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Andrew Walker joined Interfax in July 2012, having completed an internship at The Carbon Brief where he reported on UK energy policy with a focus on shale gas. He holds a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and an undergraduate degree in Geography and History from the University of Birmingham. +44 (0)20 3004 6225

South Korea’s LNG imports surge by 38% in October

The country's LNG demand has grown significantly this year as it has contended with several nuclear reactors being offline for maintenance.

13 December 2018

Japan’s LNG imports up 6.5% year on year in October

Japan imported 6.5 mt of LNG in October, putting the country’s cumulative imports for the year level with the first 10 months of 2017.

10 December 2018
a shipping container sized LNG tank on a truck

Trucked and containerised LNG on the move in Asia

Delivering LNG via tanker truck or shipping container is becoming more popular as it does not require pipeline infrastructure.

10 December 2018

LNG export projects aiming to take FID in 2019

Twenty-nine projects are aiming for FID next year, representing 299.3 mtpa of additional liquefaction capacity.

6 December 2018
The BW Singapore FSRU

Pakistan targets third terminal startup in 2020

Pakistan’s third LNG terminal has had to delay its planned startup by a year.

3 December 2018
The Meridian Spirit loading a cargo at Sabine Pass.

Scalable LNG projects up the ante for FIDs in 2019

The size and scalability of new greenfield LNG projects preparing to take FID are leaving others with a fear of missing the boat.

3 December 2018
China’s Ningbo LNG terminal.

Pipeline constraints could hinder Asian LNG imports

South Asia will struggle to replace China as a growth engine for absorbing all the new volumes of LNG set to be brought online next year.

29 November 2018

Thailand’s LNG imports decline in October

Volumes dropped by 17% in October, with four cargoes being delivered over the month.

29 November 2018
Taiwanese anti-nuclear deomnstrators

LNG the winner as Taiwan rejects coal in referendum

Taiwan will not build any more coal-fired power plants following a referendum that showed strong opposition to doing so.

27 November 2018

India’s LNG imports up 21% in Q3

The country imported 5.57 mt of LNG in the third quarter of this year compared with 4.60 mt in the same period last year.

26 November 2018
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at an election event in August 2018.

Pakistan set to boost utilisation rate of LNG terminals

The ramp-up of three new power plants and extra demand driven by subsidies will boost Pakistan's LNG imports next year.

23 November 2018

Taiwan’s LNG imports fall by 3.9% in Q3

Taiwan’s LNG imports decreased by 4% in Q3, following two quarters of year-on-year growth.

22 November 2018
PaxOcean has delivered the Karunia Dewata FSRU

FSRU arrival advances Indonesia’s SS-LNG ambitions

PaxOcean has delivered the world’s first small-scale FSRU. The vessel is on its way to Bali to replace an FRU and FSU that have been in place since 2016.

21 November 2018
The Höegh Gallant LNG carrier

Asia Pacific set to snap up off-charter FSRUs

Growing domestic gas production in Egypt and Argentina has freed up FSRUs that are likely to find charters in Asia.

20 November 2018

Malaysia’s Q3 LNG exports down 30% year on year

Malaysia exported just over 5 mt of LNG in Q3 2018, representing a fall over 2 mt from Q3 2017.

19 November 2018
An HGV being refuelled with LNG at Pontadera in Italy

LNG trucking faces long-term challenges

The use of LNG as a fuel for long-haul trucking is gaining popularity, but it is unclear whether it can compete with zero-emissions technology over the longer term.

13 November 2018

Australian gas production set to plateau

Output will level off at 140 billion cubic metres per year between the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 financial years, official data estimates.

12 November 2018
The Golar Spirit FSRU

Golar targets small-scale LNG for spare Nanook capacity

The company’s Nanook FSRU will supply gas to Brazil’s Sergipe power project, but its excess capacity could be used by trucking fleets or small power plants.

8 November 2018

Pakistan’s LNG imports fall 11% in October

Volumes dropped for the third consecutive month, with the Pakistan GasPort terminal receiving just two cargoes in October.

8 November 2018
An LNG carrier approaching Italy’s Panigaglia terminal.

Higher charter rates for LNG shipping here to stay

LNG shipping prices are likely to remain high as new export capacity comes online, with orders for new vessels putting pressure on shipyards.

7 November 2018

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