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Chris Noon has reported on international affairs, finance and the European power markets for Forbes, Oxford Analytica, HSBC and most recently ICIS Heren. While at ICIS, he wrote news and analysis on the European power, gas, carbon and coal markets, with special expertise in French, German, Central and Eastern European and Russian power.

The Manzanillo LNG terminal, Mexico

Mexico seeks foreign players for H2 2018 storage tender

Import-reliant Mexico has plans to store up to five days’ supply of gas in case of a crisis. And keeping the lights on can be a private sector opportunity, says a senior official.

17 January 2018

West African countries meet Brazil’s LNG demand

Brazil looked across the Atlantic to Angola and Nigeria to meet its relatively modest LNG demand in 2017.

15 January 2018
Trinidad's Atlantic LNG plant.

Trinidad recovers, but glory days are over – Ramnarine

Trinidad & Tobago’s gas production is bouncing back, but the country is unlikely to recapture the levels achieved in 2010.

11 January 2018
Repsol's Camisea project

Peru LNG demand key to Repsol’s Sagari field

Repsol is seeking to boost output from its highly prospective Block 57 in central Peru. But production levels will depend on demand from Peru LNG.

10 January 2018

Qatar beats Trinidad as Argentina’s main LNG supplier

The Middle Eastern country accounted for more than 42% of the LNG delivered to Argentina in the first 11 months of 2017.

8 January 2018
Operational rigs in Latin America targeting gas in November 2017

Chile and Colombia boost drilling in Latin America

Gas-focused drilling ticked up in Latin America during November.

22 December 2017
President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the US Energy Department.

US LNG set to flourish under cheerleader-in-chief

Gas and LNG are fuelling the Trumpian quest to make America great again.

22 December 2017
A TransCanada pipeline.

Mexican standoff hits country’s pipeline plans

Companies are facing down local opposition – including warm-water shrimpers – as they attempt to lay thousands of kilometres of gas pipelines in Mexico.

20 December 2017

Rosneft wins access to Venezuela’s offshore riches

Rosneft has sought to produce – and export – Venezuela’s offshore gas for years. Caracas, which is facing a severe economic crisis, has finally signed up.

18 December 2017
An Anadarko drilling rig off Brazil

Brazil failing to market around 50% of pre-salt gas

The volumes of unsold associated gas from Brazil’s pre-salt are equivalent to around 25% of the country’s annual consumption.

11 December 2017

Mexico’s focus still on imports, not production

Mexico now imports more gas than it produces, and the official long-term prognosis for output is not promising.

11 December 2017
Manzanillo LNG terminal from above, Mexico.

Fishermen could scupper Mexico’s pipeline plans

Fishermen are opposing Mexico’s plan to lay a huge subsea pipeline that will import Texan gas, forcing the country to fast-track an LNG terminal.

6 December 2017

Colombia has modest gas-to-power plans

Gas-to-power will play a crucial role in backing up Colombia’s hydropower installations, but there are no plans to boost its modest share in the country’s overall mix.

4 December 2017
The Höegh Grace FSRU operates in Cartagena, Colombia.

LNG to meet Colombia’s gas-to-power needs by 2019

Colombia’s gas-to-power plants will burn only gas arriving as LNG from 2019, while domestic production will satisfy all other demand.

1 December 2017
The Manzanillo LNG terminal in Mexico.

Mexico to bring ‘Yucatán’ terminal online in 2018

Mexican authorities will shortly launch two tenders for a terminal that could be up and running by September 2018, easing shortages in the energy-hungry Yucatán peninsula.

1 December 2017
Neptune FSRU docking at Etki LNG terminal in Turkey.

LNG industry must focus on cost reduction – Vivier

Large LNG players are grappling with increasingly complex markets, but they can take comfort in the abundant cost-savings up for grabs.

29 November 2017
Gazprom rig in Bolivia

Gazprom seeks operator role in Bolivia

Gazprom already has minority stakes in a few Bolivian blocks, but it wants to call its own shots in the gas-rich Latin American country.

28 November 2017

Trinidad enjoys Juniper boost to gas production

BP’s Juniper project providing a much-needed boost for the Caribbean country, which is highly dependent on fields operated by the supermajor.

27 November 2017
Active rigs drilling for gas in Latin America

Latin American rig count ticks up in October

Gas-focused drilling increased slightly in Latin America during October, with 20 rigs operational in the region during the month.

24 November 2017
Container ship in the panama canal

El Salvador’s LNG-to-power to make strides in H1 2018

The Central American country is not banking on cheap supplies from the United States or Henry Hub-indexed fuel for its LNG-to-power project.

23 November 2017

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