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Andrew Walker joined Interfax in July 2012, having completed an internship at The Carbon Brief where he reported on UK energy policy with a focus on shale gas. He holds a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and an undergraduate degree in Geography and History from the University of Birmingham.

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Map of FSRUs worldwide

Lull in floating LNG regas projects in 2017

A flurry of LNG projects using FSRUs started up last year, but no facilities using the technology have come onstream so far in 2017.

25 September 2017
A map of operational rigs in Asia Pacific targeting gas in August 2017

India and Australia lead exploration activity in Asia

India and Australia accounted for 72% of all rigs exploring for gas in the Asia Pacific region in August.

22 September 2017

South Korea seeks to diversify LNG import sources

Kogas will start to take LNG from Iran as South Korea attempts to broaden its narrow base of suppliers.

21 September 2017
Oil Search’s Hides Gas Plant in Papua New Guinea.

PNG stirs tribal tensions with royalty payments

Royalties promised to local landowners from the PNG LNG export plant have started to be distributed, but the project is not immune to threats.

19 September 2017

Singapore steps up imports and reloads

Singapore’s LNG imports were up by 66% year on year in July, but reloads are also increasing.

18 September 2017
Year-on-year change in Asian LNG imports, volume and value.

Asian LNG demand up 15% in H1 2017

Asia’s LNG imports increased across seven importing countries in H1 2017, rising by an average of nearly 15% year on year.

14 September 2017
Signing ceremony for Bangladesh's FSRU

Bangladesh seeks quick LNG access with Sangu project

Bangladesh is rushing to build a small-scale LNG terminal to relieve shortages, but it could struggle as larger projects are more advanced.

12 September 2017

Japan’s LNG mix shifts east

Japan is importing more LNG from suppliers in Asia and is gradually turning its back on volumes from the Middle East.

11 September 2017

Japan and South Korea boost LNG imports for summer

South Korea’s LNG imports increased by 42% year on year in July, while Japan’s were up by 3.6%.

7 September 2017
What Pyongyang says is the test launch of a Hwasong-12 intermediate range missile in August.

North Korean weapons tests put oil and gas prices in firing line

North Korea’s missile tests and growing military capability are raising concerns for its neighbours and could affect the cost of oil and gas.

5 September 2017

Indian LNG imports up 20% year on year in May

Indian consumption of gas continues to grow rapidly, statistics from the commerce department show.

4 September 2017

NGV numbers rising in South Asia

China and South Asia offer some of the biggest markets in the world for NGVs, and they are also where the biggest demand for new vehicles will emerge.

31 August 2017

Petronet and Reliance eye LNG trucking in India

India is the fastest-growing market for NGVs in the world, but ambitious policies to cut emissions could restrict demand growth over the long term.

29 August 2017

Strong interest in Bangladesh LNG tender

Bangladesh has received 39 expressions of interest from a range of international companies in delivering LNG to the country starting next year.

24 August 2017

Blackout puts Taiwan’s energy policy in spotlight

Gas is likely to be the winner as Taiwan faces up to a shortage of power capacity following a severe blackout last week.

23 August 2017

Malaysia recovers from fall in LNG exports

Malaysia’s LNG exports increased by 27% year on year in June following low production levels in May.

21 August 2017

Most-active explorers in Asia Pacific reduce rig count

Gas exploration activity fell by 4% month on month in July as the major explorers cut rig numbers.

18 August 2017

Drop in Q1 production hits Sakhalin LNG revenues

Exports from the Russian liquefaction plant fell by 27% in Q1, leading to the lowest revenues in seven years.

17 August 2017

Japan looks to broaden hydrogen supply options

Japan’s commitment to hydrogen will open opportunities for gas, which offers a low-cost method of production, but will ultimately require CCS technology.

15 August 2017

Thai gas consumption falls amid shrinking supply

Thailand faces a future increasingly reliant on imported LNG as domestic output continues to slide and imports from Myanmar show no signs of recovery.

14 August 2017

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