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EU policy & regulation editor

Andreas Walstad has a wide knowledge of the European energy industry. As the London Bureau Chief at Montel he wrote and edited market commentaries and analytical features across the commodity sector, including gas, oil, coal, power and the carbon markets. This added to the experience he gained covering the European energy markets as an Associate Editor at Platts. Andreas specialises in the UK and northwest European gas markets.
Green MEP Bas Eickhout

NGV sector awaits key vote in EU parliament

A vote in the European Parliament’s environment committee on Thursday may help accelerate the use of gas in long-haul road transport.

15 October 2018
Electric vehicles are set to gain from stricter CO2 limits

EU nations water down CO2 limits for cars

EU nations have scaled down their ambitions on CO2 limits for cars and vans, but the electrification of the road transport sector looks set to continue.

10 October 2018

EU gas import dependence up 10% in 2017

EU demand for gas imported from outside the union grew by 10% in 2017, ACER said in its annual gas market report.

10 October 2018
A gas compressor station in Baumgarten

EU markets boost competition, but concerns remain

Europe’s gas markets are becoming more competitive and interconnected, but the underuse of pipelines means assets could become stranded.

9 October 2018
A well in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan steps up efforts to attract foreign investors

Uzbekistan needs to make further reforms to attract the foreign investment necessary to unleash its renewable energy potential and expand its gas sector.

8 October 2018
Electric vehicles charging in Paris

EU parliament vote gives boost to electric vehicles

The European Parliament has voted for stricter limits on CO2 emissions from passenger cars and vans in a move that could speed up the electrification of Europe’s transport sector.

4 October 2018

Belgian power supply improves amid concerns

The tense power supply situation in Belgium has improved, but concerns remain over shortages this winter.

3 October 2018
The Mongstad CCS facility in Norway

TSOs call on Brussels to spur investment in clean gas

The European gas industry is calling on the EU and national policymakers to help support investment in clean gas technologies.

1 October 2018
Enea’s Kozienice coal-fired power plant

Poland steams ahead with controversial coal plant

Poland is going ahead with plans to build a new 1 GW coal-fired plant despite higher CO2 prices and the EU’s clampdown on national capacity payments.

27 September 2018

Renewables climb above 30% share of EU power mix

Renewables such as hydro, wind and solar are steadily gaining market share in the EU’s power mix.

26 September 2018
EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager

EC asks market players to help settle Transgaz case

Stakeholders have until the end of October to decide whether a set of proposals put forward by Romania’s TSO go far enough in addressing competition concerns raised by Brussels.

24 September 2018
German Energy Minister Peter Altmaier.

Germany bets on gas to fuel energy transition

Berlin has signalled strong support for piped gas and LNG as a way of helping it move to a low-carbon energy mix.

20 September 2018

UK sees sudden rise in coal-fired power output

High gas prices have boosted coal-fired power output in the UK despite the cost of EU carbon allowances.

19 September 2018
A Hungarian gas-fired power plant

Rollercoaster week rattles EU carbon market

Big swings in EU carbon allowance prices have raised speculation that the market’s year-long bull run will start to slow, which would be bad news for the gas-to-power sector.

17 September 2018
Poland's Patnow coal-fired power plant

EU battle over coal capacity payments heats up

National capacity payments for coal-fired power plants could continue at least until 2035 if some EU member states get their way.

14 September 2018

EU carbon prices surge in volatile market

The price of EU carbon allowances cleared €25/t this week, but volatility remains high.

12 September 2018
MEP Miriam Dalli in the ENVI committee.

MEPs bolster ambition on CO2 standards for cars

MEPs have put pressure on the EU to adopt more ambitious CO2 targets for cars and vans following a key vote in Strasbourg on Monday night.

11 September 2018
Germany's Datteln coal-fired power plant.

Gas yet to receive boost from higher EU carbon prices

A surge in the price of EU carbon allowances has yet to significantly boost gas-fired power generation in continental Europe, partly because gas prices have also risen.

28 August 2018
A coal-fired power plant in Germany

Ten-year high in EU carbon prices restores trust in ETS

Prices for EU carbon allowances hit their highest levels in 10 years this week and could trigger large-scale fuel switching from coal to gas earlier than expected.

23 August 2018

EU carbon prices extend gains amid bullish forecast

The Carbon Tracker Initiative has revised its forecast for EUA prices, saying they could now reach €25/t by the end of 2018 and average €35/t in 2019.

22 August 2018

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