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Leigh Elston has written extensively about the global gas and LNG market for Gas Strategies, focusing particularly on UK and US energy law, the Middle Eastern gas market, energy project finance and LNG project management. Before joining Gas Strategies, Leigh reported for 18 months on the oil and gas project finance market for Infrastructure Journal.

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Mozambican energy minister Max Tonela

New energy minister for Mozambique as Eni closes sale

Max Tonela will lead the energy ministry as Mozambique takes the last step towards FID on its LNG project, while Exxon has closed the acquisition of its stake in Area 4.

14 December 2017
Pemba Logistics Base has been under construction since November.

Pemba base in doubt as LNG partners seek alternative

Mozambique’s Pemba Logistics Base project has been dealt another blow as Area 4’s developers have opted for an alternative service provider.

11 December 2017
Ship off the coast of Tanzania

HGA could safeguard Tanzania LNG against new laws

Tanzania’s government has responded to the first draft of the agreement that will set the commercial terms for the country’s LNG project

4 December 2017
The contract handover for Ethiopia's Hilala and Calub gas fields

Ethiopia-Djibouti LNG project delayed but ongoing

Poly-GCL’s decision to sign an MOU for the 10 mtpa Djibouti LNG project on Monday signals the project is still alive, albeit delayed.

17 November 2017
Walvis Bay, Namibia

Namibia considers scaling down its gas-to-power plans

The developers of Namibia’s Kudu power plant could halve its capacity because of the failure to sign power offtake agreements with neighbouring countries.

31 October 2017
An Anadarko drillship off Mozambique.

Mozambique hopes rule changes will spur exploration

Mozambique has finally yielded to IOCs’ demands for greater fiscal stability and forex flexibility in contracts.

27 October 2017
Tema port, ghana

Ghana may develop all three proposed LNG projects

Ghana’s president said last month that an LNG deal signed with Gazprom would replace two competing FSRU projects, but it now looks likely to run alongside them.

26 October 2017
Eni platform off the Congolese coast

FID due next year for West Africa FLNG vessels

NewAge's two small-scale FLNG projects will give it the chance to monetise stranded reserves and allow China to prove its shipbuilding capabilities.

25 October 2017
Anadarko rig off coast of mozambiqe

Commercial port at Palma could derail Mozambique LNG talks

Government plans to build a commercial port at Palma could prove another stumbling block in Mozambique’s LNG negotiations.

24 October 2017
Floor of a drillship off the coast of Mozambique

ARP project seeks concession licence in Mozambique

Shareholders are moving forward with plans to build a $6 billion pipeline to bring Rovuma Basin gas to South Africa.

23 October 2017
A ship offshore Mozambique performing a gas flow test.

Mozambique LNG on track to start resettlement this year

Mozambique could lay the first stone of the LNG site resettlement village this year, but it still has work to do finding buyers for its gas.

19 October 2017
The port of Pemba in  Mozambique, site of  the LNG logistics base.

Militant attacks spook investors in Mozambique LNG

Attacks near Mozambique’s planned LNG projects may not be linked to Al-Shabab, but they hint at a future of more unrest in the region.

18 October 2017
South African electricity pylons

South Africa needs dollar finance to drive down costs for gas IPPs

South Africa wants to fund its LNG-to-power projects in its own currency, but switching to dollars would reduce costs and give more flexibility, industry players say.

11 October 2017
South African President Jacob Zuma at a recent summit.

Mozambique-South Africa pipeline talks to resume in November

As South Africa’s LNG-to-power project remains on hold, high-level preparations for a feasibility study to pipe gas from the Rovuma Basin are under way.

10 October 2017
Jacob Zuma addresses the BRICS summit

IOCs get in position for new South Africa upstream law

Companies are making plans to start drilling in South Africa next year in the hope a new oil and gas law will be passed by December.

25 September 2017
Seismic survey vessel

PetroSA’s Russian connection causes a stir

A $400 million exploration deal between Rosgeo and PetroSA has caused some surprise but could prove a lifeline for South Africa’s beleaguered NOC.

18 September 2017

Mozambique’s downstream projects need cheaper gas

Mozambique will need to offer gas more cheaply than $2.64/MMBtu to make the country’s planned GTL and fertiliser projects economic.

26 July 2017

New legislation could cripple Tanzanian LNG

Laws that allow contracts to be renegotiated and ban arbitration in international courts could kill off the prospects for LNG projects in Tanzania.

6 July 2017

Marine agreements bring Moz LNG FID closer

After months of locking heads with Eni and Anadarko, Mozambique has finally approved the Rovuma Basin marine concession agreements.

23 June 2017

Policy limbo could lose gas game for South Africa

South Africa’s energy policy is stagnating while its neighbours are pushing forward with producing gas and LNG.

13 June 2017

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