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Leigh Elston has written extensively about the global gas and LNG market for Gas Strategies, focusing particularly on UK and US energy law, the Middle Eastern gas market, energy project finance and LNG project management. Before joining Gas Strategies, Leigh reported for 18 months on the oil and gas project finance market for Infrastructure Journal.

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An Anadarko drillship off the coast of Mozambique. (Anadarko)

Mozambique’s downstream projects need cheaper gas

Mozambique will need to offer gas more cheaply than $2.64/MMBtu to make the country’s planned GTL and fertiliser projects economic.

26 July 2017
The Discoverer Americas drillship off Tanzania. (Paul Joynson-Hicks/AP/Staoil)

New legislation could cripple Tanzanian LNG

Laws that allow contracts to be renegotiated and ban arbitration in international courts could kill off the prospects for LNG projects in Tanzania.

6 July 2017
Anadarko operations off the Mozambican coast. The company plans to base an onshore site at Afungi. (Anadarko)

Marine agreements bring Moz LNG FID closer

After months of locking heads with Eni and Anadarko, Mozambique has finally approved the Rovuma Basin marine concession agreements.

23 June 2017
South Africa’s Karoo national park. The country aims to develop shale gas there. (Flickr/flowcomm)

Policy limbo could lose gas game for South Africa

South Africa’s energy policy is stagnating while its neighbours are pushing forward with producing gas and LNG.

13 June 2017
A South African nuclear plant. The country’s procurement programme has caused controversy. (© jbdodane.com)

New determination on South African gas power likely – NERSA

South Africa’s gas tender looks in doubt following a high court ruling calling for greater consultation on the country’s nuclear power programme.

12 June 2017
Eni’s Offshore Cape Three Points project, Ghana. The project has required sizeable investment. (Eni)

LNG traders turn to African gas assets as margins fall

LNG trading houses are looking to invest in upstream and downstream gas assets as margins in their traditional business continue to fall.

7 June 2017
Gabriel Obiang Lima has revealed the shortlist of Fortuna LNG’s offtakers. (Africa Oil & Power)

Equatorial Guinea reveals offtaker shortlist for Fortuna

Equatorial Guinea has shortlisted three offtakers for the Fortuna FLNG plant, but the FID on the project looks likely to slip.

6 June 2017
South Africa’s Lethaba power station. The country’s IRP has a substantial role for gas. (John Hogg, World Bank)

Future of gas uncertain as South Africa awaits IRP

South Africa’s IPP office is waiting on publication of the Integrated Resource Plan for clarification on the scale and timing of the domestic gas-fired power programme.

31 May 2017
New South African Energy Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi (right) is sworn in. (Flickr/GCIS)

Budget speech casts doubt on SA gas policy

The South African energy minister’s vague budget speech seemed to suggest a shift in policy away from LNG and towards pipeline imports from Mozambique.

26 May 2017
A gas flow test off the Mozambican coast. Eni is expected to make an FID on its Coral FLNG project soon. (Anadarko)

Coral FLNG finance gets all-clear from Mozambique

The Coral FLNG project has cleared the last hurdle before its FID, but sign-off on contracts from the fifth licensing round is still a long way away.

17 May 2017
The painted cooling towers of the decommissioned Orlando coal power plant in South Africa. (PA)

Last chance for SA to save credibility on carbon tax

With reporting regulations in place, South Africa’s carbon tax policy is taking shape despite repeated delays to the enforcement of the levy.

11 May 2017
Duvha coal-fired power station in South Africa. Coal accounts for 70% of the country’s energy mix. (Eskom)

South Africa awaits new draft of carbon tax bill

South Africa will not be ready for a carbon tax in 2018 without more gas-fired power generation, industrial players argue.

8 May 2017
Sospeter Muhongo, Tanzania’s energy minister, has said the country must progress its LNG project. (Wentworth)

IOCs take the lead on Tanzania’s LNG regulation

IOCs have set the LNG agenda with Tanzania’s government by submitting a draft host government agreement, but negotiations are likely to be tough.

27 April 2017
Pemba, the site of the LNG project being developed in Mozambique by Eni. (Interfax)

Investors query Mozambique CGT application

Mozambique’s $350 million capital gains tax on Eni’s $2.8 billion sale to ExxonMobil has raised eyebrows.

29 March 2017
In the short term BP may supply LNG to Mozambique from its global portfolio. (BP plc)

BP explores Moz LNG-to-power opportunities

BP, the offtaker for Mozambique's Coral FLNG project, is also looking at options to import LNG into the country to meet power demand.

17 March 2017
A drillship off Mozambique. The country is making progress with its LNG plans. (Anadarko)

Moz government looks to kickstart LNG projects

The government of Mozambique now has the ‘feeling of urgency’ needed to make its LNG projects happen, the head of ENH says.

13 March 2017
Walvis Bay in Namibia, the proposed site for the Kudu gas-to-power plant. (Jeremy Hetzel, Flickr)

More delays, still no PPAs for Namibian gas-to-power

Another financial deadline has come and gone for the developers of the Walvis Bay LNG-to-power project in Namibia.

6 March 2017
A South African coal-fired power plant. The IPP tender for gas-fired power in the country has hit snags. (Eskom)

An LNG-to-power tender, South African style

South Africa’s gas-fired IPP tender will open up a new market to LNG and power developers – and with that, some new challenges.

27 February 2017
Power lines near Sasolburg. South Africa hopes to support LNG-to-power projects. (John Hogg, World Bank)

Delays worry bidders in South Africa’s gas IPP tender

Further delays are expected on South Africa’s gas IPP, which may be scaring off some of the tender’s smaller bidders.

23 February 2017
Officials tour Tanzanian gas infrastructure. The government is planning to cut its ties with IPPs. (Tanzanian energy ministry)

IPP dispute spells gloom for Tanzanian power

The government’s reluctance to raise power prices and its growing debts to IPPs could leave Tanzania struggling to meet its ambitious power targets.

8 February 2017

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