Andreas Walstad

EU policy & regulation editor

Andreas Walstad has a wide knowledge of the European energy industry. As the London Bureau Chief at Montel he wrote and edited market commentaries and analytical features across the commodity sector, including gas, oil, coal, power and the carbon markets. This added to the experience he gained covering the European energy markets as an Associate Editor at Platts. Andreas specialises in the UK and northwest European gas markets.

A coal power plant in Poland.

EU nations explore loopholes for coal-to-power

Some member states are looking to exploit gaps in the bloc’s revised electricity regulations that could enable them to subsidise coal-fired plants for many years to come.

3 days ago Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

EU energy consumption jeapordises 2020 target

Rising energy consumption in EU countries could make it harder to reach energy savings targets agreed by the EU institutions.

6 days ago Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand
Traders at ETX Capital London

Gas to benefit from higher EU power and carbon prices

The recent surge in EU carbon prices, coupled with higher year-on-year power prices, will likely benefit gas if the trend continues.

12 April 2019 Europe & Russia / Global Markets
EU commissioner for climate and energy Miguel Arias Cañete

Gas industry holds breath on EU tax revision

The European Commission seems likely to propose amendments to the EU Energy Tax Directive, which could bring both good and bad news for the gas industry.

11 April 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
The Zandvliet CCGT plant in Antwerp.

Belgian capacity market takes major step forward

Belgium’s parliament has approved a subsidy scheme that could shore up investor confidence in new gas-fired power plants, but final approval by the European Commission remains a hurdle.

9 April 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
The UK's Dragon LNG terminal

Novatek gains share of UK LNG import market

Russia’s Novatek has gained a foothold in importing LNG to the UK but will likely face strong competition from US exporters.

5 April 2019 Europe & Russia / LNG

Renewables make gains in global power

Global renewables-based electricity generation increased by 7% year on year in 2018, outpacing the annual average for recent years.

4 April 2019 World / Pipelines, Storage & Power
Germany's Datteln coal power plant

Coal under pressure as EU carbon reforms bite

EU climate policies are beginning to squeeze out coal in Europe’s power mix but have yet to benefit gas-to-power on a large scale.

4 April 2019 Europe & Russia / Alternative Fuels

Coal-to-gas switching helps mitigate rise in CO2 emissions

A switch from coal to gas in power generation helped offset the growth in global CO2 emissions in 2018.

1 April 2019 World / Policy & Regulation

UK LNG imports up by 7% in 2018

While the share of LNG in UK gas imports rose in 2018, the amount of LNG imported by the country remains low compared with previous years.

29 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand

European gas demand declines despite global growth

Europe’s primary gas demand fell in 2018 compared with 2017, while consumption increased globally, according to the International Energy Agency.

28 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Pipelines, Storage & Power
Fiddler's Ferry coal power station in the UK.

EU power reforms signal less coal and more competition

The EU’s comprehensive electricity market reform addresses many but not all of the barriers to a better-functioning energy market.

27 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
Harvesting corn for biogas in Germany.

EU nations show modest ambition on green gases

Member states have highlighted the potential for renewable gases in their 10-year energy and climate plans, but few have made ambitious commitments.

25 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Spain to reduce coal and nuclear power output

Spanish projections foresee a gradual phase-out of coal and a reduction of nuclear in the country's power mix, but gas may be able to defend its share.

21 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Pipelines, Storage & Power
The Netherlands' Gate LNG terminal

EU nations see key role for gas amid growing imports

The 10-year energy plans submitted to the European Commission illustrate that many EU nations expect gas to play a key role in their energy mixes but that import dependence will grow.

20 March 2019 Europe & Russia / LNG
A public hearing of the European Parliament's energy committee on the revised gas directive.

Revised EU Gas Directive on track for adoption this spring

The revised directive looks likely to be adopted before the European elections in May, having been backed by a majority of MEPs in a committee vote on Monday.

19 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
A coal-fired power station in Germany.

Regulatory uncertainty clouds outlook for RWE’s power plants

The German company’s conventional power plant fleet is facing a challenging regulatory environment, but improved profit margins for gas-fired plants could boost earnings in the future.

15 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

Low Asian LNG prices boost US exports to Europe

Lower LNG prices in Asia have resulted in more US cargoes going to Europe in recent months.

14 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Supply & Demand
The Eemshaven coal power plant in the Netherlands.

Dutch climate policy worsens conditions for coal

The forced closure of the Hemweg coal-fired power plant in the Netherlands may be a signal coal will be phased out of the country’s electricity mix earlier than anticipated.

14 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation
A compressor station at Mallnow.

Mallnow case shows EU gas market integration needs more time

Shippers may have to wait until August before they can book bundled capacity on the Mallnow interconnection point as market integration is being held back by a dispute over which platform to use.

12 March 2019 Europe & Russia / Policy & Regulation

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