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An FSRU could supply fuel to other ships that visit Cork. (William Murphy, Flickr)

Ireland’s $350 million FSRU still three years away

Plans to install an FSRU in the Irish port of Cork could see a vessel ordered next year, with startup in 2020.

3 August 2017
The Corrib gas field started up in 2015. (Shell E&P Ireland)

Ireland to launch gas trading platform

Ireland’s gas output is showing signs of oversupplying domestic demand. A spot trading platform is being considered to absorb the extra gas.

13 February 2017
An Irish gas-fired power station. Ireland’s gas supply has been in the spotlight after Brexit. (Synergen)

Ireland mulls FSRU solution to counter Brexit

Brexit means Ireland’s energy supply security is becoming a major unknown, but LNG and gas storage could form part of Dublin’s solution.

8 February 2017
The shape of Irish power generation infrastructure by 2018

Irish power market laws to boost gas and renewables

Combined-cycle gas turbines and renewables should benefit the most from Ireland’s efforts to adopt the EU’s Third Energy Package.

5 December 2016
A Sonatrach rig in Algeria. Experts say the company will have to step up its exploration efforts. (Sonatrach)

Woodmac confident Algerian projects will go ahead

Existing partnerships and greater involvement by state-run Sonatrach are expected to keep Algeria’s gas production ticking over.

23 November 2016
Regions in Ireland’s 2015 licensing round. The country’s offshore sector still has a way to go.

Slow and steady could win the race for Irish offshore

Despite a lack of investment, the mood in Ireland’s offshore remains upbeat as target exploration wells are making themselves known – albeit slowly.

2 November 2016
Total initiated arbitration proceedings against Sonatrach in May. (Sonatrach)

IOCs may struggle following Algerian tax ruling

The announcement that a tax dispute in Algeria has ended with a major victory for Sonatrach may be bad news for other IOCs challenging the state-run company.

26 October 2016
A Sound Energy well in Morocco. The company has had promising test results in the Tendrara field. (Sound Energy)

Morocco could be on gas map by 2019

Sound Energy has had encouraging results in Morocco’s Tendrara field and is on the road to bringing it to production.

11 October 2016
Tunisians outside the UGTT Union marking the anniversary of the Arab Spring. (PA)

Petrofac’s threats to quit Tunisia are getting old

After nine months of production stoppages in Chergui, Tunisia is scrambling to reverse Petrofac’s alleged decision to leave by striking a last-minute deal with the unions.

23 September 2016
An Algerian gas well. The country’s domestic production is dropping. (Gazprom)

Algeria looks to nuclear and shale for long term

Algeria’s dwindling gas production has encouraged it to consider nuclear and shale to generate electricity, but both would be challenging.

20 September 2016
A Tunisian power plant. The country is building gas-fired facilities to meet peak demand. (Dana Smillie/World Bank)

Gas set to continue to dominate Tunisian power

Although Tunisia plans to increase the share of renewables in its energy mix, the position of gas will be secure for a while yet, experts say.

16 August 2016
Winstar Tunisia produces gas at Zinnia in the north of the country. (Serinus Energy)

Tunisia aims to offer best tax deal around

The Tunisian government will hope its newly drafted hydrocarbons code can help revitalise its fledgling gas sector despite public protests and an impending government reshuffle.

8 August 2016
The area for the Irish Atlantic Margin Licensing Round.

Irish E&P player hints at major gas potential

If Providence Resources' Newgrange prospect delivers the goods it could be twice the size of Leman, the UK’s largest gas field.

3 August 2016
A well in Algeria. The country is finding it hard to attract foreign investment. (Gazprom)

Algeria could be importing LNG in 20 years’ time

Algeria urgently needs regulatory reform to attract foreign investment, says former energy minister Nordine Ait-Laoussine.

12 July 2016
Minestro’s Deep Green technology is one of a number that could get involved in Ireland’s tidal sector. (Minestro)

Ocean energy aims to compete with wind by 2018

The predictability of wave and tidal electricity could see it reduce the need for the use of gas-fired power for baseload generation.

4 July 2016

IOCs driving gas project completions in Algeria

Despite delays and funding gaps, Sonatrach’s plans to bring first gas to its projects in southwestern Algeria are beginning to bear fruit.

3 June 2016
A well in Algeria. A new report says the country will find it hard to offset falling production. (Anadarko)

Days of ‘easy and cheap’ Algerian gas are over

New projects cannot make up for the rapid decline in Algerian gas reserves, according to a report by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

23 May 2016
A rig at the In Salah field. The project suffered a rocket attack in March. (Jon Gaute Espevold/Statoil)

BP and Statoil seek better terms in Algeria

High production costs have forced Algeria’s hand to negotiate better terms for IOCs in the face of security concerns at facilities such as In Salah.

4 May 2016
The route of the South Tunisian Gas Pipeline.

Tunisia’s north-south gas pipeline faces delays

Territorial disputes have forced ETAP and OMV to ‘rearrange’ the pipe-laying schedule for the South Tunisian Gas Pipeline, sources have said.

22 April 2016
Fracking in Colorado. Veterans are increasingly moving up from blue-collar jobs to managerial positions. (PA)

Oil and gas sector in need of military discipline

Ex-service personnel are increasingly moving up the management ranks in oil and gas companies to lead efficiency programmes.

22 March 2016

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