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Chris Noon has reported on international affairs, finance and the European power markets for Forbes, Oxford Analytica, HSBC and most recently ICIS Heren. While at ICIS, he wrote news and analysis on the European power, gas, carbon and coal markets, with special expertise in French, German, Central and Eastern European and Russian power.


Argentina’s explorers chase gas, not oil

Upstream activity has waned in Argentina, according to ministry data. But the numbers tell another story – it is more gas-focused than ever before.

27 March 2017
Former Neuquén Governor Jorge Sapag (right). Plans for the province have met resistance. (Govt of Neuquén)

Argentina’s new deal causes union bluster

Buenos Aires is seeking to relax strict health and safety rules for drillers in Vaca Muerta, but the country’s unions are not happy.

23 March 2017
Trinidad’s Hibiscus platform. The facility could soon receive gas from Venezuela’s Dragón field. (Shell)

Trinidad hails ‘landmark deal’ with Venezuela, Shell

Venezuela should be comfortable with a deal to export gas from its offshore Dragón field to Trinidad, experts say.

20 March 2017

Latin demand for US LNG dries up

Mexico was the only Latin American customer for US LNG in January, with summertime demand vanishing in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

20 March 2017
A tanker at the Guanabara LNG terminal. Brazil used less than 50% of its regas capacity in 2016. (Golar LNG)

Brazil seeks to kick life into idle LNG terminals

Brazil’s LNG terminals lay idle for much of 2016. The country needs new rules and new players to get things moving, says a Petrobras manager.

17 March 2017
Oil rigs in the Permian Basin, New Mexico. The area has vastly increased its oil and gas output. (PA)

Explorers deserve credit for Permian renaissance

Texas-based explorers are finding new layers of permeability in the Permian Basin, allowing them to boost gas production.

16 March 2017
Senator John Cornyn (left) speaking in Congress in 2014. (PA)

US-Mexico gas exports on NAFTA agenda – senator

US gas exports to Mexico will be a topic in the forthcoming NAFTA talks, a Texan senator has told Interfax Natural Gas Daily.

13 March 2017

Trinidad’s LNG production falling back to 2004 levels

Trinidad’s LNG production is now just above levels seen in 2004 – when the country had fewer liquefaction trains.

13 March 2017
Shell CEO Ben van Beurden at CERAWeek 2017 by IHS Markit (IHS Markit)

Shell CEO sunny on shale, warns of gathering storm

Shell has had a good month, in which it drilled Argentina’s cheapest-ever unconventional well. But the supermajor’s CEO had his mind on other matters on Thursday.

10 March 2017
Tellurian Chairman Charif Souki at the CERAWeek by IHS Markit conference. (IHS Markit)

Time to nurture demand, execs warn industry

Gas is cheap and abundant worldwide but needs careful management if demand is to grow, key figures tell conference delegates in Houston.

9 March 2017

Gas drilling falls in Latin America in February

Gas-focused drilling slumped in Latin America in February 2017 despite showing signs of life in January.

9 March 2017
A Pemex rig. Mexico is seeking to open up its midstream and upstream sectors. (Pemex)

Mexico is open for business – Pemex CEO

Pemex executives stole the show at the CERAWeek conference in Houston on Tuesday, but there was also plenty of optimism from supermajors for Latin America’s upstream sector.

8 March 2017
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, left, and Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray last week. (PA)

Beware of US-Mexico hot air, warns ex-US official

The risk that the US will cut off its gas supply to Mexico has been heavily exaggerated, one expert claims. Too much rides on energy ties.

28 February 2017

China’s Latin love affair continues

Brazil was the focus of Chinese lending in 2016 as Beijing eyes the Latin American country’s future oil production.

27 February 2017
Manzanillo LNG terminal, Mexico. The Panama Canal allows large vessels to reach it from the US. (Samsung C&T)

Uncle Sam wins in Mexico’s standoff with Peru

There is nothing like a supply risk to find out who your friends are, as Mexico has learned in recent months.

21 February 2017

Mexico swaps Peruvian LNG for US cargoes

Brazilian and Argentine demand for United States-produced LNG has vanished. However, Mexico is turning into Uncle Sam’s best customer.

20 February 2017
Drilling in the Vaca Muerta shale play. Shell believes Argentina should change its tax regime. (YPF)

Shell finds support for tough talk on Argentine tax

Shell thinks Vaca Muerta could be the next Permian Basin, but Argentina’s tax code is a bugbear for the Anglo-Dutch giant.

16 February 2017
A two-car diesel multiple unit Renfe Feve train. The pilot in Asturias will use a similar model. (Phil Richards/Flickr)

High hopes for Europe’s first LNG-powered train

A Spanish consortium hopes to show that huge emissions reductions can be made if Europe’s diesel-powered locomotives switch to LNG.

14 February 2017

Peru pivots from Mexico to Europe

Average royalties for Peru’s LNG exports have shrunk by more than 80% over the past three years.

13 February 2017
An FPSO in Brazil’s pre-salt basin. Volumes of gas produced are increasing, but CO2 is a problem. (Petrobras)

Brazil’s pre-salt gas blighted by high CO2 content

Brazil is pumping huge volumes of pre-salt gas, but it contains too much carbon dioxide. Julio Meneghini is working to solve the problem.

10 February 2017

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