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Silvia Favasuli joined Interfax in December 2016 as reporter for Western Europe. She holds a master's degree in journalism from the University of Milan and previously worked for the Italian news site for three years.

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Eni's carbon capture and utilisation project.

Eni using algae to capture carbon dioxide

The Italian oil and gas major has developed an industrial-scale pilot plant using algae to capture CO2 and is looking at scaling up the project.

19 October 2017
Italy's Toscana FSRU.

Small-scale LNG needs support in the Mediterranean

The lack of competitively priced LNG in the Mediterranean will discourage cruise shipowners from deploying LNG vessels there, a senior figure at MSC Cruises says.

13 October 2017
Pipe-stringing for TAP in Greece in September 2016.

Italian court rejects TAP challenge

Italy's Constitutional Court has rejected Puglia's claims against the construction of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, but opposition remains.

11 October 2017
German underground gas storage facility.

Power-to-gas is the future for storage operators – Uniper

The managing director of Uniper’s energy storage arm says power-to-gas solutions offer a way forward for the industry.

10 October 2017
A photo of Poland’s LNG terminal.

Poland to compete with Germany as regional supply hub

Poland is positioning itself as a gas hub for southern and eastern Europe and may soon rival Germany in those markets.

28 September 2017
Houston gas trading floor

Midstreamers risk being pushed out of Europe’s market

Europe’s increasing levels of liquidity, electrification and technological development are challenging companies in the midstream, which will need a new business model.

27 September 2017
A fermentation tank for biogas in the UK.

Auction plan may slow biogas growth in France

Biogas production has risen quickly in France, but plans to abolish feed-in tariffs in favour of auctions could put the brakes on its continued growth.

26 September 2017
Storage site in Italy

France to regulate price for gas storage by April 2018

France is trying to improve the worsening economic conditions for its gas storage operators by introducing a regulated price mechanism.

20 September 2017
Northern Irish gas power station

Northern Ireland may need more gas-fired power

Delays to an interconnector and the potential end of the Single Energy Market are threatening Northern Ireland’s supply security.

19 September 2017
A gas-fired power station on Malta

Malta mulls replacing its FSU with an FSRU

Malta is considering substituting its Delimara FSU with an FSRU 12 km from the coast.

14 September 2017
A North Sea gas platform

Oil & Gas UK confident of decommissioning tax break

The British upstream body expects the UK government to introduce transferability of tax relief on decommissioning in its autumn budget.

12 September 2017

Global gas supply to peak by 2035 – DNV GL

The world's gas supply will peak by 2035, when gas will be the world’s single-largest source of energy, according to a DNV GL report.

6 September 2017

Renewables help spread of energy cooperatives

One of the co-founders of Belgium’s Ecopower explains the thinking behind the cooperative model of energy company that is spreading across Northwest Europe.

5 September 2017

Norway elections could be turning point for oil and gas

Environmental concerns and fears of low prices are fuelling Norway’s debate on the reform of its oil and gas sector.

4 September 2017

Malta and Sicily vie to be Mediterranean bunkering hub

A gas pipeline to Sicily would provide Malta with enough extra gas to develop bunkering and to compete with Italy’s LNG plans.

30 August 2017

All-electric ships could threaten LNG as a marine fuel

Converting ships to all-electric propulsion may reduce the role LNG is expected to play in the maritime sector.

23 August 2017

Turkish Stream may jeopardise Ankara’s independence

Turkish Stream will increase Ankara’s dependence on Moscow, but the development of alternative sources of pipeline gas seems unlikely.

21 August 2017

Turkey continues diversification drive with new FSRUs

State-owned Botas has plans for two more FSRUs, while three private ventures have submitted applications for construction of their own floating units.

15 August 2017

EWE to convert salt caverns into huge battery

The two German salt caverns were previously used to store gas but will now be made into a 700 MWh redox flow battery.

10 August 2017

Marginal role for gas if Hinkley Point C is cancelled

The UK’s Hinkley Point C nuclear plant is facing further delays, but potential gains for gas could be limited by climate policies

7 August 2017

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