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First exports make 2017 breakthrough year for FLNG

The world’s first FLNG project shipped its debut cargo earlier this month, and there are five other projects at an advanced stage.

27 April 2017
An LNG tanker at the Netherlands’ Gate terminal. Low charter rates may force shipowners to pool vessels. (Gate)

Low charter rates force LNG shippers to get creative

Shipowners need to work together and be more imaginative to endure the low charter rates the industry faces over the coming years, experts say.

25 April 2017

Global small-scale LNG fleet expands

The small-scale LNG shipping fleet has shown sustained growth over recent years, and three-quarters of all vessels are on long-term charter.

24 April 2017

LNG trading fleet set to sail for crowded waters

Increasing amounts of shipped goods are increasing marine traffic around the world. This map shows the location of maritime incidents recorded since the beginning of 2007.

21 April 2017

Indonesia’s gas imports surge by a third in Q1 2017

Indonesia is importing more LNG as it seeks to expand gas use around the country and reduce reliance on oil-based fuels.

20 April 2017

Asia Pacific rig count increases by two in March

The number of rigs exploring for gas in the Asia Pacific region increased by 4% month on month in March, to reach a total of 50.

20 April 2017
The commissioning cargo at Chevron’s Gorgon LNG, which started up last year. (Chevron)

IOCs focus on debottlenecking current LNG plants

Debottlenecking existing LNG trains is a means of expanding production at low cost, industry executives say.

19 April 2017

Australia exports 13 mt of LNG in Q4 2016

Australia's LNG exports more than doubled in Q4 2016 compared with Q4 2014, and growth will continue as more liquefaction plants come online.

13 April 2017
An LNG bunkering station in Chongqing, China. (China Gas Holdings)

Low prices make LNG attractive for bunkering

Incoming low-sulphur regulations will come at a favourable time for the LNG industry, which needs to boost demand as prices are low.

12 April 2017

Japan’s LNG imports up 10% in February

Japanese LNG import volumes increased by 10% year on year in February, while South Korea saw 2% growth.

10 April 2017
South Korea’s Incheon LNG terminal. Demand for the fuel will remain high in Southeast Asia, experts say. (Kogas)

Portfolio players to underpin new LNG projects

Portfolio players will need to take the plunge and commit to buying LNG to underpin new projects even if they do not have a market for it.

6 April 2017

Asia Pacific’s share of global LNG market growing

Asia Pacific saw both its exports and imports of LNG rise in 2016, contributing significantly to the 7.5% global growth in LNG trading.

6 April 2017
The Cameron LNG project. High costs are dissuading Japanese companies from buying US volumes. (Sempra LNG)

High cost of US LNG puts off Japanese buyers

US LNG offers the chance for Japan to diversify its gas supplies, but high prices are putting Japanese buyers off.

5 April 2017
An LNG tanker in South Korea. The country is looking to sign fewer long-term contracts. (Kogas)

IOCs turn attention to small-scale LNG

The small-scale LNG market will attract increasing attention from IOCs as they seek to open new markets and encourage demand growth.

4 April 2017
Tepco’s Futtsu power plant. The company could offer gas for 10% less than the regional monopoly. (Tepco)

Japan’s gas retailers revamp LNG procurement

Japan’s major gas retailers are being forced to compete with power companies in the retail sector and must cut the cost of LNG procurement.

3 April 2017

India drops domestic gas price by 1%

India has lowered its domestic gas price despite companies complaining they are unable to make a profit under the previous price.

3 April 2017

SE Asia sees bumper LNG demand in early 2017

Southeast Asian LNG buyers have started the year with strong growth in imports.

30 March 2017

Southeast Asian exporters feel the pinch in 2016

Falling LNG prices in 2016 hit revenues for Southeast Asia’s LNG exporters, but volumes remained remarkably stable year on year.

16 March 2017
Singapore’s LNG terminal, which aims to offer bunkering services later this year. (Singapore LNG Corp.)

Chicken-and-egg problem for Asian LNG bunkering

Asia faces a dilemma in developing LNG bunkering infrastructure, which could mean it will take time for the fuel to be used for shipping.

14 March 2017

Lower prices drive up India’s LNG imports in 2016

India’s LNG imports soared by nearly 30% in 2016, driven by significantly lower prices for the fuel.

13 March 2017

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