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Chris Noon has reported on international affairs, finance and the European power markets for Forbes, Oxford Analytica, HSBC and most recently ICIS Heren. While at ICIS, he wrote news and analysis on the European power, gas, carbon and coal markets, with special expertise in French, German, Central and Eastern European and Russian power.

A Geopark producing well in the southern Chilean province of Magallanes. (Interfax)

Chile’s Enap eyes tight gas boost post-2020

Chilean state-run giant Enap plans to swap LNG imports for its own tight gas in the coming years. But this is a bold call while output remains modest.

18 September 2017

Mexico’s non-associated gas in freefall

Pemex invested 35% less in H1 2017 than it did in H1 2016, as the state-run company cuts back sharply on E&P.

11 September 2017
An Excelerate FSRU. (Excelerate Energy)

Excelerate not giving up on Puerto Rican LNG terminal

The dire financial state of Puerto Rico's public utility means there is considerable scepticism the island's second LNG terminal will be built.

5 September 2017
Production in the Middle Magdalena Valley. (Yesid Ferney Patiño Zambrano)

Colombian caution stymies Exxon’s fracking hopes

ExxonMobil has been waiting for the green light to begin fracking in Colombia since Q1 2015. But an all-important environmental licence remains elusive.

30 August 2017

Hydro gives way to gas and renewables in Lat Am

The share of hydropower in Latin America’s power mix has fallen, clearing the way for gas and renewables.

30 August 2017

Drilling increases in Latin America during July

Gas-focused drilling increased in Latin America during July, with 19 rigs drilling for gas in the region during the month.

25 August 2017
Maduro holds up a copy of Venezuela’s constitution during a news conference. (PA)

European majors stand ground in Venezuela

Repsol denies pulling foreign workers from fields in crisis-hit Venezuela. Eni and Shell are also keeping staff in place.

24 August 2017
Ecopetrol’s Acacias station, Colombia. (Interfax)

Colombia’s shale plans strangled by red tape

Colombia’s conventional reserves are running out while its vast shale resources lie untapped. But Bogota is yet to sign off on a single fracking project.

22 August 2017

Chile disappoints Panama Canal authorities

Chilean tankers are reportedly choosing a longer route instead of transiting the Central American waterway.

21 August 2017
BP's Savonette platform offshore Trinidad. (BP plc)

BP’s Juniper project brings relief to Trinidad

BP could be providing 40% more gas in the country by the end of 2017 compared with 2016, thanks to the Juniper project.

17 August 2017
YPF drilling in Vaca Muerta, Neuquen. (YPF)

YPF seeks smooth stimulus switch in 2018

Argentina’s YPF is anxious for a smooth transition between the country’s generous incentive schemes. But experts say the state giant need not be worried.

15 August 2017

Bolivia papers over cracks with Argentina

Bolivia appears to have made up for a deficit in gas exports to Argentina in May by over-exporting in June and July.

14 August 2017
A jetty at Peru's Camisea project. (Repsol)

Weak demand hits Peruvian production

Production from Peru’s two key gas blocks has slumped by around 15% in 2017 amid tepid demand from the local market and Peru LNG.

10 August 2017

Colombia relaxed despite declining production

Colombia’s industry is confident that future gas supply will be guaranteed by LNG imports and new discoveries.

7 August 2017
A well in Argentina. (Wintershall)

Argentina slips up in comeback tale

A notable slowdown in production came as a surprise for Argentina, which has trumpeted big investments and generous subsidies in 2017.

3 August 2017
An LNG tanker loading at Peru's Pampa Melchorita plant. (Repsol)

Peru LNG resumes exports after tough July

Peru LNG has been hit by unplanned maintenance for the second time in two years say market sources, forcing Shell onto the spot market.

1 August 2017

Nitrogen blights Mexican gas output

The contamination of Mexico’s offshore gas with injected nitrogen poses a problem for its commercialisation.

31 July 2017

Latin American drilling activity hits new record low

Gas-focused drilling ticked down in Latin America again during June, to the lowest level since records began in 1995.

28 July 2017
A rig in the Gulf of Mexico. (Anadarko)

Mexico seeks to solve deepwater ‘mystery’

Mexico has gathered mountains of offshore data in recent years. But it is unclear if it will be enough to tempt a supermajor into deepwater gas production.

27 July 2017

Trinidad to find breathing space in 2017

Gas-dependent Trinidad and Tobago has placed its hopes in three projects for this year. However, they may provide only modest relief.

24 July 2017

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