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Colin Shek directs editorial coverage of China's natural gas sector as the China news editor, and is also the Shanghai bureau chief for Interfax news agency. He joined the bureau in late 2010 and has reported on several industries in China including technology, telecommunications, media and agriculture. In the UK, he was a corporate finance journalist for a business-to-business magazine in Birmingham.

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Sinopec’s LNG terminal in Beihai.

China gas boom to trigger new ‘LNG super-cycle’

Chinese importers need to start contracting for more LNG to avoid a supply shortfall early next decade that could spark a new ‘super-cycle’ in export projects.

18 October 2017
A coal-fired power plant in China.

End of CTG switching may puncture China’s gas growth

China’s gas demand boom could be short-lived as coal-to-gas switching, the main contributing factor, will eventually fizzle out.

2 October 2017
Chinese gas-fired power station

Clean coal poses questions for China’s gas power fleet

China’s gas-fired power generators risk conceding their green advantage to clean coal if they do not address nitrogen pollution.

28 September 2017
Sinopec's Lichuan gas processing plant in Hubei province.

Winter chill to drive up China prices, imports

Chinese gas demand is surging under Beijing’s drive to clear the nation’s notoriously smoggy skies, which could put supplies under strain this winter.

11 September 2017
ENN Energy Holdings citygas gas storage

China price cut aims to maintain demand momentum

The benchmark gas price cut will shave nearly $1 billion off fuel costs for the non-residential sector and help ensure China’s gas demand stays healthy entering winter.

4 September 2017

Chinese NOCs accelerate shift to gas in H1

China’s majors continued to scale back crude output in favour of gas in H1 2017 – driven by Beijing’s clean energy focus.

29 August 2017

Sinopec eyes north China prize with new pipeline

State-owned Sinopec is making a move on the prized northern China gas market, which is primed for long-term growth as coal falls out of favour.

23 August 2017

China gas demand on course for double-digit growth

China’s energy watchdog has thrown its weight behind growing optimism over China’s gas demand, which looks set to surge back to double-digit growth this year.

21 August 2017

Key players to shun China’s latest shale auction

China’s first auction of a shale gas exploration licence in nearly four years is not expected to draw significant interest from the country’s NOCs.

31 July 2017

Low investment clouds China CBM outlook

China will struggle to hit its CBM output targets as investment in developing the unconventional gas lags behind shale and other sources.

26 July 2017

China gas demand on pace for record growth in 2017

Demand for domestic and imported gas is rising faster than expected, putting China on track to boost consumption by a record amount this year.

17 July 2017

Higher returns cap placates Chinese gas distributors

Lobbying by China’s urban gas distributors has paid off, after the Chinese government announced a more favourable limit on investment returns.

28 June 2017

China treading cautiously on oil and gas reforms

China’s recently released guidelines for oil and gas reform have been criticised for failing to move the needle, but one expert argues they’ve fulfilled their purpose.

21 June 2017

JOVO blazes trail for China with landmark offload

The group’s successful ship-to-ship transfer of LNG could allow it to import the fuel from a wider variety of sources.

12 June 2017

Chinese distributors play down impact of returns cap

China’s biggest city gas operators say recent regulatory uncertainty will not have a major impact on their operations.

5 June 2017

Finance issues loom as new China LNG buyers emerge

Chinese LNG buyers are joining the global shift towards shorter supply contracts, but this strategy could backfire in the long run.

22 May 2017

Industry plays down China’s demand for US LNG

Last week’s agreement between the US and China has paved the way for increasing LNG trade between the two countries, but a boom in US exports is not expected anytime soon.

17 May 2017

Beijing struggles to promote direct gas pricing

Beijing is keen to see more buyers and sellers negotiate gas costs as part of pricing reforms, but vested interests are thwarting the plans.

15 May 2017

Cautious China mulls US LNG import ramp-up

Chinese importers continue to look past US projects for LNG supply, but interest in American volumes is picking up.

8 May 2017

China hits pause on Uzbek imports in first quarter

A stoppage in Uzbek volumes and lower Turkmen transmissions dragged down China’s pipeline imports for the second quarter in a row in Q1.

3 May 2017

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