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Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Pakistan’s interim prime minister. (PA)

Pakistan’s new leader could boost use of LNG

Pakistan’s former energy minister is now its interim prime minister, a move that could support use of imported gas.

9 August 2017
The KG-D6 onshore gas terminal. Gas struggles to make a profit in India because of low prices. (Niko Resources)

Indian government considers domestic gas hub

India’s plans for a gas trading hub could improve liquidity and help set sensible prices, but supply may be an issue.

25 July 2017
The Tapti platform in India. The OALP should encourage exploration. (Shell)

India hopes to attract explorers with revamped licensing

India has launched its first oil and gas bidding round through its Open Acreage Licensing Policy, with the intention of making the country more attractive to explorers.

3 July 2017
The onshore gas terminal for India’s KG-D6 project. (Niko Resources)

India’s Goods and Services Tax is bad news for gas

Gas is likely to be the loser when India’s new GST regime comes into force in July, with profit margins in danger of being squeezed.

19 June 2017
India’s LNG market may not be mature enough to warrant a price index. (Petronet)

SGX’s new DKI index meets with scepticism

Indian LNG buyers and analysts are unconvinced by Singapore’s new LNG index, saying the country’s market is not mature enough to warrant it.

10 May 2017
The onshore terminal for the KG-D6 block. Output from the block has been lower than expected. (Niko Resources)

End of gas power subsidies will hit Indian demand

The end of a subsidy for LNG used by the power sector could reduce India’s demand for gas as a whole, industry players and experts say.

21 April 2017
Coal mining in Jharia, India. The country wants to boost its CBM output but is facing problems. (PA)

India gives CBM producers a boost

Official backing for marketing CBM is welcome news for India’s unconventional developers, but they still face an uphill struggle.

29 March 2017
Solar panels in India. The cost of the technology is falling rapidly. (PA)

Falling solar costs leave gas in the balance in India

Gas could play a role as a balancing fuel in India as the cost of solar continues to fall, but technological progress could make it unnecessary.

1 March 2017
Excelerate’s FSRU is one of four planned LNG terminals in Bangladesh. (Excelerate)

Is Bangladesh going overboard on regas?

Plans for Bangladesh’s first onshore LNG terminal have left some in the country’s energy industry worried about a potential oversupply of LNG.

6 February 2017
Essar’s 500 MW gas-fired power plant at Hazira, Gujarat. India’s power demand is expected to increase. (Essar)

India’s power plans underestimate gas demand

India’s National Electricity Plan may be overestimating the role of hydro in future power generation and underestimating gas demand.

16 January 2017
A coal-fired power plant under construction in India. New emissions rules will make coal power more expensive. (PA)

New emission rules to boost Indian gas-fired power

Stricter rules on emissions in India will make coal more expensive and increase the appeal of gas-fired power.

13 December 2016
Auto rickshaws in New Delhi. The Indian government hopes gas will reduce transport sector pollution. (PA)

India aiming to boost use of LNG as transport fuel

Increasing calls to reduce air pollution in India’s urban centres are causing the government to throw its weight behind LNG as a transport fuel.

29 November 2016
The onshore gas terminal for the KG-D6 field. A holistic approach to gas is needed, analysts say. (Niko Resources)

New pipeline to open up India’s eastern market

Eastern India’s gas market should see a boost from a $2 billion pipeline planned for the region, but long-term pricing reform may still be needed.

15 November 2016
The Hazira LNG terminal. India may not be a significant market for US LNG. (Hazira LNG and port)

Indian LNG renegotiations spook US exporters

The renegotiation of India’s LNG contracts is causing anxiety for US exporters, but they may have no cause for concern.

31 October 2016
A rig off the Indian coast. IOCs have been reluctant to bid in the country’s latest licensing round. (BG Group)

India delays deadline for small fields auction

Despite widespread initial interest at the launch of India’s latest licensing round in May, it appears IOCs are staying away from its upstream.

20 October 2016
A solid-oxide fuel-cell stack. The technology is proving attractive as a reliable back-up supply. (Bloom Energy)

US firm tests gas-based fuel cells in India

New fuel cell technology is proving attractive to Indian industries because it could provide a secure back-up power system.

3 October 2016
The KG-D6 terminal. Gas will not be subject to India’s new tax when it comes into force next year. (Niko Resources)

Gas temporarily excluded from Indian tax reforms

India has simplified its tax code, but gas and other petroleum products will have to wait before the changes apply.

16 September 2016
The KG-D6 onshore gas terminal. India’s renewable energy plans will be good for gas. (Niko Resources)

New Indian energy policy to bolster gas

India is expected to focus on renewables as part of its new energy policy, meaning more gas will be needed as a back-up fuel.

31 August 2016
A fertiliser factory in Mumbai. The sector may boost gas demand in India. (PA)

India faces headwinds to LNG expansion plans

India has big plans to increase its regasification capacity, but factors such as cheap coal and a lack of infrastructure are proving problematic.

16 August 2016
A tanker of LNG for Petronet. Gail’s renegotiation follows a new agreement between Petronet and RasGas. (Petronet)

Gail/Gazprom renegotiation reflects strategic aims

Gail’s attempts to renegotiate its contract with Gazprom show the countries’ geopolitical interest as well as the larger shift in Asia’s LNG market toward gas-based pricing.

1 August 2016

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