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Silvia Favasuli joined Interfax in December 2016 as reporter for Western Europe. She holds a master's degree in journalism from the University of Milan and previously worked for the Italian news site for three years.

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Gilberto Dialuce (centre) from Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development. (Ministry of Economic Development)

Italy aiming to be Med hub for LNG bunkering

Italy is planning a network of LNG coastal storage sites to tap maritime traffic transiting the Mediterranean, the economy ministry’s Gilberto Dialuce tells Interfax Natural Gas Daily.

22 May 2017
VNG trading in Leipzig, Germany. Plans to merge the country’s gas trading hubs have come as a surprise. (VNG)

Germany’s gas hub merger sparks controversy

The planned merger of Gaspool and NetConnect Germany has political support, but many observers are unconvinced.

18 May 2017
Italy is trying to boost liquidity on its PSV hub by eliminating inefficiencies on the Swiss transport route. (Transitgas)

Italy reveals plans to boost hub liquidity

Italy is trying to boost liquidity on its PSV hub by eliminating inefficiencies on the Swiss transport route that brings in gas from markets in northwest Europe.

15 May 2017
A gas metering station on the Ukrainian border. The country is aiming to export gas to western Europe. (Gazprom)

Ukraine eyes gas exports from 2020

Ukraine will be able to export gas to Europe from 2020 thanks to an increase in production and energy efficiency, Naftogaz says.

11 May 2017
Gazprom is working to defend its market share in Europe. (Gazprom)

Gazprom mulls further Euro auctions – Burmistrova

Gazprom is looking at the possibility of new gas auctions in 2017 to help defend its share of the European gas market.

10 May 2017

How reverse flows are changing European gas

New west-to-east and south-to-north gas flows are making the European market more interconnected and less reliant on Russia.

5 May 2017

Gorgon and BG push up Shell’s LNG output

Shell’s LNG production in Q1 2017 rose by 16% from a year earlier, primarily because of the startup of Gorgon in Australia and the addition of BG Group’s assets.

5 May 2017
Gasunie subsidiaries are about to launch a 1 MW power-to-gas pilot project. (Gasunie)

Gasunie attempts to scale up power-to-gas tech

Two Gasunie subsidiaries are developing a 1 MW power-to-gas pilot project in the middle of the Netherlands' high-voltage power grid.

5 May 2017

BP sees chance to drive strong cash flows in Q2

BP reported higher profits in Q1 and expects growth to continue as a result of a mix of cuts and new projects.

3 May 2017

Total’s Q1 income up as Brent prices soar

Total registered $2.6 billion of adjusted net income in the first quarter of 2017, a 56% increase year on year.

28 April 2017
Italian pipeline infrastructure. The country is increasing its international interconnections. (Eni)

Snam eyes reverse-flow transit to Ukraine

The Italian TSO’s international development strategy includes creating an eastern route to ship gas to Ukraine and the Balkans.

25 April 2017
Location of the Groningen gas field, the Netherlands. There is little silver lining for the field’s output. (Skitterphoto)

Groningen, Rough problems will boost gas prices

Continued production cuts at the Groningen gas field are reducing Dutch exports to marginal levels, increasing price volatility as well as Europe’s reliance on imported LNG and Russian gas.

21 April 2017
The Trans Adriatic Pipeline is one of a number of projects that will boost Italy’s transit role. (TAP)

Italy may rival Germany in Central and Eastern Europe

If Italy succeeds in its plan to become a gas transit hub it could compete with Germany to supply Central and Eastern Europe

19 April 2017
A truck leaves the Corrib gas terminal. It may be a good time for Shell to sell up. (PA)

Shell likely to cash in on Ireland’s Corrib

After a challenging beginning, the Corrib gas field is operational and secure. This may be the best moment for Shell to recover its investment and sell up, analysts say.

11 April 2017
The use of blockchain technology could enable neighbours to trade electricity from solar panels. (PA)

Blockchain tech holds potential for energy sector

Using a ‘distributed ledger’ could help the energy sector increase efficiency, deal with clients and track every part of the production chain.

7 April 2017
The GreenStream receiving terminal in Sicily.  Snam and Eni, are pushing the development of Italy as a gas hub. (Eni)

Italy’s new role as a Mediterranean transit hub

Making Italy into a gas hub could increase liquidity in Europe, eventually leading to lower prices and more flexibility, analysts say.

5 April 2017
Mellitah compression station on the Greenstream pipeline to Italy. The Israel-Italy project could help diversify sources. (Eni)

Israel, Italy, Cyprus back EastMed pipeline

A plan to sell Israeli gas to Europe through a pipeline will have to consider all other sources available on the Italian market.

4 April 2017
A flare from the Corrib field. Production is expected to fall from 2021. (Shell E&P Ireland)

Post-Brexit Ireland in dire need of investors

Ireland’s policymakers must put clear policies in place that appeal to reluctant investors if they want to guarantee energy security in the country.

31 March 2017
A hydrogen-powered vehicle. The new process produces hydrogen pure enough to use directly in a hydrogen fuel cell. (Toyota)

Researchers see the light on hydrogen fuel

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a new technology to produce pure hydrogen fuel from biomass using sunlight instead of heat. Interfax Natural Gas Daily finds out more.

27 March 2017
Solar panels on a rooftop in Berlin, Germany. (Berliner Energieagentur)

Utilities must face new world of smart cities

As urban populations expand and technology steps in to make cities sustainable, the way we produce, distribute and consume energy will change radically.

24 March 2017

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