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LPG offers low-carbon option for developed countries

The World LPG Association has argued that LPG could play a bigger role in transitioning developed countries to low-carbon energy sources.

3 October 2018
The Blue Corridor rally in 2012 Gas for Transport

EU Blue Corridors project to close

The initiative aimed to bolster LNG as a fuel for road transport, but seems to have stopped short of its destination.

6 June 2018
The Oman LNG facility in Qalhat near Sur Gas for Transport

Oman bunkering hub faces hurdles

Total plans to tap gas resources in Oman to supply an LNG bunkering hub in the region.

30 May 2018
COP23 in Bonn. Gas for Transport

Cities set the pace on decarbonisation and air quality

Cities are increasingly finding themselves at the forefront of combating climate change as they work to improve their air quality.

15 November 2017
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Hybrids will dominate in drive to electrify vehicle fleets

As emissions standards tighten, car manufacturers are promoting both hybrids and electric vehicles. This may slow the switch away from traditional fuels such as petrol and diesel.

19 July 2017
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IEA at odds with industry consensus on EV growth

Divergent forecasts of fossil fuel demand over the next 20-30 years reflect sharply different perceptions of how many electric cars will be on the roads.

22 March 2017

Interesting times for gas in China

China’s gas market development will have implications for gas globally. The prospects for development are explored in this contributed feature from Gaffney Cline & Associates.

20 February 2017
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Gas in transport will survive low oil prices

The sudden drop in oil prices may have been a blow to gas-for-transport demand, but initiatives are under way worldwide that could see gas win out eventually.

4 May 2016
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US LNG exports unlikely to compete in Europe

With the first LNG shipment from the US now delivered, the sustainability of the country’s export model has come under scrutiny.

17 March 2016
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Gazprom to go forth and diversify – Komlev

Gazprom Export’s Sergei Komlev talks to Global Gas Analytics about US LNG exports, Europe’s falling gas demand and the company’s plans for greater diversification into Asia and the LNG sector.

15 July 2015
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Gas in transport – still driving forward

The low oil price is delaying the development of gas as a transport fuel in Europe, but the situation will not last.

22 April 2015
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Expect plenty of surplus LNG – Total’s Broggi

The global LNG market will turn into a buyers’ market beyond 2020, says Guy Broggi, senior LNG adviser at France’s Total. Until then, portfolio companies will provide additional flexible LNG to the highest bidders.

4 September 2014
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The road ahead is clear for gas-fuelled transport

The use of gas as a fuel for road freight in the UK and Europe remains in its infancy – but LNG supplier BOC sees the market taking off from next year.

21 August 2014
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Kickstarting gas in transport

Interfax held a seminar on gas in transport in London in July. Peter Stewart summarises the key issues in the debate.

19 August 2014
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NGV growth steps up a gear in China

Supported by strong political measures, the proportion of China’s gas consumption used by the transport sector is expected to rise to 13.2% by 2018, according to the International Energy Agency.

19 March 2014
Gas for Transport

Shale gas may be double-edged sword for refining

In an article first published in the Oxford Energy Forum, Interfax chief energy analyst Peter Stewart argues shale gas may have a negative impact on the refining sector.

20 August 2013

NGVs in Europe – considerable potential

With the right government support, the potential for NGVs in Europe is significant.

21 May 2013

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