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The Trans-Alaska pipeline.

China deal good news for AKLNG, but obstacles remain

Alaska LNG secured new backers during the US president’s trip to China, but the project still has hurdles to overcome.

9 November 2017 Americas / LNG

FERC starts to catch up with pipeline backlog

FERC has returned to the five-member quorum it needs to approve projects following a six-month shutdown.

6 November 2017 Americas / Policy & Regulation
gas plant in siberia

Russia could reduce extraction tax for Gazprom JVs

The Russian government is considering whether to amend its Mineral Extraction Tax, but such a move is far from straightforward.

3 November 2017 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
The Xijiang ENN 01, China’s first standardised LNG bunkering barge to provide ship-to-ship refuelling.

Poor economics hold back US LNG bunkering

LNG bunkering projects in the US are being stymied by poor economics and a lack of infrastructure.

18 September 2017 Americas / LNG

FERC’s long queue of projects waiting for approval

The US agency finally has enough members to restart its approval process, but faces a $50 billion backlog.

16 August 2017 Americas / LNG

NEB continues project approvals as closure is advised

Time may be running out for Canada’s National Energy Board, with two other agencies having been recommended to take its place.

28 July 2017 Americas / Policy & Regulation

United States on course for net exports by 2018 – EIA

US gas exports hit a record high in 2016 following the startup of the Sabine Pass LNG plant and growing pipeline demand from Mexico.

30 June 2017 Americas / Supply & Demand

Solar on track to compete with fossil fuels

Solar power is now cost-competitive with fossil fuels in the US, but the market’s growth will depend on a number of factors.

26 April 2017 Americas / Alternative Fuels

Trump proposes $2.6 billion EPA budget cuts

US state agencies are reeling in the face of swingeing budget cuts that could massively curtail their environmental programmes.

23 March 2017 Americas / Policy & Regulation

Handbags at Dawn over US pipeline exports

TransCanada is offering lower pipeline tariffs for producers in the west of the country to protect them from cheap gas exported from the US.

15 February 2017 Americas / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Canadian gas producers looking for new outlets

US shale gas is eating into the market share of Canadian gas producers, and with LNG projects a long way off new markets are needed.

24 January 2017 Americas / Supply & Demand

World Bank confident it can stop flaring by 2030

An initiative by the World Bank and its partners hopes to put an end to gas flaring by 2030, but rising oil production will make this difficult.

18 January 2017 World / Supply & Demand

Struggle continues for US LNG exporters

New trade routes have opened up for US LNG, but rising supply and modest growth mean exporters will still struggle in 2017.

24 November 2016 Americas / LNG

Diverse panel to review Canada energy regulator

The National Energy Board has acquired a poor reputation, but a newly appointed panel aims to find ways to restore trust.

17 November 2016 Americas / Policy & Regulation

What to expect from Trump’s energy policies

Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election on Tuesday has prompted many questions over the future of energy policies and projects in the US.

10 November 2016 Americas / Policy & Regulation

New reforms planned for Canada’s energy regulator

Canada’s National Energy Board has come under scrutiny from critics, but the government is countering this with a proposed restructure.

8 November 2016 Americas / Policy & Regulation

Gazprom plans to produce 427 bcm of gas in 2017

Gazprom plans to produce about 17 bcm more gas next year compared with 2016, with output rising again in 2018 and 2019.

8 November 2016 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

Retrofits may be the key to US coal’s longevity

Carbon capture and storage still has work to do if it is to make coal power competitive against cheap gas and tightening emissions standards.

26 October 2016 Americas / Alternative Fuels

Fed proposes commodity limits on banks

Investment banks in the United States could be required to hold on to extra capital before being allowed to trade in physical commodities.

6 October 2016 Americas / Policy & Regulation

The Clean Power Plan struggle

The US Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia Circuit began hearing the case against the EPA's Clean Power Plan this week.

29 September 2016 Americas / Policy & Regulation

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