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Tang Tian joined Interfax in June 2011 as a China gas reporter. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature from Shanghai International Studies University.

Tianjin terminal ranks first for Chinese trucked LNG sales

CNOOC’s Tianjin regasification facility sold an average of 274 truckloads of LNG per day last week

2 days ago Asia Pacific / LNG
Sinopec’s Lichuan gas processing plant in Hubei province

Hubei Energy’s gas supply to stall in short term

The main energy company of central China’s Hubei province has made moves to beef up local gas supplies, but they will be too late to provide a boost in the short term.

2 days ago Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production

Chinese domestic LNG prices rise on strong demand

Increased offtake from the industrial and power sectors helped lift the price of China’s domestic LNG to $10.44/MMBtu last week.

3 days ago Asia Pacific / LNG

Asian spot LNG prices drop by just over 4%

The average price of spot LNG in major Asian markets ended last week at $5.32/MMBtu, down from $8.55/MMBtu at the same point last year.

4 days ago Asia Pacific / LNG

Power and industry to boost northern China’s LNG output

Increased gas demand from the power and industrial sectors will see northern China up its LNG production this week.

16 May 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
The CNOOC 301 small-scale LNG carrier berthing at CNOOC's Tianjin terminal

CNOOC steps up LNG bunkering in China

Construction has started on CNOOC’s first pair of LNG bunkering vessels, which once finished will enable the state-owned LNG importer to start realising its ambitions of building a national refuelling network.

16 May 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

LNG sales shoot up on SHPGX

The Shanghai exchange saw brisk trading last week, with nearly 250,000 tons of LNG being sold.

15 May 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

Asian spot LNG prices edge upwards

Increased demand from the power sector helped push up spot prices by 3.5% last week, with prices averaging $5.6/MMBtu on Friday.

14 May 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

CNOOC’s Tianjin terminal tops China’s trucked LNG sales

CNOOC’s Tianjin facility sold the most truckloads of LNG in China last month despite a decline from March.

9 May 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
Beijing at night

Beijing pays the price for limited supply options

Beijing’s local gas distributor currently has to hike non-residential retail tariffs considerably for winter to keep seasonal gas demand in check, but new supply sources starting up in coming years will allow it to offer more affordable gas.

9 May 2019 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production

Chongqing exchange sees no LNG sales again in April

No LNG was sold on the Chongqing exchange for the fourth consecutive month in April, while the fuel was traded for only a single day on the Shanghai exchange

8 May 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

Taiwan leads Asian spot LNG price decline

The price of spot LNG in Asia fell by an average of around 6% in April, with Taiwan seeing the biggest drop.

7 May 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

China to cut LNG output ahead of public holiday

Plants in the north of the country are expected to reduce production for the Labour Day holiday.

2 May 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
A fleet of Chinese LNG tanker trucks

Idle trucks point to China’s LNG overcapacity

A large proportion of China’s LNG freight fleet was idle last year after suppliers rushed to procure vehicles only to be caught out by softer-than-expected demand.

2 May 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

Chinese ex-works LNG price down 1.6%

The average price hit RMB 3,722 per ton last week as 42 plants cut prices

1 May 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

Asian spot LNG prices fall by more than 5%

Prices averaged $5.34/MMBtu at the end of last week compared with $8.01/MMBtu at the same time last year

30 April 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
A gas-fired DG project in Shanghai's Hongqiao area.

China trails targets for gas-fired distributed generation

The country is on course to have almost 16 GW of installed DG capacity by the end of 2020, a long way short of its 50 GW target.

29 April 2019 Asia Pacific / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Sinopec’s Tianjin terminal takes top spot in Chinese trucked LNG sales

The facility was China’s top-selling terminal for the first time in two months last week, sending out an average of 209 trucks per day.

25 April 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
Sinopec's Qingdao LNG terminal.

Shandong signals less gung-ho approach to gas

A new policy document suggests the Chinese province is toning down its previous enthusiasm for increasing the utilisation of gas.

25 April 2019 Asia Pacific / Policy & Regulation

Trading subdued on China’s gas exchanges

Piped trades on the SHPGX hit their lowest level for two months last week, while the CQPGX dropped to its lowest since trading began last year.

24 April 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

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