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Colin Shek directs editorial coverage of China's natural gas sector as the China news editor, and is also the Shanghai bureau chief for Interfax news agency. He joined the bureau in late 2010 and has reported on several industries in China including technology, telecommunications, media and agriculture. In the UK, he was a corporate finance journalist for a business-to-business magazine in Birmingham.

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Welding the first joint of Power of Siberia in September 2014. (Gazprom)

China in no rush for second major Russian gas deal

China’s readiness to sign new long-term gas supply contracts does not necessarily mean a second major gas deal is on the cards for Russia.

14 March 2018
Drilling for tight gas in Changbei, China.

China revives interest in tight gas subsidy

China may turn to subsidies to unlock even more output from its massive tight gas reserves, as Beijing looks to boost domestic gas production to meet soaring demand.

21 February 2018
Amos Hochstein was formerly the US special envoy for international energy affairs.

US-China LNG trade set for growth as demand booms

Houston-based Tellurian thinks the fastest-growing LNG market and the fastest-growing LNG supplier have ‘good compatibility’.

19 February 2018
An FSRU vessel.

FSRU firms must break ready-made mould – Mitsui

Ready-made FSRUs have won a reputation for flexibility and mobility, but the evolving requirements of LNG buyers mean tailor-made solutions will be needed.

7 February 2018
An artist’s rendering of the Jordan Cove plant.

US LNG paving the way for global gas market – Jera

LNG from the US, emerging as a dominant global producer, is giving rise to a globally integrated gas market, according to the head of Jera.

6 February 2018
Arctic activities by Russia’s Rosneft.

China’s Arctic ambitions no clearer after white paper

China’s new Arctic policy paper has sketched its interest in the frontier region, but Beijing’s endgame remains ambiguous.

2 February 2018
Gas storage tanks in China.

Hebei to push ahead with CTG switching – official

Hebei province, home to most of China’s smoggiest cities, will continue to approve new coal-to-gas conversions despite recent reports of a project freeze.

31 January 2018
Sinopec's LNG terminal in Beihai, Guangxi.

China sees boom in US LNG as gas imports swell

The volume of US LNG delivered to China jumped in 2017 as part of a broader strengthening in Chinese gas imports.

29 January 2018
Offloading oil at Made island port, Myanmar, to supply the China-Myanmar oil pipeline.

China revives interest in Myanmar LNG terminal

Growing domestic demand for Myanmar’s gas output could be behind Chinese interest in building an LNG terminal in the country.

24 January 2018
City gas storage tanks for China's ENN.

Pipeline puts ENN terminal startup date in doubt

A pipeline wrangle between ENN Group and Zhejiang’s local gas distribution monopoly may delay the launch of China’s latest private LNG terminal.

22 January 2018
A gas storage facility near Beijing.

CNPC offers more sober China gas growth assessment

China’s top gas producer expects the country to just about sustain double-digit growth this year, in contrast to more-optimistic recent predictions.

17 January 2018
Pollution in Beijing.

China to build on gas demand growth in 2018

The impressive growth seen last year will continue as China pushes on with the switch away from coal.

15 January 2018
The Ningxia LNG plant.

Chinese LNG prices cool as winter gas crunch eases

LNG prices have fallen sharply in northern China amid an easing supply crunch, reduced demand and intensifying government scrutiny of gas suppliers.

8 January 2018
The Hainan LNG terminal

China poised to catch South Korea in LNG imports

Surging LNG imports have put China on course to surpass South Korea in purchases, and the country could topple Japan as the world’s biggest buyer by the middle of the next decade.

3 January 2018
BASF chemical plant in Chongqing.

Downstream bears brunt of China’s gas supply crunch

LNG, chemicals and manufacturing have been hurt by China’s botched effort to cut coal use, as authorities diverted gas away from industry for residential heating use.

2 January 2018
Snow on rooftops in Zhengzhou, Hebei province in China

China’s smog clearing efforts bring winter chills

Beijing botched efforts to boost CTG switching this year by failing to ensure sufficient gas supplies, leaving schools and hospitals short.

21 December 2017
A gas storage facility in Changbei, China.

China hands gas key role in winter heating

Policymakers want half of northern China heated by clean energy during winter within two years.

18 December 2017
chinese fracking site

Clock ticking for gas to make impact in China

Gas must play a major role in China’s energy mix by the early 2030s or risk being displaced by the rise of renewables.

13 December 2017
chinese gas storage facility

China left with few options to solve gas supply crisis

China has paused an aggressive gasification campaign to stave off a gas supply crisis in northern regions, but limited supply capacity means shortages are likely to persist.

11 December 2017
Turkmen gas infrastructure

China in talks with Turkmenistan to avert supply crunch

China is in urgent talks to restore its Turkmen gas imports to normal levels to avoid shortages.

6 December 2017

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