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Andrew Walker joined Interfax in July 2012, having completed an internship at The Carbon Brief where he reported on UK energy policy with a focus on shale gas. He holds a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and an undergraduate degree in Geography and History from the University of Birmingham.

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SE Asia LNG exports hit bumps going into summer

Southeast Asia’s LNG exporters are recording lower volumes year on year, but are benefiting from rising prices.

20 July 2017

Australia’s LNG exports remain buoyant over summer

Exports from Australia’s east coast hit their second-highest level in June, but are likely to fall over the coming months because of maintenance and gas reservation policies.

17 July 2017
Futtsu power station. Japanese LNG buyers now have a stronger negotiating position to divert cargoes. (Tepco)

Japan attempts to bolster LNG import flexibility

Japan’s latest efforts to make its LNG contracts more flexible could have mixed results.

13 July 2017

Low-cost LNG drives demand for FSRUs

FSRUs are seen as a fast, low-cost way to access LNG for a number of new and emerging markets.

13 July 2017
Irsching gas-fired power plant in Germany. (Siemens)

Gas-to-power investment lowest in a decade – IEA

A total of $34 billion was invested globally in gas-fired power in 2016, with more capacity retired than approved in Europe.

11 July 2017

High benchmark sees SE Asian LNG imports fall

Thailand and Singapore posted reduced LNG imports in May 2017 on an annual basis, but this is largely down to unusually high imports recorded in May 2016.

10 July 2017

Nuclear power faces mixed outlook in Asia Pacific

There is a mixed outlook for nuclear power in Asia Pacific, with decline expected for the developed economies and rapid growth for emerging economies.

6 July 2017
Pakistan is planning to bring more LNG terminals online. (Statoil)

Gulf spat leaves Pakistan reliant on LNG

The shelving of the Gwadar-Nawabshah pipeline will leave Pakistan more reliant on imported LNG.

4 July 2017

World’s biggest LNG buyers up their imports in May

Japan and South Korea received more LNG in May on an annual basis, defying expectations that imports would decline.

3 July 2017

Little change in ranks of major gas users and producers

The world’s biggest consumers and producers of gas have stayed largely the same over the past decade, BP statistics show.

29 June 2017
India’s 500 MW Hazira combined-cycle power plant. Missed renewable targets could create openings for gas. (Essar)

Gas could fill India’s potential renewables gap – OIES

If India fails to meet its renewable energy targets the country’s gas demand could increase, according to the OIES.

28 June 2017
The control room at South Korea’s Shin-Wolsong nuclear power plant. (KHNP)

South Korea’s nuclear phase-out to boost gas demand

The South Korean president’s call to phase out nuclear power in favour of LNG and renewables will boost the country’s gas demand in the long term.

26 June 2017

India increases its reliance on imported LNG

India’s gas consumption is continuing its rapid growth, with imports rising by 34% in March year on year.

26 June 2017

Global gas trade expands by 4% in 2016 – BP

The volume of gas traded globally rose faster than production last year, with pipeline imports growing more than LNG.

22 June 2017

Asia’s gas growth limited by import capacity

Emerging markets are a major source of gas demand growth in Asia Pacific, but consumption will rise more rapidly as import infrastructure expands.

19 June 2017

Asia Pacific rig count drops by 9% in May

The Asia Pacific rig count fell by 9% in May month on month following six months of growth.

16 June 2017
Höegh secured an innovative funding model for a recent FSRU that could be applied to the carrier market. (Höegh)

LNG carriers will need new finance model

Shipowners could struggle to finance new vessels as charter lengths shrink and spot trades grow in importance.

15 June 2017

India’s plans for developing east coast LNG

India has plans for six LNG terminals along the country's east coast, with around 18 mtpa of regasification capacity in the planning stage.

15 June 2017
Pakistan will begin receiving LNG at its second terminal from September. (PA)

Pakistan’s second LNG terminal to start up in September

The 21.2 MMcm/d facility will help to reduce the country’s chronic gas shortages.

14 June 2017

LNG imports soar in Southeast Asian markets

Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore all saw large growth in LNG imports in Q1 as a result of growing demand and a need to reduce reliance on piped gas.

12 June 2017

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