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Andrew Walker joined Interfax in July 2012, having completed an internship at The Carbon Brief where he reported on UK energy policy with a focus on shale gas. He holds a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and an undergraduate degree in Geography and History from the University of Birmingham.

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Operational rigs in Asia Pacific targeting gas in January 2018.

Four Asian countries resume gas exploration in Jan

China, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia restarted gas exploration in January, while Japan relinquished its rig.

23 February 2018
An LNG tanker at the Incheon terminal in South Korea.

Asian demand growth could keep LNG prices high

Higher-than-anticipated demand for LNG has kept Asian gas prices high over the winter, meaning the industry needs to work harder to increase supply and reduce costs.

22 February 2018

South Korea LNG import price hits multi-year high

South Korea’s LNG imports fell by 3.4% in January as prices hit a two year high.

22 February 2018
An artist’s impression of Lightsource and BP solar panels in the UK.

IOCs diversify to meet challenge of decarbonisation

IOCs are struggling to find ways to transition to low-carbon energy and are looking to diversify their business models to provide greater resilience.

21 February 2018
The Kochi LNG terminal in India.

India to start up three LNG terminals by 2019

India is expanding its LNG import capacity by building three new terminals, but higher prices and slow progress on pipelines could weigh on growth in the country’s gas consumption.

20 February 2018

India ends gas consumption growth streak

Indian gas consumption fell by 20% month on month in December after rising for each of the previous five months.

19 February 2018

Pakistan boosts LNG imports by 124% in January

Pakistan’s LNG imports increased by 124% year on year in January with the addition of the country’s second terminal.

15 February 2018
Production is declining at Myanmar’s offshore Yetagun and Yadana fields. (Total)

High cost of LNG poses problem for Myanmar

Myanmar’s government could struggle under the high cost of subsidising LNG if the country’s planned import projects are all built.

14 February 2018

US LNG exports shift to Asia in 2017

Asia Pacific accounted for the largest share of LNG exports from the United States in 2017, exceeding Latin America.

12 February 2018
Southeast Asia's LNG terminals

SE Asia emerging as major LNG importing region

Southeast Asia is emerging as a major LNG importing region with strong demand growth and a number of new import projects planned.

8 February 2018
The Brigg gas-fired power station.

Gas faces competition from low-tech energy storage

Gas will face challenges from energy storage technologies as it seeks to provide a backup for renewables over the coming years.

8 February 2018
Shell platform off the Philippines

IOCs show lack of interest in PNOC’s LNG terminal

The Philippines needs to have a clearer idea of what it wants from an LNG terminal before going to tender, experts say.

6 February 2018

Southeast Asia’s exports remain high over winter

Malaysia and Brunei saw strong growth in LNG exports in November, as Indonesia's volumes slipped.

5 February 2018
Military vehicles in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, May 2017.

Afghan security situation leaves TAPI in doubt

Construction work on the Afghan section of TAPI is expected to begin this month, but the project faces serious security concerns that will make progress difficult.

1 February 2018

Japan’s LNG imports stay flat in 2017

There was little change in the volume of LNG imported by Japan last year despite nuclear restarts.

1 February 2018
LNG-fuelled ferry, Norway

New CO2 rules could scupper LNG shipping

The use of LNG as a marine fuel faces a difficult future if the industry decides to introduce tougher greenhouse gas emissions targets.

31 January 2018

South Korea’s LNG imports rise by 12% in 2017

Imports grew by double-digits last year as new storage capacity came online and policy shifted away from coal.

29 January 2018

Singapore’s net LNG imports up 28% in 2017

Singapore’s gross LNG imports grew by 34% in 2017, but higher utilisation rates at its reload facilities meant net imports were significantly lower.

26 January 2018
Offshore Indian platform.

India’s licensing round could struggle to attract IOCs

The appealing terms on offer in India’s latest licensing round may not be enough to generate international interest, experts say.

25 January 2018
A Tesla Powerwall battery.

UK poised for battery expansion

Battery technology is set to enter the market to cover peak generation, typically filled by gas and pumped hydro.

24 January 2018

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