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EU policy & regulation editor

Andreas Walstad has a wide knowledge of the European energy industry. As the London Bureau Chief at Montel he wrote and edited market commentaries and analytical features across the commodity sector, including gas, oil, coal, power and the carbon markets. This added to the experience he gained covering the European energy markets as an Associate Editor at Platts. Andreas specialises in the UK and northwest European gas markets.

An Iveco Stralis gas-powered HGV.

European NGV sector awaits CO2 rules for trucks

Brussels has signalled that gas has a role to play in transport, but the scale will become clearer when HDV standards are proposed next spring.

17 November 2017

Chinese growth propels world emissions higher

Economic growth and increased power generation from coal in China have contributed to the first rise in global CO2 emissions for three years.

16 November 2017
An E.On gas-fired power plant in Hungary.

European utility companies welcome ETS reform

The EU took major steps to reform its Emissions Trading System this week, boosting optimism that the huge surplus of allowances will be substantially reduced.

10 November 2017
A European Commission press conference on the Mobility Package

NGV sector flags omissions in Mobility Package

Europe’s NGV industry has welcomed a new proposal for tighter CO2 targets for cars, but is concerned about the absence of lifecycle emissions in the methodology.

9 November 2017

EU emissions drop slightly despite economic growth

Greenhouse gas emissions from the 28 EU countries dropped by just 0.7% in 2016 amid continued economic growth.

8 November 2017
german gas filling station

Energy industry calls for ambitious EU transport goals

The industry is concerned Wednesday’s EU transport package will not offer enough incentives to accelerate the deployment of NGVs and EVs.

6 November 2017
A rig offshore Romania

Romania softens tone on new royalties regime

Romania has proposed a softer regime on state royalties from oil and gas revenues than many in the industry had feared.

2 November 2017

EU’s gas import dependence up to more than two-thirds

The EU28’s dependence on imported gas increased to 69% in 2015, according to data released by the European Commission.

1 November 2017
HDVC cable, UK

UK keeps door open for EU energy market

The UK may stay in the EU’s Internal Energy Market after it leaves the union, the country’s energy minister has said.

26 October 2017

Euro end-users reap benefits of wholesale liberalisation

European industries and households paid less for power and gas in 2016 than they did the year before as a result of better-functioning wholesale markets.

25 October 2017
HGV refuelling with gas

Gas industry eager for EU transport policy plan

A forthcoming EU study could boost the prospects for gas in Europe’s transport sector.

23 October 2017
The Poolbeg CCGT gas-fired power plant in Ringsend, Dublin.

All eyes on carbon as gas wins EU power market share

Gas has gained market share in European power generation, but carbon prices will likely need to rise if the trend is to continue.

19 October 2017

EU gas network can meet high demand – ENTSOG

The European gas network is flexible enough to deal with high-demand scenarios in the coming winter provided enough gas is available.

18 October 2017
The Manzanillo LNG terminal.

Energy export ban still blocks EU-Mexico FTA

The European Commission wants to finalise a new free-trade agreement with Mexico, but Mexico’s export restrictions on oil and gas remain a problem.

13 October 2017
Pipes ready for use in Nord Stream 2.

Brussels to propose Nord Stream 2 rules by mid-November

The EU is preparing to put forward a legal proposal for Nord Stream 2 and other offshore pipelines, a senior official says.

12 October 2017

Russia boosts EU market share further

Europe’s reliance on gas imports continued to increase year on year in 2016, with Russia increasing its market share.

11 October 2017
A photo of UK electricity pylons.

European power at crossroads as reforms loom

Key reforms are needed to boost power trading and ensure security of electricity supply across Europe, ACER says.

9 October 2017
Lignite power plant in Poland

Supply risks if power plants mothballed – ENTSO-E

Power plant closures could lead to supply shortages in a number of EU countries, the association of European transmission system operators says.

5 October 2017
A pie chart of LNG exports 2016

SocGen forecasts 10% growth in LNG export capacity

The LNG market is at a turning point, according to Société Générale, which has forecast strong growth in export capacity.

4 October 2017
Snohvit LNG plant in Norway

New hope for CCS after majors back Norway project

CCS has been written off by many, but Shell and Total’s decision to back a Statoil-led project in Norway may have silenced the naysayers for now.

3 October 2017

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