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Greenstream receiving terminal, Sicily. (Eni) Exploration & Production

Italian gas and future flows in Europe

Italy is already a major European gas market, and as new import infrastructure commissions, its importance as a trading hub and transit country is set to grow.

23 August 2018
Nigeria's Bonny Island LNG plant Exploration & Production

Non-associated gas to buoy Nigeria’s LNG exports

Nigeria’s focus on non-associated gas means brighter prospects are in store for its production and exports of the fuel.

31 July 2018
A well in the Etinde permit LNG

Cameroon heralds a new era of African LNG exports

The start of LNG exports from Cameroon in May could accelerate the development of FLNG projects in Africa and boost domestic gas utilisation in the country.

5 June 2018
Bonny Island LNG, Nigeria. Supply & Demand

Nigeria sets sights on greater gas utilisation

Nigeria’s LNG exports and domestic gas consumption will receive support from the government’s policy-based approach to greater commercialisation of the fuel.

22 December 2017
BBLT platform off Angola LNG

OPEC deal a boon to West African LNG exports

OPEC’s oil output cap will continue to support LNG exports from West Africa, but the region’s suppliers are also exploring other ways to boost their LNG trade.

6 November 2017
Offshore oil and gas platform Supply & Demand

North Africa: Boost in LNG and gas exports on the cards

Rising gas production in North Africa will propel growth in the region’s gas and LNG exports despite increasing gas demand in countries such as Egypt.

29 September 2017
Disouq project, Egypt Supply & Demand

Egypt’s LNG trade turning full circle

Key upstream projects coming online ahead of schedule mean Egypt will be self-sufficient in gas production sooner than anticipated, which will also favour its LNG exports.

22 September 2017
Supply & Demand

Equatorial Guinea to face perils of spot LNG

Equatorial Guinea’s overreliance on spot LNG risks deterring interest in the proposed Fortuna FLNG project.

21 August 2017
Supply & Demand

MEA LNG suppliers pin hopes on Latin America

MEA LNG suppliers, led by Qatar, are taking steps to consolidate their positions in Latin America’s LNG market

26 June 2017
Supply & Demand

Algeria’s gas trade hinges on contract flexibility

Algeria is gradually opting for flexible gas and LNG contracts as competition intensifies and prices remain low.

23 March 2017
Supply & Demand

Middle East and Africa’s reliance on FSRUs to deepen

Growing gas-to-power demand in the MEA region is boosting the popularity of floating LNG import technology, but they may not be a long-term solution.

20 December 2016
Supply & Demand

Ghana leads sub-Saharan Africa’s FSRU race

Ghana is moving ahead with two FSRU projects at the Port of Tema as the country diversifies its power-generation portfolio.

2 December 2016
Supply & Demand

Nigerian LNG exports under pressure

Infrastructure sabotage and maintenance, combined with weak LNG demand from Northeast Asia and Latin America, are weighing on Nigerian LNG exports.

9 September 2016
Supply & Demand

Angolan LNG susceptible to oil prices

The success of Angolan LNG will hinge on oil prices because of the country’s excessive dependence on associated gas feedstock for LNG production.

7 July 2016
Supply & Demand

Libya’s gas sector descends into chaos

The worsening civil unrest in Libya is having dire consequences for domestic gas production and distribution, the integrity of Libya’s NOC, and pipeline gas exports to Italy.

21 May 2015
Supply & Demand

Yemen’s investment landscape worsens

Yemen is going through turbulent times that may reduce its oil and gas exports. The country must make structural reforms if it is to sustain exports in the longer term.

19 March 2015
Exploration & Production

Oil price drop hitting Nigerian LNG

Nigeria’s market share of LNG is threatened by a prolonged period of low oil prices, which will also dent IOCs interest in the country’s oil and gas sector.

22 January 2015
Exploration & Production

Algerian gas prospects face regulatory hurdles

Unfavourable clauses in Algeria’s hydrocarbon law remain obstacles to the increased participation of IOCs in the country’s oil and gas sector.

24 September 2014
Supply & Demand

North Africa tightening global LNG supply

Falling gas production and increasing domestic demand in North Africa will constrain global LNG supply over the next few years.

23 April 2014
Exploration & Production

Challenges ahead for gas in South Africa

Despite its vast shale resources, gas will struggle to gain popularity in South Africa because of the lack of infrastructure and the dominance of coal in the country.

17 December 2013

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