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Gazprom faces delays on Ukraine alternatives

Gazprom’s reliance on Ukraine for gas transit is set to continue beyond 2019 as alternatives will not be complete.

13 December 2018
The island of Krk in Croatia

Krk FSRU navigates choppy Hungarian waters

The Croatia LNG project needs around 1.7 bcm/y of capacity bookings to secure loans, but the only interested party may instead look to get a better deal from Moscow.

7 December 2018
Welding the Turkish Stream pipeline

Hungary and Russia draw new CEE gas map

Hungary is in talks with Gazprom on volumes to be delivered beyond 2020, by which time the Russian company aims to have two major new supply routes available.

6 December 2018
Hungary's Paks nuclear power plant

Hungary eyeing Ukraine transit and Turkish Stream

Energy Minister Péter Kaderják confirms Hungary is working on an interconnector with Serbia but is aiming to receive gas both from Turkish Stream and via Ukraine.

5 December 2018
A gas compression station in Baumgarten in Austria

Hungary-Austria link interest reopens case for BRUA

OMV Petrom still sees BRUA – and not BRUSKA – as the preferred export route for its Black Sea gas. Now an EU regulator could call for a new auction on the ditched Hungary-Austria interconnector.

4 December 2018
Pipe stringing in Greece for the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline

South Stream Lite raises supply problems for Greece

Turkish Stream and its proposed extension into Europe may not offer Gazprom enough capacity to honour its supply contract with Greece.

29 November 2018
Work on Turkish Stream

Gazprom faces wait on CEE access for Turkish Stream

The planned extension of the Turkish Stream pipeline into Central and Eastern Europe will not come onstream until January 2021.

28 November 2018

Rising LNG imports boost Italy’s hub plans

Italy has changed the way capacity at the Livorno LNG terminal is allocated, a move that is attracting more cargoes and pushing down prices at the PSV hub.

26 November 2018
The Huelva LNG terminal in Spain

Enagás awaits reforms for LNG bunkering operations

Spain risks missing out on the burgeoning demand for LNG as a marine fuel if it fails to adapt the regulations for its terminals.

20 November 2018

Russia and Hungary driving CEE interconnections

EU-level plans to add interconnectors in the region are progressing slowly, while Gazprom and Hungary are both establishing an increasing presence.

15 November 2018
The Sudzha gas metering station on the Russian-Ukrainian border

Ukraine must be open on transit fees – EastWest fellow

Negotiations on the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine have stalled, but greater transparency may unlock the situation, says Danila Bochkarev.

13 November 2018
Work on the TAP pipeline in Albania

Southern Gas Corridor tiptoes towards expansion

With the first phase of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline on schedule for completion in 2020, the development company is planning a market test in 2019 for an expansion project.

9 November 2018
The Dunkirk LNG terminal in France

Europe’s gas market facing new volatility

Developments in the storage and transport sectors, together with rising Chinese LNG demand, will make the European gas market less predictable.

8 November 2018
Austria's Baumgarten gas hub

Hungary dials up transit state ambitions

Hungary is working on a 2 bcm/y pipeline project that would allow Russian gas from Turkish Stream to be piped to Italy.

6 November 2018
The Greek LNG terminal at Revithoussa

Gastrade delays FID on Alexandroupolis LNG terminal

The developer aims to start construction on its Greek FSRU project in Q2 2019, but major obstacles remain.

5 November 2018
Exploration in the Black Sea offshore Romania

Romania’s offshore law triggers Black Sea delays

A number of producers are pushing back FIDs on projects in the Black Sea to allow time to assess Romania's new offshore gas law.

30 October 2018
TAP AG is waiting for approval from PM Giuseppe Conte’s government

Rome’s silence spells trouble for TAP

Construction on the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline was due to restart on 1 October but has yet to do so, with the developer waiting for approval from Rome that may not be forthcoming.

24 October 2018
The Netherlands' Gate LNG terminal

Competition hots up in German regas race

Plans to build LNG terminals in Germany are gaining pace, with three large-scale facilities proposed.

19 October 2018
Building a Spanish pipeline

TSOs committed to STEP pipeline despite concerns

French TSO Teréga and its Spanish counterpart Enagás will forge ahead with building the interconnector even though funding may be a problem.

16 October 2018
An ice-class LNG tanker at the Yamal plant

Novatek faces shipping problem for third Yamal train

Volumes from Train 3 may not be available until next summer because of a lack of ships and transshipment facilities.

10 October 2018

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