Tang Tian

China specialist

Tang Tian joined Interfax in June 2011 as a China gas reporter. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature from Shanghai International Studies University.

An LNG tanker at China's Rudong terminal.

Singapore’s PO&G expands presence in China

Pacific Oil & Gas is developing a new LNG terminal in western Guangdong that will give the company a second LNG import base in China.

Just now Asia Pacific / LNG

Chinese domestic LNG price drops

Surplus supplies meant the average price of China’s indigenous LNG fell to $8.86/MMBtu last week.

22 hours ago Asia Pacific / LNG

Asian spot LNG prices rise by more than 4%

Prices ended last week at $5.15/MMBtu as buyers in the four big Asian markets prepared for the winter.

Yesterday Asia Pacific / LNG

CNOOC’s Tianjin still China’s top seller for trucked LNG

The facility sold an average of 407 truckloads of LNG last week, nearly double the rate of its nearest rival

6 days ago Asia Pacific / LNG
CNOOC Gas & Power Group's LNG-fired power plant in Guangdong province

Power exchange no fix for Guangdong gas power

The commercial prospects of the gas-to-power sector in Guangdong province remain dim, nearly three years after local power producers were permitted to seek better prices for their output on a regional exchange.

6 days ago Asia Pacific / Pipelines, Storage & Power

Chinese LNG prices hold steady

The average price for China’s domestically produced LNG last week was close to where it was the previous week, at $8.81/MMBtu

11 September 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

Asian spot LNG prices fall as summer draws to close

Power sector gas use is set to fall as Northeast Asia nears the end of the summer cooling season.

10 September 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

CNOOC takes top three spots for Chinese trucked LNG sales in August

The company’s Tianjin, Zhuhai and Ningbo terminals sold a combined average of 843 tanker trucks of LNG per day last month

5 September 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
An LNG tanker docked at Tangshan

PetroChina’s Kunlun prepares for pipeline reform

With its midstream pipeline network expected to be taken over by a national pipeline company, China’s Kunlun Energy is increasingly turning its focus to its downstream business.

5 September 2019 Asia Pacific / Companies & Finance

LNG prices fall in China as plants cut inventories

The average price was down by 3.5% as 46 Chinese LNG plants reduced their prices.

4 September 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

Supply glut holds down Asian spot LNG prices in August

Prices for spot cargoes averaged $4.4/MMBtu across China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan last month, much less than the average price a year ago

3 September 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

Trucked LNG sales fall at CNOOC’s Tianjin LNG

Sales from CNOOC’s Tianjin terminal fell on a weekly basis last week, but the facility still outsold China’s other terminals.

29 August 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
Yanchang Gas's Yanchuan LNG plant

Domestic supply bolsters China’s LNG output

An increase in the domestic supply of feedstock gas helped unleash production at China’s LNG plants in H1 2019, but the increased supply has weighed on the industry’s profitability.

29 August 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

Price of Chinese domestic LNG falls by nearly 3%

Fifty-six of China’s LNG plants cut their asking prices last week, pushing the average price of domestically produced volumes down to $8.65/MMBtu

28 August 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

Asian spot LNG prices up for second week running

Prices closed at an average of $4.53/MMBtu on Friday and were up by nearly 7% over the week as a whole.

27 August 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

China’s LNG production set to rise this week

Completion of maintenance at facilities in Hebei, Heilongjiang, Hubei and Yunnan will see output rise to around 37,500 tons per day.

22 August 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG
Development at Fuling shale gas field

Huadian’s exit puts NOCs in shale gas driving seat

State-owned power utility China Huadian’s exit from shale gas licences it won in late 2012 could prompt other companies to reconsider entering China’s shale gas sector and the wider upstream segment.

22 August 2019 Asia Pacific / Exploration & Production

Chinese LNG plants cut prices on soft demand

Thirty-five liquefaction plants across China cut their prices by an average of 3.84% last week as demand for LNG fell.

21 August 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

Asian spot LNG prices start to pick up

Prices in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan rose last week from a week earlier but remained low on an annual basis.

20 August 2019 Asia Pacific / Supply & Demand

China’s LNG output to rise as maintenance ends

The country is forecast to produce around 37,500 tons of LNG this week as plants in several regions resume operations.

15 August 2019 Asia Pacific / LNG

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