Emerging gas markets will be key to future gas demand growth. While there are many players ready to invest in these markets, many projects get stuck at the pre-feasibility stage.

26 July 2018
Cattenom nuclear power plant, Cattenom, France. Contributed

Europe – carbon pricing and the impact on gas

The outlook for carbon pricing and policy and the impact on gas and power in Europe is analysed in this contributed feature by Daniel Legg from Nexant

22 May 2018
Yangon, Myanmar Contributed

Myanmar’s energy issue – Mind the gap

As its market grows, Myanmar faces a looming gas shortage. The potential for LNG to provide a solution is assessed in this contributed feature by Mike Madden and Chris Brooks of MJM Energy.

23 November 2017
Kochi LNG terminal, India Contributed

LNG: South Asia in the driving seat

LNG imports are on the rise in South Asia. The outlook for future growth of LNG in the region is provided in this contributed feature by Ehsan Ul-Haq.

19 October 2017

Post-Brexit implications for the UK gas industry

Following the triggering of Article 50, the key short- and medium-term challenges and opportunities facing the UK gas sector are examined in this contributed feature from Zuzana Princova of IPA Advisory.

24 May 2017

The LNG supply glut – the role of Europe

The outlook for global LNG supply and demand and Europe’s future as an LNG market is explored in this contributed feature by Mike Fulwood from Nexant.

20 April 2017

Interesting times for gas in China

China’s gas market development will have implications for gas globally. The prospects for development are explored in this contributed feature from Gaffney Cline & Associates.

20 February 2017

Is global gas price convergence here to stay?

The recent price convergence between European gas and Asian LNG – and whether there is more to come – is discussed in this contributed feature by Mitun Patel from QED Consulting.

15 August 2016

LNG pricing – all change!

Changes in LNG pricing – with sellers under pressure, and buyers gaining power and what it could mean for Asia is assessed in this contributed feature from Nicholas Fulford and Ryan Pereira of Gaffney, Cline & Associates.

19 July 2016

Europe needs more gas, so should develop shale gas

The EU must seize the opportunity of domestic shale gas to help meet its emissions goals and reduce its dependence on foreign suppliers, writes climate and energy consultant Stephen Tindale.

20 August 2015

Global LNG supply is unlikely to tighten soon

The world faces a glut of LNG coming to market over the next 10 years. How will the new supply be absorbed? Guest author Mitun Patel, Manager at QED Consulting gives his view.

21 April 2015

Tolling attractive for LNG export projects

Pricing structures using tolling for LNG plants are becoming popular in the US. LNG expert Andy Flower explains what distinguishes them from other pricing methods.

19 February 2014

LNG shipping enters a new phase of growth

The number of new LNG ship orders continued to increase in 2013, and with a string of liquefaction projects planned in emerging supply provinces, this trend will persist in the long term.

24 January 2014

China – a bigger role for gas ahead

Global Gas Analytics interviews Lu Huaibin, president and founder of Chinese energy consultancy firm 3E, on his views on current trends and the future of China’s gas market.

22 October 2013

Herbert Smith Freehills on LNG export licences

Law firm Herbert Smith Freehills explains what's involved in getting a licence to export LNG from the United States.

23 July 2013

GTL – past challenges and future promise

As GTL finds its feet in Uzbekistan and the United States, Malcolm Wells, director of Malwell Corporate Projects explores the outlook for GTL.

13 June 2013

NGVs in Europe – considerable potential

With the right government support, the potential for NGVs in Europe is significant.

21 May 2013

Sub-Saharan African gas markets face obstacles

Uneven distribution of gas reserves in Sub-Saharan African countries has posed logistical and cost-related challenges. Graham Duxbury, a gas specialist with the Africa-focused consulting firm CITAC, examines these issues in a contributed viewpoint.

21 May 2013

Oil indexation in European gas: Quo Vadis?

The European gas contracting space is undergoing a transformation, says Ashutosh Shastri, founder of EnerStrat Consulting.

23 April 2013

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