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Tang Tian joined Interfax in June 2011 as a China gas reporter. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature from Shanghai International Studies University.

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Gas-fired power demand boosts Chinese LNG sales

Several of China's LNG terminals ramped up sales last week to meet increased gas-fired power demand.

22 June 2017

Chinese plants cut LNG prices to reduce stockpiles

Chinese ex-works LNG prices averaged RMB 3,017/t last week, down by 1.53% from the previous week as 26 plants cut their asking prices to reduce stockpiles.

21 June 2017

Asian spot LNG prices fall after five weeks of gains

Asian spot LNG prices fell by 1.08% last week compared with the previous week, to $5.44/MMBtu.

20 June 2017
China Gas’s LNG bunkering station in Chongqing. (China Gas Holdings)

China Gas preps bunker station in tough market

The major Chinese gas distributor is gearing up to commission its first onshore LNG bunkering station, but it may struggle to convince shipowners to make use of the facility.

19 June 2017

Tianjin LNG sales up on regional power demand

China’s Tianjin LNG terminal increased its daily sales last week to 150 trucks in response to growing gas-to-power demand.

15 June 2017
The launch of Sinopec’s Beihai terminal has helped to increase the share of LNG in China’s import mix. (Sinopec)

China’s import dependence to hit fresh high – SCI

China’s rising reliance on imported gas is set to breach 40% this year, but concerns over energy security have been played down.

14 June 2017

Chinese ex-works LNG prices cut by 2.76%

Prices were down last week as plants cut their asking prices to improve competitiveness against LNG terminals.

14 June 2017

Asian spot LNG prices holding steady

Asian spot LNG prices were largely steady last week, gaining 0.36% from the previous week.

13 June 2017
The use of LNG trucks for supplies is helping drive demand for the fuel. (Shandong Hengfu Luzhou New Energy)

Cheap LNG winning over industry fans in Shandong

Gas-on-gas competition is rising in the Chinese province of Shandong, as LNG prices lure customers away from piped supplies.

8 June 2017

Chinese LNG output to grow despite price drop

Chinese LNG output is expected to grow by 3.27% in June from the previous month, to 1.17 billion cubic metres, as several plants prepare to boost their output to meet gas power demand this summer.

8 June 2017

Surge in pipeline transactions on SHPGX

Piped gas transactions on the Shanghai Petroleum and Gas Exchange surged to 1.83 bcm in May, up from 1.38 bcm the previous month.

7 June 2017

Chinese terminals cut prices for trucked LNG

Putian, Dapeng, Ningbo, Dongguan and Zhuhai cut prices for trucked LNG by an average 5.03% in June to remain competitive against domestic plants.

6 June 2017

Tianjin ups LNG sales amid increased power demand

Tianjin boosted trucked LNG sales from 75 trucks to 130 last week amid increased gas-to-power demand in the region and in Beijing.

1 June 2017

Competition in China balances high power demand

Strengthening gas-to-power demand in eastern China prompted seven plants to increase prices, while strong competition from terminals led 11 plants to cut theirs.

31 May 2017
Construction of the western segment of WEP 2. PetroChina’s WEP 2 supply share in Jiangxi is growing. (CNPC)

PetroChina gains on Sinopec in Jiangxi market

PetroChina is increasing gas supply to Jiangxi with the startup of the third West-East Pipeline, while Sinopec is being held back by capacity constraints.

30 May 2017

Northeast Asian LNG extends price gains

Spot LNG prices made further gains in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China last week – rising by 1.68% from the previous week.

30 May 2017

Northern China forecast to see reduced LNG output

China’s domestic LNG output is forecast to average 39.36 MMcm/d this week as production falls in the northwest and northeast.

25 May 2017
Few companies are taking advantage of third-party access to Chinese infrastructure. (CNOOC Tianjin LNG)

China’s NOCs drag feet on third-party access

Only eight companies in three years have taken advantage of measures to promote third-party access to China’s LNG import infrastructure.

24 May 2017

SHPGX pipeline sales surge as LNG slumps

Pipeline gas transactions on the SHPGX hit 304 MMcm last week, while LNG sales slumped to 10,860 tons.

24 May 2017

Asian LNG prices rise as region enters summer

Spot LNG prices in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan continued to increase last week as a result of rising gas-to-power demand.

23 May 2017

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