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Andreas Walstad has a wide knowledge of the European energy industry. As the London Bureau Chief at Montel he wrote and edited market commentaries and analytical features across the commodity sector, including gas, oil, coal, power and the carbon markets. This added to the experience he gained covering the European energy markets as an Associate Editor at Platts. Andreas specialises in the UK and northwest European gas markets.

MEP José Blanco López has called for a higher target for renewables in the EU’s energy mix. (EP)

MEPs face long battle on renewables ambition

Efforts to raise the EU’s renewables target to 35% of energy consumption look set to face significant opposition.

25 May 2017

NGVs on the rise in Central & Eastern Europe

There were 195,000 NGVs in the CEE region at the end of 2015, and this figure is expected to grow, according to a survey carried out by regional TSOs.

24 May 2017
Nord Stream 2 pipes arriving in Kotka, Finland. (Nord Stream 2, Axel Schmidt)

Nord Stream 2 backers shun Russia-EU legal deal

The developers of Nord Stream 2 do not share the European Commission’s view that a separate legal framework is needed for Russian infrastructure.

23 May 2017
A PGNiG gas storage facility. The company has called on the European Commission to fine Gazprom. (PGNiG)

Poland sets the bar high in Gazprom probe

Poland's PGNiG has called for commitments that go far beyond the preliminary agreement between the European Commission and Gazprom in the antitrust probe.

19 May 2017

Poland awaits first LNG cargo from US

The first LNG cargo sold from the US to Poland is expected to arrive next month, marking a symbolic shift for a country largely dependent on Russia.

17 May 2017
The environmental benefits of pipes over LNG could win Nord Stream 2 more supporters. (Nord Stream 2)

Russia plays the green card in Nord Stream 2 debate

Nord Stream 2 offers a less carbon-intensive way to bring gas to Europe when considered across the lifecycle of the project, a study has shown.

15 May 2017
Klaus-Dieter Borchardt has defended the European Commission’s proposal for capacity payments. (EC)

Brussels defends pushing coal out of capacity payouts

The European Commission has hit back against criticism its proposed emission standards for capacity mechanisms are discriminatory.

11 May 2017

Belgian power exports increase sharply in 2016

Belgian electricity exports increased sharply last year as France shut down several of its nuclear power plants, data from Belgian TSO ELIA shows.

10 May 2017
Drax coal and biomass power station, UK. The country went without coal-generated power on 21 April. (Drax)

UK sees emissions drop faster than EU average

The UK’s carbon floor price is helping its switch from coal to gas for power generation, which saw it report below-average CO2 emissions in 2016.

8 May 2017

Europe’s stocks could hit 90% by winter – ENTSOG

The European gas network is sufficiently robust for gas stocks to reach 90% of capacity before winter, an ENTSOG study has concluded.

4 May 2017
Jerzy Buzek, centre, is rapporteur of the proposed ‘solidarity law’. (European Parliament)

‘Solidarity law’ signals Energy Union breakthrough

The EU’s solidarity principle, intended to provide mutual support in the event of a supply crisis, has received informal backing from key EU bodies.

3 May 2017
MEP Krišjanis Karinš is steering new legislation related to power reform through the European Parliament. (EP)

Gas companies lobby for capacity market reform

A number of gas companies have thrown their weight behind a proposal by the European Commission to exclude coal-fired power plants from capacity payments.

27 April 2017

Spanish gas demand grows by 8.4% in Q1

Gas consumption by homes, businesses and SMEs rose by 600 GWh, mainly because of colder weather.

26 April 2017
Spring Farm biogas plant, UK. Germany, Italy and the UK produce more than 77% of the EU’s biogas. (Future Biogas)

Brussels hopeful on biogas despite slow progress

The EU wants biogas to contribute to energy security and climate targets in Europe, but the industry has a long way to go to unleash its full potential.

24 April 2017
A German gas compressor station. TSOs have said transmission tariffs are a problem for trade. (Wintershall)

Transmission tariffs remain obstacle to gas trade

A survey has found barriers to trade persist across European gas hubs, with expensive transmission tariffs being the most common obstacle.

20 April 2017

EU countries see rise in gas demand

Gas consumption increased in 23 EU countries and Switzerland in 2016 compared with 2015 levels.

19 April 2017
Hassi Mouinas gas drilling, Algeria. Investing in rewneables could free up more gas for export to Europe. (Statoil)

EU wants role in Algeria’s energy transformation

EU investment in Algeria could be key to freeing up more gas for export, but a more stable regulatory framework may be needed first.

13 April 2017

EU power sector emissions fall by 4%

Greenhouse gas emissions from the European power sector fell by 4% in 2016 compared with the previous year, with emissions from coal-fired power plants dropping by 11%.

12 April 2017
Manzanillo terminal. Under the current agreement, LNG re-exports to Europe are not possible. (Samsung C&T)

EU ups pressure on Mexico for energy liberalisation

The EU wants Mexico to further liberalise its energy sector as a precondition to signing a new free-trade agreement.

10 April 2017
Datteln coal-fired power plant in Germany. Future investment in coal-fired power in the country is uncertain. (E.On)

Eurelectric’s coal pledge sparks controversy

A pledge by European power companies not to build new coal-fired plants after 2020 comes as a surprise, but its real impact seems hard to measure without further details.

6 April 2017

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