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The PFLNG Satu. The vessel is ramping up to its 1.2 mtpa capacity. (Petronas)

Petronas makes its mark with first FLNG cargo

The PFLNG Satu has shipped its first cargo, but it is still too early to say how significant floating liquefaction will be for Petronas.

20 April 2017
A production platform at the Bongkot field. Thailand is inviting IOCs to bid for concessions. (BG Group)

Thai gas fields on offer after legislative changes

Thailand is opening its huge Erawan and Bongkot fields to competitive bidding, although many of the finer details are still sketchy.

12 April 2017
A rig at the Mahakam Block. Pertamina will become the operator next January. (SKKMigas)

Pertamina starts afresh under new CEO

The new CEO of Indonesia’s NOC has a huge task on his hands as the company needs to be restructured while making big investments.

11 April 2017
An LNG tanker. Shell is part of a JV working on a Thai-focused project on an LNG terminal in Myanmar. (Shell)

Is Myanmar right to choose an FSRU?

Myanmar’s short-term demand for LNG could soon see it launch a tender for an FSRU, but long-term solutions are less clear.

28 March 2017
Woodside’s North Rankin Complex in Western Australia. The company hopes to tap Timor Sea reserves. (Woodside)

Signs East Timor softening Greater Sunrise stance

East Timor has insisted for the past five years that the Greater Sunrise fields be developed on its shores or not at all, but this commitment may be wavering.

21 March 2017
A tanker off the Indonesian coast. The country’s upstream sector needs better cooperation, analysts say. (SKKMigas)

Political risks rising across Southeast Asia

Increasing political volatility in countries such as Indonesia and Thailand will raise the risk profile for investors, analysts say.

9 March 2017
The Indonesian government hopes to encourage the use of renewables in remote provinces. (Flickr, Bart Speelman)

Gas could help solar shine in eastern Indonesia

New Indonesian energy price regulations will boost coal use but could offer gas an opportunity to support solar in the country’s east.

8 March 2017
Pertamina will take over the Mahakam block at the end of 2017. (SKKMigas)

Decommissioning risk slows M&A in Asia

Governments in the Asia Pacific region are just starting to wake up to decommissioning liabilities, increasing the risks of M&A deals.

6 March 2017
The Yadana platform offshore Myanmar. IOCs are preparing to drill new acreage. (Total)

Myanmar: drillers gear up in Asia’s last frontier

Exploration is finally set to begin in the offshore acreage Myanmar offered in its 2013 licensing round.

20 February 2017
A tanker offshore Indonesia. It is hoped the new PSC will simplify the bureaucracy of regulator SKKMigas. (SKK Migas)

Policy flux spooks Indonesian upstream investors

Indonesia may be scaring off investors with its frequent policy adjustments, several of which arrived in January.

10 February 2017
An offshore rig in the Mahakam block. Indonesia’s oil production is in decline. (SKKMigas)

Jakarta targets distributors in bid to cut gas prices

Indonesia is planning to boost demand for gas by limiting distribution fees to make pricing more competitive.

9 February 2017
The Tangguh LNG facility in Indonesia. The country may end up buying, selling and trading LNG. (BP plc)

Indonesia seeks more LNG import deals

Indonesia’s gas demand growth is outpacing supply. The country will have to move fast to secure more LNG imports before the market tightens.

8 February 2017
The Bongkot South production platform. Shell is selling off a stake in the field. (Shell)

Upstream deals rise in Asia as Shell sells Bongkot

Analysts expect acquisition and divestment activity in Asia to accelerate this year as the majors seek to exit the region.

31 January 2017
A rig off the Indonesian coast. The country is facing delays in developing the offshore Masela Block. (SKKMigas)

Masela spat delays Indonesian mega-project

Inpex, which is developing Indonesia's Masela Block, is bogged down in negotiations with Jakarta over the terms of the contract and how to process the gas.

20 January 2017
An FPSO in the Timor Sea. Gas from Greater Sunrise could be shipped to Australia for export. (Woodside)

Greater Sunrise stalled as revenue treaty torn up

The development of the Greater Sunrise fields is in limbo as East Timor has terminated a treaty with Australia to share the revenues from the project.

11 January 2017
Chevron’s Platong 2 platform off the coast of Thailand. (Chevron)

Calls for new NOC may derail Thai gas output

Thailand is facing rising energy demand and needs to boost its gas output, but political pressure is delaying critical new laws.

28 November 2016
Maritime borders are controversial in East Timor, but the government is running out of time to make a decision. (PA)

Pressure rising on East Timor to make a deal

New research shows East Timor could be bankrupt within a decade unless it forges an agreement with IOCs to develop its last major gas field.

21 November 2016
A flow station off the coast of Indonesia. Pertamina intends to expand its upstream footprint. (SKKMigas)

Pertamina looks upstream as profits surge

Indonesia’s NOC is flush with cash and is expected to use it to increase its upstream profile at home and abroad, analysts say.

14 November 2016
An offshore rig at the Mahakam block. Indonesia is reforming its upstream sector. (SKKMigas)

Help is on the way for Indonesia – energy ministry

Wiratmaja Puja says Indonesia is attempting to reform and revive the country’s ailing upstream sector.

10 November 2016
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has had to appoint three energy ministers in four months. (PA)

Indonesia appoints new energy minister

President Joko Widodo is hoping Indonesia’s third energy minister this year will revive the country’s flagging energy sector.

19 October 2016

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