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Silvia Favasuli joined Interfax in December 2016 as reporter for Western Europe. She holds a master's degree in journalism from the University of Milan and previously worked for the Italian news site for three years.

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German NGV filling station

New German scheme may boost gas in transport – Iveco

The new measure will mean gas will be more competitive than petrol or diesel as a transport fuel in Germany.

12 December 2017
Snam CEO marco alvera

Snam eyes China, considers investing in CCS

Italy’s TSO Snam is looking to export its engineering knowledge to Asia through its Global Solutions business unit.

11 December 2017
The Ngamia rig in Kenya.

Gas must be sub-$6/MMBtu in non-OECD – Stern

The gas industry will struggle with affordability and changing markets in the coming decades, an OIES report says.

6 December 2017
Canaport LNG terminal

Africa and Canada to play major roles in LNG – IGU

Mozambique, Tanzania and Canada could be major LNG players in the future, says the IGU’s David Carroll, while China and India will drive gas demand.

5 December 2017
Pipelines being shipped for use in the Nord Stream 2 project.

Nord Stream 2 delay poses problem for Europe – OIES

Gazprom may be forced to negotiate a short-term transit deal with Ukraine if Nord Stream 2 is delayed, leading to higher gas prices in Europe.

4 December 2017
Gas piping and meters in Ukraine

Ukraine’s new storage regime attracts foreign suppliers

At least 16 foreign suppliers have stored gas in Ukraine’s facilities since it set up its tax-free ‘customs warehouse’ system earlier this year.

24 November 2017
Pipe-laying vessel working on the Turkish Stream pipeline.

IGI Poseidon enters crucial phase

The company behind IGI-Poseidon says Gazprom can use both its pipeline and TAP to send Turkish Stream gas to Europe, but the project must make progress soon.

21 November 2017
futtsu power station

Global LNG glut to last until 2023/2024 – Osaka Gas

Akira Miyamoto, executive researcher for Osaka Gas, believes the global glut of LNG will last at least five more years.

15 November 2017
Nord Stream 2 pipeline segments in Finland.

Danish opposition to Nord Stream 2 could force delay, boost cost

A new law in Denmark is expected to force the developer of Nord Stream 2 to alter the pipeline's route, increasing costs and delaying its completion date.

9 November 2017
The Rough gas storage facility.

BBL revisits reverse flows after Rough closure

The operator of the BBL pipeline is considering plans to add a reverse-flow capacity to take advantage of rising flows of gas from the UK to the continent.

8 November 2017
Poland’s LNG terminal at Świnoujście.

Central and Eastern Europe to miss out on US LNG – government adviser

The US is increasing its LNG export capacity, but a lack of infrastructure and relatively high prices remain obstacles to volumes reaching Central and Eastern Europe.

7 November 2017
Wind turbines in denmark

Cost of energy reduction key to transition – Ørsted

Ørsted’s Jakob Bøss explains how the company formerly known as DONG has managed to make profits from abandoning oil and gas and turning to green energy.

6 November 2017

Gas is growing in importance in Greece

Gas increased its share of Greece's electricity mix to 28% in 2016 and produced 15% of the primary energy supply.

3 November 2017

Gorgon drives Shell’s 10% rise in liquefaction volumes

Shell registered an almost 50% increase in earnings in Q3 2017, while LNG liquefaction volumes increased by 10%.

2 November 2017
A hydrogen generating plant.

Power-to-gas developers seek state support

More and more gas companies are investing in power-to-gas pilots, but supporters say projects will be profitable only if they receive initial state support.

30 October 2017
The Mongstad CCS testing facility in Norway

Budget cuts put Norway’s large-scale CCS project at risk

The Norwegian government has proposed cutting funds for its large-scale CCS project by 90%, and the developer fears this could put the project in danger.

24 October 2017
The Peterhead power plant.

UK’s new CCUS measures unconvincing, analysts say

The UK’s Clean Growth Strategy contains measures to develop CCUS technology, but analysts see little that will bring results.

20 October 2017
Eni's carbon capture and utilisation project.

Eni using algae to capture carbon dioxide

The Italian oil and gas major has developed an industrial-scale pilot plant using algae to capture CO2 and is looking at scaling up the project.

19 October 2017
Italy's Toscana FSRU.

Small-scale LNG needs support in the Mediterranean

The lack of competitively priced LNG in the Mediterranean will discourage cruise shipowners from deploying LNG vessels there, a senior figure at MSC Cruises says.

13 October 2017
Pipe-stringing for TAP in Greece in September 2016.

Italian court rejects TAP challenge

Italy's Constitutional Court has rejected Puglia's claims against the construction of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, but opposition remains.

11 October 2017

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