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Jordan could import gas via the BW Singapore FSRU vessel, which is moored at Ain Sokhna in Egypt. (BW Group)

Jordan struggles to defuse Israel gas import dispute

Plans to ship gas from the Leviathan field to Jordan have sparked protests in Amman, even though the country is forging new gas links with Egypt.

21 April 2017
Israeli solders near the Lebanon-Israel land border. Military preparations are being made. (PA)

Tension with Israel as Lebanon readies offshore plans

Lebanon’s decision to include disputed territory in its first offshore licensing round has rankled Israel, inflaming regional tensions.

30 March 2017
The Excelerate FSRU in Argentina. The vessel has since moved to the UAE. (Argentine Energy Ministry)

Emirates LNG considering sites for new terminal

Emirates LNG is looking for locations to build a new onshore regas terminal in the UAE, but analysts question whether the federation needs the extra capacity.

16 March 2017
A Saudi Aramco gas processing plant. Midstream developments are crucial to company plans. (Aramco)

Saudis build momentum for gas expansion schemes

Saudi Arabia plans to double its domestic gas output over the next 10 years, but technical and fiscal hurdles stand in its way.

2 March 2017
Smoke rises above the Syrian city of Kobani following a US airstrike. (PA)

Gas may become crucial in Assad’s battle with IS

The destruction of the Jihar gas plant may represent a change in the Syrian war, with gas infrastructure under increasing threat of attack.

2 February 2017
German navy peacekeepers in Lebanon. The UN operates a peacekeeping force on the Israeli-Lebanese border. (PA)

Beirut working against the odds on offshore bids

Lebanon is planning an ambitious timeline for offshore exploration, with a first bidding round expected to close before the end of this year.

26 January 2017
Iraq is trying to reduce the amount of gas it flares and is seeking to export the fuel instead. (PA)

Iraq seeks progress on gas exports to Jordan

Despite its enthusiasm for the project, Iraq is facing significant hurdles in its plan to export gas to Jordan via a proposed dual oil and gas pipeline.

12 January 2017
Saudi Arabia’s energy minister, Khalid al-Falih, has promised to compensate consumers. (World Energy Council)

Gas prices frozen for Saudi Arabia’s industrial users

Saudi Arabia has frozen further gas price increases for industry, instead focusing on consumer energy price reform in its 2017 budget.

5 January 2017
Bahrain has plans to become a regional energy hub. (PA)

Bahrain closes PPP financing for LNG terminal

The completion of financing for Bahrain’s LNG terminal is a step towards meeting its rising domestic demand and its regional hub goals.

15 December 2016
South Pars Phase 1 has shown evidence of a drop in pressure. Investment in compressor stations is needed. (POGC)

Iran’s South Pars development faces rising costs

Total and CNPC have signed a deal to invest in South Pars Phase 11, but the development is facing reservoir pressure problems.

1 December 2016
The Al-Hosn gas complex. Production will be boosted by 50% to meet domestic demand. (Al-Hosn)

ADNOC gets green light to move on gas schemes

With the approval of its five-year plan, Abu Dhabi’s state company is now in a strong position to progress with its sour gas plans.

17 November 2016
Sasol’s Oryx GTL plant in Qatar. Barzan is intended to spur downstream developments. (Sasol GTL)

Barzan delay challenges Qatari ambitions

Fresh problems at Barzan will push back the project's startup and have a knock-on effect on Qatar's wider economic goals.

7 November 2016
OPEC proposed cutting oil production following a meeting in Algers in September. (OPEC)

OPEC deal set to hit Saudi gas production

Saudi Arabia is grappling with conflicting priorities – it needs to cut oil production to buoy prices but also wants to produce more gas to meet domestic demand.

21 October 2016
South Pars phases 6, 7, and 8. Iran has enough gas to increase supplies to Turkey. (Pars O&G)

Turkey and Iran bide time on gas price discount

The International Chamber of Commerce has called for a discount to the price Turkey pays for Iranian gas, but getting an agreement on an exact amount is taking time.

29 September 2016
Location of the Aphrodite and Ishai concessions in the East Mediterranean.

Cyprus-Israel gas deal waits on reunification talks

Progress on a deal to unitise reserves on the Cyprus-Israel maritime border is being held back by the prospect of the island’s reunification.

15 September 2016
The Al Hosn/Shah gas complex started up last year. (Al Hosn)

Abu Dhabi makes sour gas moves post-Bab

The emirate is showing a renewed appetite for challenging high-sulphur gas deposits despite Shell's withdrawal from the Bab sour gas project.

5 September 2016
An oil pump in Bahrain. The country is looking to secure financing for an LNG terminal. (PA)

Bahrain LNG enters the debt market

Bahrain LNG is putting out feelers to find financing as the island kingdom looks to keep pace with its increasing gas demand.

4 August 2016
A Saudi Arabian gas processing facility. The country may start importing LNG. (Aramco)

Buyers’ choice as Saudis consider import options

An FSRU would be the quickest way for Saudi Arabia to take advantage of cheap LNG if the kingdom starts importing gas, analysts say.

21 July 2016
A Jordanian flag flies at the port of Aqaba, where Golar’s Eskimo FSRU is moored. (PA)

Jordan looks to build energy ties with the Gulf

Jordan has signed an agreement with the Gulf states on an interconnection project, but it is likely to have to do most of the running itself.

7 July 2016
A crude oil flowline at the Maqwa oilfield. Kuwait plans to boost its gas production. (PA)

Pressure on Kuwait to realise Jurassic future

Kuwait will be looking to maintain momentum on its Jurassic reserves, hoping recent progress means an end to six years of procrastination.

28 June 2016

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