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Silvia Favasuli joined Interfax in December 2016 as reporter for Western Europe. She holds a master's degree in journalism from the University of Milan and previously worked for the Italian news site for three years.

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The Neptune FSRU docks at Etki LNG terminal, Turkey. (Engie)

Turkey continues diversification drive with new FSRUs

State-owned Botas has plans for two more FSRUs, while three private ventures have submitted applications for construction of their own floating units.

15 August 2017
The two salt caverns at Jemgum in Germany were previously used to store gas. (EWE-Gassspiecher)

EWE to convert salt caverns into huge battery

The two German salt caverns were previously used to store gas but will now be made into a 700 MWh redox flow battery.

10 August 2017
An artist’s impression of the Hinkley C nuclear power station. (EDF)

Marginal role for gas if Hinkley Point C is cancelled

The UK’s Hinkley Point C nuclear plant is facing further delays, but potential gains for gas could be limited by climate policies

7 August 2017
LNG bunkering at the port of Rostock. (Gazprom)

Germany to have LNG bunkering by July 2018

A joint venture purposely created to exploit LNG in the transport market is building the first bunker to refuel river vessels in Cologne.

1 August 2017
The Tesla Model X. The UK will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040. (Tesla)

Gas ruled out from powering UK’s new electric cars

The UK’s ban on new fossil fuel-powered cars from 2040 will increase power demand, but new generation will mainly come from renewables, analysts say.

27 July 2017
The Rovigo LNG terminal in the Adriatic Sea. (Edison)

Italian players see opportunities in China’s Silk Road

China’s interest in Italy’s ports might increase maritime traffic and boost the Mediterranean country’s plan to become an LNG bunkering hub.

24 July 2017
A flare from the Corrib field. Corrib will start to decline in 2020. (Shell)

Brexit-exposed Ireland pushes ahead with FSRU plans

The security of supply risks associated with Brexit are giving a new impetus to Ireland’s plans for an FSRU.

21 July 2017
Contractors' margins have been squeezed since oil prices fell. (SCP Oilfield Services)

Industry must evolve to avoid supply gap – Burke

Caution following the drop in oil prices is set to leave a worrying gap in oil and gas supplies, warns Ray Burke, global product leader at GE.

18 July 2017
The Revithoussa LNG terminal, Greece. (European Commission)

Greek FSRU looking to secure three more investors

DEPA and BEH are in advanced discussions, but one more player is needed to invest in Gastrade's Alexandroupolis LNG terminal.

30 June 2017
Dieter Helm believes the long term future  of gas is in doubt. (Dieter Helm)

Gas may not survive beyond 2030 – Helm

Gas has a medium-term future but will be outpaced by renewables in the long term, argues Dieter Helm in his new book.

27 June 2017
BTL Group has completed a successful trial with BP and other companies. (BP plc)

Scale-up planned for blockchain gas trading

BTL Group is working to scale up a blockchain project that will simplify gas trading and make it safer, according to the company’s chief innovation officer.

20 June 2017
A JKX gas facility in Ukraine. The company is dealing with another shareholder dispute. (JKX)

JKX struggles bode ill for Ukraine gas sector

UK-listed JKX faces its second shareholder dispute in 18 months and is struggling to fend off the advances of Russian/Ukrainian investors.

19 June 2017
UK Power Reserve is focusing on gas engines and battery storage. (UK Power Reserve)

Small-scale gas can better serve electricity market

The rise of gas reciprocating engines in the UK is a positive trend because they are a better fit with renewables than CCGT plants, experts say.

13 June 2017
Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farm. Renewables and storage are becoming competitive with gas. (Centrica)

Time is running out for low-carbon switch

A lack of clarity in how oil and gas companies plan to adapt to a low-carbon economy is presenting a major risk for investors.

7 June 2017
A pipe-laying vessel at work on Turkish Stream. Gazprom may send volumes via the pipeline to western Europe. (Gazprom)

Gazprom explores Turkish Stream options

Gazprom took advantage of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to consider its options for delivering gas to Europe via Turkish Stream.

5 June 2017
A seismic survey ship at work. Zohr has changed conceptions about the Mediterranean Sea. (Woodside)

Zohr is just the beginning – Spectrum Geo

Zohr has changed ideas about the geology of the Mediterranean Sea, revealing a shallow-water environment that offers hopes of new gas discoveries, Spectrum Geo’s Karyna Rodriguez says.

31 May 2017
A well drilled by Croatian company INA. The country aims to attract IOCs in its new licensing round. (INA)

Croatia plans new onshore licensing round

Croatia aims to increase its domestic production and is planning to offer new 10 onshore blocks this year and pass a hydrocarbons law to make investment easier.

24 May 2017
Gilberto Dialuce (centre) from Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development. (Ministry of Economic Development)

Italy aiming to be Med hub for LNG bunkering

Italy is planning a network of LNG coastal storage sites to tap maritime traffic transiting the Mediterranean, the economy ministry’s Gilberto Dialuce tells Interfax Natural Gas Daily.

22 May 2017
VNG trading in Leipzig, Germany. Plans to merge the country’s gas trading hubs have come as a surprise. (VNG)

Germany’s gas hub merger sparks controversy

The planned merger of Gaspool and NetConnect Germany has political support, but many observers are unconvinced.

18 May 2017
Italy is trying to boost liquidity on its PSV hub by eliminating inefficiencies on the Swiss transport route. (Transitgas)

Italy reveals plans to boost hub liquidity

Italy is trying to boost liquidity on its PSV hub by eliminating inefficiencies on the Swiss transport route that brings in gas from markets in northwest Europe.

15 May 2017

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