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Colin Shek directs editorial coverage of China's natural gas sector as the China news editor, and is also the Shanghai bureau chief for Interfax news agency. He joined the bureau in late 2010 and has reported on several industries in China including technology, telecommunications, media and agriculture. In the UK, he was a corporate finance journalist for a business-to-business magazine in Birmingham.

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chinese fracking site

Clock ticking for gas to make impact in China

Gas must play a major role in China’s energy mix by the early 2030s or risk being displaced by the rise of renewables.

13 December 2017
chinese gas storage facility

China left with few options to solve gas supply crisis

China has paused an aggressive gasification campaign to stave off a gas supply crisis in northern regions, but limited supply capacity means shortages are likely to persist.

11 December 2017
Turkmen gas infrastructure

China in talks with Turkmenistan to avert supply crunch

China is in urgent talks to restore its Turkmen gas imports to normal levels to avoid shortages.

6 December 2017
ENN gas tanks.

China to maintain strong gas growth to 2020 – ENN

City gas distributor ENN Energy has added its weight to the view that booming Chinese demand growth this year will not be a one-off.

29 November 2017
LNG tanker at ningbo terminal in china

LNG market to sidestep shortages in 2020s – Inpex

Some experts are predicting that there will be no global LNG shortage in the middle of the next decade, contrary to other forecasts.

28 November 2017
A gas-fired power station in Beijing.

China to dominate gas demand growth to 2040 – IEA

China is set to step on the gas over the next two decades, with a tripling in demand helping it to become the world’s second-largest market for the fuel.

14 November 2017
tanker at hainan lng terminal in china

US LNG to China still uncertain despite new pacts

Donald Trump may have left Beijing with promises by the Chinese to buy American LNG, but China will remain cautious of committing to deals.

13 November 2017
chinese oil rigs

PetroChina’s dash to gas in step with clean air push

China’s biggest oil company is shifting its upstream portfolio to gas as it moves to meet Beijing’s demand for blue skies.

6 November 2017
A JOVO LNG truck in China.

China looks to new LNG importers as demand booms

A growing number of independent players in China are looking to import LNG, buoyed by an aggressive gasification campaign that will keep demand high.

1 November 2017
A flow station offshore Indonesia.

Southeast Asian gas demand growth to slow – IEA

The rate of gas demand growth in Southeast Asia will more than halve over the period to 2040, the IEA says.

24 October 2017
First LNG delivered to Singapore’s LNG terminal.

Singapore moves on solar but LNG to remain dominant

Singapore relies on gas to generate the bulk of its electricity, but solar energy could quickly ramp up as the country is looking to boost its use of renewables.

23 October 2017
Sinopec’s LNG terminal in Beihai.

China gas boom to trigger new ‘LNG super-cycle’

Chinese importers need to start contracting for more LNG to avoid a supply shortfall early next decade that could spark a new ‘super-cycle’ in export projects.

18 October 2017
A coal-fired power plant in China.

End of CTG switching may puncture China’s gas growth

China’s gas demand boom could be short-lived as coal-to-gas switching, the main contributing factor, will eventually fizzle out.

2 October 2017
Chinese gas-fired power station

Clean coal poses questions for China’s gas power fleet

China’s gas-fired power generators risk conceding their green advantage to clean coal if they do not address nitrogen pollution.

28 September 2017
Sinopec's Lichuan gas processing plant in Hubei province.

Winter chill to drive up China prices, imports

Chinese gas demand is surging under Beijing’s drive to clear the nation’s notoriously smoggy skies, which could put supplies under strain this winter.

11 September 2017
ENN Energy Holdings citygas gas storage

China price cut aims to maintain demand momentum

The benchmark gas price cut will shave nearly $1 billion off fuel costs for the non-residential sector and help ensure China’s gas demand stays healthy entering winter.

4 September 2017

Chinese NOCs accelerate shift to gas in H1

China’s majors continued to scale back crude output in favour of gas in H1 2017 – driven by Beijing’s clean energy focus.

29 August 2017

Sinopec eyes north China prize with new pipeline

State-owned Sinopec is making a move on the prized northern China gas market, which is primed for long-term growth as coal falls out of favour.

23 August 2017

China gas demand on course for double-digit growth

China’s energy watchdog has thrown its weight behind growing optimism over China’s gas demand, which looks set to surge back to double-digit growth this year.

21 August 2017

Key players to shun China’s latest shale auction

China’s first auction of a shale gas exploration licence in nearly four years is not expected to draw significant interest from the country’s NOCs.

31 July 2017

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