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Chris Noon has reported on international affairs, finance and the European power markets for Forbes, Oxford Analytica, HSBC and most recently ICIS Heren. While at ICIS, he wrote news and analysis on the European power, gas, carbon and coal markets, with special expertise in French, German, Central and Eastern European and Russian power.

The Cameron LNG project in Louisiana. US LNG could compete with Russia in Europe. (Sempra LNG)

Experts play down prospect of US-Russia price war

Russia could keep Uncle Sam’s LNG at bay in Europe if it prices its gas exports at $5/MMBtu or less, a former CIA analyst says. However, Moscow is unlikely to be concerned.

25 May 2017

China is already a keen customer for US LNG

China is behind only Mexico and Chile in terms of demand for US LNG. However, it is paying top dollar for cargoes.

22 May 2017
An LNG tanker off the US coast. China has been reluctant to sign direct agreements with US LNG suppliers (FERC)

Trump’s China deal may signal boost for US exporters

US President Donald Trump’s quest for closer trade ties with China could be the boost his country’s LNG industry needs, experts say.

18 May 2017
Platform P-52 at Brazil’s Roncador field. Around 45% of the country’s gas output comes from the pre-salt. (Petrobras)

Brazil needs pre-salt gas plan to unleash potential

Pre-salt gas now constitutes around 45% of Brazil’s total gas production. However, huge volumes of the fuel are not making it to market.

16 May 2017

Confusion swirls over Bolivian exports

Bolivian authorities are no longer publishing daily gas export data. It could be related to a disagreement over exports with Argentina.

15 May 2017
The Höegh Grace FSRU, chartered by Colombia. The country may still build a second LNG import facility despite the recent offshore discoveries.  (Höegh)

Colombia banks on Caribbean bounty

Colombia, which is keeping the lights on with LNG imports, has made a vast find of offshore gas. But it could be several years before it can tap into the discovery.

9 May 2017

Argentina’s sea change on subsidies

Argentina is no longer propping up the consumer. Instead, the country’s gas producers received nearly 56% of energy sector subsidies in Q1 2017.

8 May 2017
A well in the Vaca Muerta formation. Argentina’s government has offered generous incentives to drill there. (YPF)

Argentina up against the clock in Vaca Muerta

Buenos Aires has rolled out the red carpet for producers in Vaca Muerta. However, companies will need to act fast for maximum rewards.

4 May 2017

Wind buffets Brazilian gas demand

Brazil has built nearly 10 GW of wind capacity over the last five years. However, a big sector needs big back-up.

4 May 2017
Petroleum Adviser Jan Mangal (centre), with Guyana’s minister of state and minister of natural resources. (MOTP)

Guyana mulls gas-to-power options

Guyana’s government is hatching a plan to feed associated gas from its massive offshore finds to a new power plant. The facility could power the entire country.

27 April 2017

Latin American drilling hits record low

Gas-focused drilling in Latin America continued its decline in March. There were 17 rigs drilling for gas in the region – the fewest number since records began in 1995.

27 April 2017
A Repsol offshore exploration rig. Repsol will be doing seismic for Guyana. (Repsol)

Guyana follows the Nordic blueprint

Guyana needs a plan for its huge offshore discoveries. The country’s petroleum adviser, Jan Mangal, is championing Norway as a role model.

27 April 2017
The Dunkirk LNG terminal, France. Regasification facilities in Europe are suffering from low utilisation rates. (EDF)

Fresh thinking needed for short-term LNG buyers

The next wave of LNG buyers want short-term contracts with plenty of flexibility. Does the industry have the financial tools to deal with them?

25 April 2017

Brazil may pay price for Q1 hydro binge

Brazil leaned heavily on its huge hydro dams in Q1 2017, but reservoir levels are dwindling and the country may soon be competing for spot LNG cargoes.

24 April 2017

Texan gas bonanza keeps growing

The latest assessment of recoverable gas in the Bossier and Haynesville formations is higher than proven resources in Saudi Arabia.

19 April 2017
Argentina’s Bahía Blanca LNG terminal. LNG imports are more expensive than Bolivian piped gas. (YPF)

Latin America no longer an LNG sinkhole – OIES

Brazil’s heavily reduced gas consumption will affect Argentina’s LNG imports because of the Southern Cone’s triangular trade.

11 April 2017

Argentina plays it safe on winter LNG

Buenos Aires has lined up 50 LNG cargoes for delivery over the colder months to ensure Argentines will stay warm during the winter.

10 April 2017
The Andrew rig off the coast of the UK. Kevin Ramnarine says Guyana could have 'another North Sea' on its doorstep. (BP)

Guyana’s associated gas glut will be a challenge

Guyana’s offshore discoveries will be a game-changer for the country, but monetising the huge volumes of associated gas could be difficult.

6 April 2017
Excelerate regasification vessels at Argentina's Bahia Blanca LNG terminal. (Argentine Energy Ministry)

Argentina waves goodbye to the LNG era

Latin LNG demand has vanished. But while this may mark the end of an era in Argentina, the jury is still out on Brazil.

4 April 2017

No big-league wins if Trump cuts fracking red tape

Opening up US federal land to fracking may lead to only modest gains in gas production, according to industry data.

3 April 2017

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