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Andrew Walker joined Interfax in July 2012, having completed an internship at The Carbon Brief where he reported on UK energy policy with a focus on shale gas. He holds a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and an undergraduate degree in Geography and History from the University of Birmingham.

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A rig drilling offshore Vietnam

Vietnam’s upstream success set to delay LNG

Vietnam’s upstream discoveries are likely to delay its need to import LNG, despite all the offers it has received recently.

21 November 2017

Thailand’s LNG imports up by 74% in September

Thai LNG imports were up year on year in September as the country became increasingly reliant on imported LNG.

20 November 2017
Operational rigs in Asia Pacific targeting gas in October 2017.

Asia Pacific rig count boosted by 12% in October

The Asia Pacific rig count increased by 12% month on month in October, reaching a four-month high of 46 active rigs.

17 November 2017
Bicycle in Delhi smog

Delhi needs to switch to cleaner fuels to beat smog

Switching to gas would improve Delhi’s air quality, but the government’s response has so far been short-sighted.

15 November 2017

Flexibility key to driving gas demand growth – IEA

The gas market will experience significant growth over the next 23 years, led by a large increase in production from the US and growing demand from China.

15 November 2017

India’s gas consumption hits multi-year high

India’s gas consumption exceeded 5 bcm in September, hitting a multi-year high.

13 November 2017

Japan’s LNG imports fall 13% in September

Japan’s imports of LNG dropped to 5.8 mt in September, contributing to a 5% decline in volumes received over Q3.

9 November 2017
Rohingya refugees cross the Bangladeshi border

Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis a reputational risk for IOCs

Companies may face pressure from shareholders to respond to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Myanmar.

31 October 2017
Wheatstone lng plant in Australia

Jera aims to bring stability to the LNG market

The world’s largest buyer of LNG is looking to invest in Asian import projects to help stabilise the market.

26 October 2017

SE Asia gas demand resilient in face of climate action

The IEA’s latest report on Southeast Asia shows gas demand will be largely unaffected by government action to tackle climate change.

26 October 2017
LNG terminal in Thailand

Thailand reveals LNG import ambitions

Thailand is set to rapidly expand its LNG imports over the coming years, with demand set to hit 36 mtpa by 2030, an energy ministry official says.

25 October 2017
Smog in Delhi, INdia

India looks to taxes and tariffs to increase gas demand

India’s government is considering including gas in the GST and reforming gas pipeline tariffs to expand access to the fuel.

23 October 2017

Malaysia sees large growth in LNG exports in August

Malaysia’s LNG exports were up by 55% year on year in August, exceeding 2.5 mt for the second month this year.

23 October 2017
Operational rigs in Asia Pacific targeting gas in September 2017

Asian rig count falls despite Australia’s resurgence

Three countries in the Asia Pacific region saw a reduction in the number of rigs targeting gas in September.

20 October 2017

South Asia set for LNG import market growth

South Asia has the biggest potential for the emergence of new markets for LNG.

19 October 2017
The Pacific side of the Panama Canal in Colón, near the site of the  LNG project. (PA)

Gas to stabilise Panama’s energy mix from 2018

Panama intends to start up its first LNG terminal and gas-fired power plant next year in what will be a game-changer for the country’s power sector.

16 October 2017

Australia to become biggest LNG exporter in 2018

The startup of the Wheatstone LNG project pushes Australia closer to becoming the world’s biggest LNG exporter.

16 October 2017

SE Asia import volumes take a dive in August

Taiwan and Thailand imported less LNG in July and August respectively, although Singapore’s imports were up in August.

12 October 2017
indian gas plant

Indian gas demand to grow regardless of price hike

India’s gas consumption is expected to increase over the coming years even though domestic prices will rise.

9 October 2017

Renewable power expanding faster than expected – IEA

Expansion in renewables capacity broke records in 2016, with large growth in Chinese solar capacity a big driver.

9 October 2017

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