Andreas Walstad

EU policy & regulation editor

Andreas Walstad has a wide knowledge of the European energy industry. As the London Bureau Chief at Montel he wrote and edited market commentaries and analytical features across the commodity sector, including gas, oil, coal, power and the carbon markets. This added to the experience he gained covering the European energy markets as an Associate Editor at Platts. Andreas specialises in the UK and northwest European gas markets.

LNG covers rising share of Poland’s gas imports

The growth in PGNiG's LNG imports outpaced growth in Poland's imports of Russian piped gas in H1 2018.

15 August 2018
A Vattenfall coal-fired power plant in Germany

Higher fuel and carbon prices helping ‘green’ utilities

European utilities with high exposure to renewables and nuclear are gaining from the rise in power, gas and carbon prices.

13 August 2018
Fessenheim nuclear plant, France

France’s renewables plans may leave more room for gas

France’s nuclear phase-out may not be as ambitious as first planned, but the coming renewables boom and decline of coal could increase the operating hours of flexible CCGTs.

10 August 2018

Flexible gas could profit from German price spikes

Germany's shift to renewables could offer coal and gas a chance to profit in the near term.

8 August 2018
The European Court of Justice building in Luxembourg

Energy Charter Treaty faces test after court ruling

The European Commission has increased pressure on EU member states to terminate bilateral investment treaties, which could lead to weaker investor protection under the Energy Charter Treaty.

6 August 2018
A gas power plant in Spain.

Gas in good position to boost share of Spain’s power mix

With many of Spain’s coal-fired power plants expected to close in the coming years, gas seems well-placed to make gains in the generation mix.

2 August 2018

Higher gas prices boost Q2 profits for Euro majors

Rising oil and gas prices allowed European majors to boost their profits over the quarter.

1 August 2018
Gas deliveries to the LNG terminal at Świnoujście, Poland

Brussels continues mission to boost US LNG imports

Brussels is laying the groundwork to offer more funding to LNG import projects – mainly for sourcing supplies from the United States.

30 July 2018
The Datteln coal-fired power plant in Germany.

Heatwave power price surge raises supply questions

The ongoing heatwave in Europe is a reminder that supply shortages can happen during summer and that flexible generation is needed as a back-up.

26 July 2018
A gas-fired power station in the UK.

Rise in EU carbon prices fuels optimism in gas sector

The gas industry is holding its breath as prices for carbon allowances continue to rise towards fuel switching levels.

23 July 2018

EU-backed PCI projects facing delays

The commissioning dates for almost half of PCI projects in the gas and power sectors have been delayed by one or two years.

18 July 2018
Rick Perry and Maros Sefcovic at the EU-US Energy Council meeting.

EU optimism on US LNG seems a long shot for now

Brussels is hopeful US LNG will play a key role in strengthening Europe’s security of supply, but there are few signs yet the US will gain a significant market share in the region.

17 July 2018
Gas pipeline infrastructure

Nord Stream now top Russia-EU gas transit route

Nord Stream shipped the most Russian gas to Europe in Q1 2018, suggesting Gazprom rerouted flows away from the Ukrainian route.

9 July 2018
A German gas-fired power plant

Profitability of Europe’s gas power plants declines in Q1

The profitability of gas- and coal-fired generation further declined in many EU countries in Q1, increasing the share of renewables and nuclear in the power mix.

5 July 2018

Turkey’s gas-fired power boost may be short-lived

Despite an increase in gas demand for power generation in 2017, the outlook for gas-to-power in Turkey looks uncertain.

4 July 2018
Poland's Patnow coal-fired power plant

Polish coal plant outlook hinges on capacity payments

National capacity payments could be the only way for Poland’s utilities to keep their coal-fired power plants in profit.

3 July 2018
A CCS facility in Norway

Green gas, nuclear tipped as key to EU energy transition

Europe will need to invest in green gas and nuclear power to meet its decarbonisation targets, but the future of natural gas seems less certain without CCS.

28 June 2018

European gas demand expected to stagnate – IEA

European gas demand grew in 2017 but is expected to decline in the coming years.

27 June 2018
EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager

EC antitrust probe shifts focus from piped gas to LNG

Only weeks after closing the Gazprom investigation, Brussels is probing Qatar over similar allegations of breaches of EU antitrust rules.

26 June 2018
A Spanish gas-fired power plant

Revised EU climate targets pose challenge for gas

The EU’s revised targets for energy efficiency and renewable generation raise questions about the future role of gas in the European energy mix.

21 June 2018

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