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The skyline of Manama, Bahrain.

Bahrain mulls possible gas exports to Saudi Arabia

Bahrain could pipe gas to neighbouring Saudi Arabia once its LNG terminal is complete, but the question is whether the Saudis would want it.

19 October 2017
A photo of SDF soldiers in Raqqa, Syria.

IS loss of Conoco plant reframes Syrian gas options

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have taken a valuable asset as IS is pushed back in eastern Syria.

4 October 2017
Kuwaiti oil refinery

Kuwait’s KOC launches tenders for Jurassic gas project

The wheels are starting to turn again for Kuwait’s Jurassic non-associated gas project thanks to a recent flurry of construction tenders.

27 September 2017
Drilling in the Miran field, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Billion-dollar payment boosts Kurdish gas sector

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has solved two major disputes, freeing up capital to inject upstream.

7 September 2017

Baghdad builds momentum on gas development

An initiative to reduce flaring is just one of the ways that Iraq is aiming to boost its gas sector.

24 August 2017

Saudis press on with Master Gas System expansion

Saudi Arabia is determined to complete at least the first phase of the expansion programme for its gas grid by the end of the year.

4 August 2017

Shortened FSRU charter gives Dubai room to manoeuvre

The charter deal for the Golar Freeze will be ended a year earlier than originally planned, freeing the emirate from its superfluous regas capacity.

21 July 2017

Phase 11 deal marks first big return for IOCs in Iran

The agreement is a major development for Iran’s gas sector and should allow it to maximise output from the last undeveloped South Pars field.

4 July 2017

Cyprus centre stage in challenging East Med picture

The efforts of Israel, Lebanon and Turkey to develop their offshore resources could hinder Cyprus from tapping its own acreage.

22 June 2017

Qatar holds out for better terms from Japan

Qatar Petroleum has reassured its Japanese customers that the diplomatic spat in the Middle East will not affect LNG shipments, but tensions still remain over the terms of supply contracts.

8 June 2017

Egyptian upstream boosts hopes for LNG exports

Confidence is growing in Egypt’s upstream sector as new developments start up and the country looks to switch from LNG importer to exporter.

26 May 2017

Jordan struggles to defuse Israel gas import dispute

Plans to ship gas from the Leviathan field to Jordan have sparked protests in Amman, even though the country is forging new gas links with Egypt.

21 April 2017

Tension with Israel as Lebanon readies offshore plans

Lebanon’s decision to include disputed territory in its first offshore licensing round has rankled Israel, inflaming regional tensions.

30 March 2017

Emirates LNG considering sites for new terminal

Emirates LNG is looking for locations to build a new onshore regas terminal in the UAE, but analysts question whether the federation needs the extra capacity.

16 March 2017

Saudis build momentum for gas expansion schemes

Saudi Arabia plans to double its domestic gas output over the next 10 years, but technical and fiscal hurdles stand in its way.

2 March 2017

Gas may become crucial in Assad’s battle with IS

The destruction of the Jihar gas plant may represent a change in the Syrian war, with gas infrastructure under increasing threat of attack.

2 February 2017

Beirut working against the odds on offshore bids

Lebanon is planning an ambitious timeline for offshore exploration, with a first bidding round expected to close before the end of this year.

26 January 2017

Iraq seeks progress on gas exports to Jordan

Despite its enthusiasm for the project, Iraq is facing significant hurdles in its plan to export gas to Jordan via a proposed dual oil and gas pipeline.

12 January 2017

Gas prices frozen for Saudi Arabia’s industrial users

Saudi Arabia has frozen further gas price increases for industry, instead focusing on consumer energy price reform in its 2017 budget.

5 January 2017

Bahrain closes PPP financing for LNG terminal

The completion of financing for Bahrain’s LNG terminal is a step towards meeting its rising domestic demand and its regional hub goals.

15 December 2016

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