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Tang Tian joined Interfax in June 2011 as a China gas reporter. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature from Shanghai International Studies University.

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Ningbo winning race on LNG tanker truck sales

Ningbo ranked first in terms of sales of trucked LNG from Chinese terminals last week, sending out 1,225 tankers.

19 October 2017

Stock-building pushes up Chinese LNG prices

Stock-building ahead of winter drove China’s ex-works LNG prices up by 9.58% week on week last week.

18 October 2017

Asian LNG prices hit highest level since March

Spot LNG prices in Asia’s major importers averaged $6.76/MMBtu on 13 October, their highest level since mid-March.

17 October 2017
Sinopec’s Fuling shale gas field.

China on course for 10 bcm of shale output – official

China is hoping shale will provide a major boost to domestic gas output and is targeting 30 bcm/y of production by 2020.

16 October 2017

Stock builds will boost Chinese LNG prices in October

Strong stock-building is expected to result in ex-works prices for LNG rising by an average of 4.25% month on month.

12 October 2017

Chinese wholesale LNG prices up 29.3% in September

Wholesale prices for LNG in China surged to RMB 4,081/t last month, reflecting tighter domestic supply and strong demand

11 October 2017

Asian LNG prices show record growth ahead of winter

Spot LNG prices in Asia have hit their highest average in six months as a result of strong downstream stock-building for winter heating.

10 October 2017

China’s LNG output dips slightly

China’s LNG output is forecast to fall slightly this week, reflecting lower output from Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia.

5 October 2017
A photo of LNG tankers at the Jingbian Xingyuan LNG plant in Shaanxi.

Chinese LNG prices spike after contentious auctions

PetroChina’s switch to piped gas auctions for LNG plants in northwestern China has prompted the biggest weekly price gain since 2012.

4 October 2017

Chinese wholesale LNG sees biggest price rise of year

Prices rose as LNG output fell last week after Beijing directed plants in Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia to bid for pipeline gas on the SHPGX

4 October 2017

Asian spot LNG hits high of $6.03/MMBtu

Prices for spot LNG in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan remained around $6.00/MMBtu last week

3 October 2017
Chinese gas-fired power station

Clean coal poses questions for China’s gas power fleet

China’s gas-fired power generators risk conceding their green advantage to clean coal if they do not address nitrogen pollution.

28 September 2017

Chinese LNG prices rise following output dip

Wholesale prices for Chinese ex-works LNG increased by 2.69% week on week, to $9.46/MMBtu.

27 September 2017

Asian spot LNG prices hold steady at $6/MMBtu

Spot LNG prices averaged $6.00/MMBtu in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan for the third consecutive week last week.

26 September 2017
Business district in Shanghai

LNG plants take aim at Shanghai’s gas auctions

LNG plants in western China have criticised recent auctions for piped gas held by PetroChina on the SHPGX.

25 September 2017

Chinese trucked LNG sales receive boost

Sales were up by 13.18% at the Ningbo, Qidong and Tangshan terminals, although sales at Qingdao were down by 3.7%.

21 September 2017
A photo of China’s Tianjin LNG terminal.

CNOOC heeds call to shore up winter gas supply

China’s biggest LNG importer is bulking up capacity at its only receiving terminal in the north to help cover strong regional demand this winter.

20 September 2017

Chinese LNG prices up as PetroChina cuts feedstock

Wholesale prices for Chinese ex-works LNG inched up last week as the market responded to reduced output.

20 September 2017

Asian spot LNG prices remain above $6/MMBtu

Asian spot LNG prices stayed above $6.00/MMBtu last week for the second week running, closing at $6.02/MMBtu on Friday.

19 September 2017
CNOOC's Tianjin LNG terminal.

LNG terminals to buttress north China supply security

Winter is coming, and for the gas market in northern China that means LNG terminals will play a key role in ensuring supply.

18 September 2017

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