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Carbon pricing in Europe

This Roundtable Special Report assesses the outlook for carbon in Europe and its impact on gas.

Interfax held a Breakfast Roundtable with consulting firm Nexant in London to discuss the challenges facing Europe’s energy markets in managing carbon targets and pricing. How carbon emissions and pricing in Europe develop going forward will have a significant impact on the outlook for gas as well as for power generation and trade.

In this Roundtable Special Report, we analyse the issues surrounding carbon pricing in Europe and provide a forward view of the developments that could change the shape of energy consumption and trade in Europe’s largest gas markets. Based on insight and analysis from Interfax Global Gas Analytics, Interfax Natural Gas Daily with a contributed feature from Nexant, the report provides a comprehensive assessment of the key issues surrounding European carbon pricing and the implications for gas and power markets.

Table of contents

  • Roundtable – discussion and conclusions
  • Policy patchwork jeopardising EU carbon reform
    Stakeholders are calling on Brussels to increase its monitoring of national policies that could undermine reform of the EU ETS.
  • Germany’s energy transition and its gas outlook
    German gas demand has been on the rise in recent years, but mid-term growth in the market will need the support of government policies.
  • Europe – carbon pricing and the impact on gas
    Carbon pricing and policy plans will impact generation, emissions and electricity trade throughout Europe.

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