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Tang Tian joined Interfax in June 2011 as a China gas reporter. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature from Shanghai International Studies University.

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Tianjin terminal still top for trucked LNG send-out

The CNOOC terminal once again sent out an average of 300 tanker trucks per day last week.

20 September 2018

Chinese ex-works LNG prices rise as supply tightens

The average price for ex-works LNG in China increased last week as supply tightness prompted seven plants to raise their asking prices.

19 September 2018

Asian spot LNG prices down to $11.57/MMBtu

Asian spot LNG prices were down slightly at the end of last week.

18 September 2018

Tianjin takes top spot for China’s LNG tanker sales

The Tianjin terminal sold the most tanker trucks of LNG among China's terminals in August.

13 September 2018
China's president Xi Jingping

China turns policy gaze towards raising gas output

China’s policymakers have turned their attention towards accelerating domestic gas production amid concerns that imports are weakening national energy security.

12 September 2018

Chinese ex-plant LNG price down 9.4% in August

Chinese ex-works prices fell by more than 9% in August as 51 plants cut their asking prices.

12 September 2018

Asian spot LNG prices climb 8.76% in August

South Korea saw the biggest increase, with prices up by 8.92% compared with July, and was followed by China, with growth of 8.72%

11 September 2018
A BASF chemical complex in Chongqing

Chongqing outlines long-term plan to boost gas use

Chongqing, a major gas production hub in southwest China, is looking to boost its consumption of the fuel in the long term.

10 September 2018

China’s trucked LNG sellers maintain output levels

The send-out rate for trucked LNG from China's terminals held steady last week, with CNOOC's Tianjin facility still the top shipper.

6 September 2018
A Chinese LNG bunkering barge

China takes new policy steps to advance LNG bunkering

The government is enacting policies to encourage local shipowners to use LNG and boost development of the necessary bunkering infrastructure.

5 September 2018

Chinese ex-works LNG price up by 2.4%

The price of ex-works LNG at Chinese plants climbed again last week, rising by 2.42% to RMB 4,185/t.

5 September 2018

Asian spot LNG prices at highest level since 2014

Prices for spot LNG in Asia have hit their highest peak in nearly four years, rising to $11.68/MMBtu.

4 September 2018
An ENN city gas facility

China dangles subsidies to spur city gas storage

China’s city gas distributors are unlikely to be enticed by a government offer to subsidise investment in storage facilities.

31 August 2018

Tianjin LNG tanker truck send-out still at 300 per day

CNOOC's Tianjin terminal retained its top spot last week as China's biggest supplier of LNG via tanker trucks.

30 August 2018

LNG sales drop on China’s SHPGX as plants cut prices

Sales slumped by more than 50% on the Shanghai Petroleum and Gas Exchange last week.

29 August 2018
A steelworks in the Chinese province of Hebei

Hebei pushes on with coal-to-gas switch

Hebei, one of China’s most polluted provinces, is continuing to convert homes and businesses from coal to gas as local authorities work to control air pollution this winter.

28 August 2018

Asian spot LNG prices rise for fourth week running

Asian spot LNG prices continued to rise last week, hitting their highest level since mid-January.

28 August 2018

Tianjin terminal still top for trucked LNG as sales fall

China National Offshore Oil Corp''s Tianjin terminal sold the most truckloads of LNG again last week despite a fall in sales.

23 August 2018

Chinese ex-works LNG prices up by 3%

Ex-works prices for Chinese LNG increased by 2.96% last week, to RMB 4,202 per ton.

22 August 2018
China Gas storage tanks

China Gas manoeuvres for expansion into midstream

Taking a stake in a provincial pipeline operator has positioned China Gas Holdings to expand into LNG imports and gas storage.

21 August 2018

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