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Colin Shek directs editorial coverage of China's natural gas sector as the China news editor, and is also the Shanghai bureau chief for Interfax news agency. He joined the bureau in late 2010 and has reported on several industries in China including technology, telecommunications, media and agriculture. In the UK, he was a corporate finance journalist for a business-to-business magazine in Birmingham.

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Work proceeds on the Datang Fuxin coal-to-gas plant in Inner Mongolia. (Fuxin government)

China warms to CTG to boost energy security

After cooling on the controversial process in 2014-2015, it seems coal-to-gas is back on the agenda for Beijing.

18 April 2017
Laying the second West-East Pipeline. PetroChina may further reform its pipeline assets. (CNPC)

China’s gas giants gear up for big budget boost

After paring back budgets for the past three years, China’s state oil groups plan to resume capital spending amid firmer energy prices.

3 April 2017
ENN has said its tariffs are negotiated commercially with customers, and it is happy to comply with the SAIC. (ENN)

China city gas faces market abuse crackdown

China’s biggest city gas distributors are confident of not getting caught up in a crackdown on anticompetitive practices in utility markets, which will include the city gas sector.

1 June 2016
Chinese President Xi Jinping at the China-Africa summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, in December 2015. (PA)

Mozambique’s Great Gas Road

A $6 billion project for a gas pipeline from southern Mozambique to South Africa looks more feasible with Chinese financing, but do the economics stack up?

14 March 2016
A Chinese shale gas liquefaction plant. The country looks set to miss its shale output target. (Jereh Oilfield Services)

China’s gas demand crunch is cause for concern

China’s unexpectedly soft gas demand has changed the dynamics of the global gas market this year, and its potential as a future growth-driver is uncertain.

22 December 2015
BG Group Chief Executive Helge Lund: the oil price crash has ‘prompted us to confront the brutal facts’. (BG Group)

Oil and gas business model is ‘unsustainable’ – BG head

Speaking at Gastech in Singapore, Helge Lund said the oil and gas industry must confront the ‘brutal facts’ and develop a sustainable business model.

27 October 2015
BG Group’s Methane Kari Elin delivers first LNG to Singapore’s LNG terminal in 2013. (BG Group)

Singapore plans secondary trading market as hub emerges

Singapore will look to European countries such as Belgium and the UK for guidance in establishing a domestic gas trading market, as it looks to pull ahead in the race to become Asia’s main gas hub.

26 October 2015
CNOOC, Sinopec and PetroChina have so far stayed out of the wave of deal making spurred on by low oil prices. (CNOOC)

Low oil prices lure China’s NOCs back into M&A

The allure of the lowest crude oil prices in six years could tempt China’s energy giants to spend again on overseas acquisitions, despite a sharp decline in profit in the first half of 2015.

28 August 2015
Shinzo Abe (left) and Xi Jinping reaching out at the APEC summit in Beijing last November. (PA)

China and Japan: re-opening old wounds

Relations between China and Japan looked as if they were thawing recently, but the resurfacing of a dispute over maritime borders has plunged them back into the ice.

31 July 2015

Australia passes Qatar as China’s top LNG supplier

The ramp-up of BG Group’s Queensland Curtis LNG project helped Australia overtake Qatar as China’s biggest LNG supplier in H1.

29 July 2015
Changqing oilfield in the Ordos Basin. China’s gas demand has fallen short of forecasts. (PetroChina)

China oil and gas braces for ugly earnings season

China’s earnings season is preparing to get into full swing, with potentially bad news for investors in major oil and gas companies around the corner.

28 July 2015

China’s H1 gas demand figures disappoint

China’s gas demand in the first half of this year fell far short of forecasts. Demand growth has slowed because of the struggling economy and the mispricing of gas, which runs at a premium to oil.

28 July 2015
Wang Dongjin (left), vice president of CNPC, with Gazprom’s CEO Alexei Miller at the signing of the agreement. (PA)

China-Russia HOA ‘a face-saving act’ – OIES academic

China and Russia have hammered out the main commercial and technical terms for gas supply along the western route, but the road towards a final contract is littered with obstacles – not least the problem of price.

11 May 2015
The latest Russia-China gas deal will supply gas via the ‘Western Route’.

Gazprom signs second export deal with China

Russia has signed a second major gas export deal with China, with plans to ship up to 30 bcm/y of gas from existing fields in Western Siberia via the so-called Western Route.

8 May 2015
CNPC Chairman Zhou Jiping is stepping down because of his age. (PA)

All change at the top for China’s NOCs

China has appointed new chairs for its three NOCs, shaking up management at a time when the oil sector is being convulsed by an anti-corruption purge and low energy prices.

6 May 2015
China’s Ningbo LNG terminal. The country’s demand for the fuel has dropped for the first time in nearly 10 years. (CNOOC)

China LNG import drop puts demand in doubt

China imported 9% less LNG in Q1 2015 than a year earlier, further clouding the demand outlook for the fuel’s third-biggest buyer.

29 April 2015
CNOOC’s Putian LNG terminal. China’s NOCs have locked in over 43.75 mtpa in term volumes. (Putian)

China’s LNG import growth a known unknown

The only certainty about China’s LNG demand may be that the country will continue to import the fuel, judging by what speakers said at a recent industry event in Beijing.

27 April 2015
CNOOC headquarters in Beijing. The company has warned of a ‘cold winter’ for the oil industry. (PA)

China’s NOCs braced for a ‘cold winter’

China’s state oil giants have warned 2015 could be another difficult year after they released disappointing results for 2014 last week.

30 March 2015
Construction work at China’s Tianjin LNG terminal. (CNOOC Tianjin LNG)

US LNG project makes play for Chinese market

A proposed LNG export facility in Louisiana has set its sights on signing up private Chinese buyers for offtake as it looks to corner some of China’s future LNG demand.

25 March 2015
The city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Guangzhou Gas could ship LNG to the city’s state-owned terminal. (PA)

Guangzhou still discussing Woodfibre offtake

Woodfibre LNG Export and Guangzhou Gas have extended their MOU by seven months to buy more time for negotiations over the offtake agreement.

18 March 2015

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