Catriona Scott

Senior energy analyst

Catriona Scott has more than 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining Interfax, Catriona worked in research and consulting at Wood Mackenzie, where she focused on Asia Pacific and was a lead analyst for China. Catriona then joined Gas Strategies, where her consulting work included the negotiation of a gas-to-power sales contract in Russia and project management of a UK gas storage capacity allocation process. Catriona has a BA in Chinese and Asia Pacific Studies from the University of Leeds and a diploma in Financial Management from the ACCA.

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Stronger offtake supports European prices

Cooler temperatures across Europe have boosted weather-related gas consumption while storage levels have fallen in the UK.

26 April 2017
LNG carrier Golar Viking delivering LNG at Map Ta Phut LNG terminal, Thailand. (Qatargas)

Thailand faces a growing need for LNG

Thailand is set to become increasingly dependent on imported LNG and could be vulnerable to price spikes as the market tightens.

21 April 2017

Colder weather gives European prices temporary support

Below-average temperatures are forecast for many of the continent’s large markets over the next week, supporting demand.

19 April 2017

European hub prices in decline

Day-ahead prices at Europe’s major hubs have fallen over the past week, with demand weaker despite tighter supply.

12 April 2017

Support for European prices unlikely to last

European hub prices have received support from lower levels of supply and increased demand in some markets, but this trend is not set to last.

5 April 2017

European hub prices slide under pressure

Hub prices across Europe have fallen below 40 p/th as a result of pressure from supply/demand fundamentals.

29 March 2017
Dunkirk LNG. (EDF)

Gas in France – challenges for future growth

Potential changes in energy strategy will shape both the gas and power sectors in France - but the prospects for gas demand growth will remain weak.

23 March 2017

European supply-side price support will be short-lived

A drop in flows supported a slight rise in the NBP day-ahead price at the start of the week, but the trend is not expected to last.

15 March 2017
Gorgon's third train will start up before the end of the month. (Chevron)

Gorgon Train 3 ramp-up cargoes to hit market early

The final train at Australia’s Gorgon LNG project is set to start operations ahead of schedule.

9 March 2017

Weaker demand increases pressure on European prices

Prices at some leading European hubs are expected to continue to fall given weaker demand in the region.

8 March 2017

Prices ease in Europe but UK storage issues mount

Colder-than-average temperatures have pushed up seasonal consumption in parts of Europe, and UK demand is forecast to be above seasonal norms on Wednesday.

1 March 2017
Futtsu thermal power station. Gas faces challenges in the power sector from nuclear in both Japan and South Korea. (Tepco)

Warm summer weather in NE Asia to boost demand

A hot summer in Northeast Asia will boost demand for air conditioning, supporting requirements for gas-fired power generation and total gas consumption.

27 February 2017

European hub prices decline, with further falls likely

Mild temperatures across Europe have reduced demand and put pressure on hub prices, a situation expected to continue over the coming week.

22 February 2017
Delays to the commissioning of Australia’s LNG export projects will ease the glut this year. (Chevron)

Australia LNG – delays will not stop the deluge

Delays to the commissioning of Australia’s LNG export projects will ease the glut this year, but the influx of supply will only be slowed, not stopped.

16 February 2017

European hub prices will come under further pressure

Mild weather over the coming week will weaken gas demand and put European prices under pressure.

15 February 2017

Colder weather will support European hub prices

Supply tightness has supported European hub price rises and sustained colder weather could drive further gains.

8 February 2017

Tighter supply supports European hub prices

Milder weather has returned to Europe and prompted a drop in demand, but supplies are still tight and are buoying hub prices.

1 February 2017
Fessenheim nuclear plant, France (EDF)

France – pressure on gas ahead

Stronger nuclear output and weaker demand will weigh on French gas prices.

26 January 2017

Rising temperatures to hit European demand

Severe low temperatures have hit much of Europe, but easing demand is likely to put pressure on prices at regional hubs next week.

25 January 2017
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station (Tepco)

Japan’s uncertain nuclear outlook

Further delays to Japan’s nuclear reactors coming back online look likely, but even a limited number of restarts will affect the country’s gas demand.

19 January 2017

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